USS Horizon

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In 2264, following the near destruction of Yorktown Station and the loss of the Enterprise, the Federation has enjoyed a brief period of peace. Starfleet has begun its demilitarization efforts and is once again shifting its focus to one of exploration. With the Klingons remaining quietly on their side of the Neutral Zone, all other threats have been neutralized via diplomacy.

On the forefront of Starfleet’s explorative mandate is the USS Horizon. Commanded by the newly promoted Jack Ransolm, the Horizon begins its five-year mission into the vast unknown with the goal of making peaceable first contacts and expanding the borders of the Federation.

Considered by many to be the anti-Kirk, Jack Ransolm has always been regarded as a cautious and pragmatic Officer. Many believe that with him in command, Starfleet might avoid many of the reckless entanglements encountered over the last several years.

However, Ransolm and the crew of the Horizon will find that trouble seems more likely to find you when you’re looking to avoid it.


Captain Jack Ransolm
Commanding Officer

Jack Ransolm is a cool and calculated man. He is shrewd and pragmatic while maintaining a professional fa├žade. He is loyal to, and protective of, his peers and crew. Many over the course of his career have accused him of playing it safe and not being one to take unnecessary risk. As a result, he has been passed over for command a number of times. Though he has not seen much in the way of combat beyond minor skirmishes and bar fights, Jack has aptly demonstrated his abilities as a rugged explorer. He is a natural leader and has often found himself in charge on away missions and at the conn when his Commanding Officers were otherwise indisposed. He is a practiced diplomat and is as dangerous with his words as he is a phaser. Now, Jack has been given command of the USS Horizon.

Played by Anthony

Lieutenant Commander Shervic
First Officer

Borm on hearth to a mixed Himan/Vulcan parentage Shervic rebelled against his Vulcan fathers teaching and embraced his Human side. He used the best of both worlds to live his life on his terms, eventually joining Starfleet. He served as a medical officer for most of his career until offered an Executive officers position.

Played by Shervic

Open Positions

  1. Chief Medical Officer
  2. Chief Helmsman
  3. Chief Navigator
  4. Chief Communications Officer
  5. Chief Engineer
  6. Assistant Chief Engineer
  7. Chief Science Officer


On the Horizon
started July 25, 2017

With Starfleet ramping down its military operations and returning to matters of diplomacy, the Federation has begun to emphasize its efforts on exploration once again. The USS Horizon has been tasked with a five-year mission of deep space mapping and discovery. Newly promoted Jack Ransolm assembles a crew of Starfleet's best and brightest to expand the Federation's borders and interests.