DFS Phoenix

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The DFS Phoenix takes place in the 46th century under the command of Dom Martinez, a young capable starship commander who has been assigned to 4rth Fleet, in a special division assigned by the President’s of the federation this fleet is being created to protect the federation from radical factionist, that seek to destroy the federation. The DFS Phoenix is a small raider, she will be supporting the DFS Lavie on big missions, and assigned to patrol missions and scout missions on behalf of the Federation.

The Phoenix will start off in early 4567, The first few missions will be back story on the crew and how they came together, a joint project with the crew of the DFS Lavie. The Phoenix will be assigned primarily as a patrol vessel, and will carryout light diplomatic missions and ensuring the peace.


Lieutenant Commander Dom Martinez
Commanding Officer

Physical Appearance:
Height: 5'7
Weight: 145
Eye Color: Brown
Hair Color: Black
Measurements: Slender man with a light muscular tone.
Physical Features: No scars or tattoos.
Current Assignment: Commanding Officer, DFS Phoenix

Played by JL Galloway


Mission 1: Raiders among us
started July 13, 2017

Synopsis: The crew of the DFS Phoenix is ready to depart, Dom gathers the crew and tells them about the mission at hand, a raider has been attacking merchant vessels as they leave the Mempa system. It is up to the crew of the Phoenix to stop the raiders and bring these criminals to justice.