USS Ajax

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The original USS Ajax began life as a proof of concept prototype based off the Arrow class runabout. The Ajax was half again the size of a standard arrow class, making her half the size of the Wallace class she would eventually become. Her first mission upon being carried to Faltan Station was to transport Admiral James Ryan from Faltan Station to Starbase 611, a task she handled quite easily. After finding information about a meeting of smugglers on a freighter during one of its vessel inspections, the Ajax and her crew made their way to the area known as Smuggler’s Cove, at the Draken end of the Raeyan Transit Corridor. Eavesdropping on the smugglers, the crew learned of a possible assault by Gorn forces on the Cestus and Canterra sectors. This information was sent up the chain of command, but unfortunately not fast enough.

During the early days of the Gorn Occupation of the Cestus and Canterra sectors, the Ajax and it’s crew were ordered to an outpost at Draken to take command of a Wallace class vessel and leave their prototype for the outpost to use. The newly redesignated Wallace class USS Ajax-A had been ordered to the forward area near the newly created boundary between the Gorn Occupied Territories and the rest of the Federation. She had been tasked with monitoring the border as well as intelligence missions behind enemy lines, most notably delivering a Starfleet Intelligence operative to Cestus to begin organizing a resistance movement.  However, as more and more resources were sent to the conflicted area, Ajax and her crew had been pulled further and further back from the frontline, as the other ships were deemed more capable, eventually being transferred to Deep Space 6 in an attempt to make up for pulling several of its garrison vessels away and sending them to the border area.

Originally deemed unsuitable to replace the appropriated garrison vessels, Ajax was stored in one of the stations internal docking bays, her warp core taken offline, and her supplies unloaded for the stations usage. However, as the Gorn Occupation continues, Deep Space 6 feels the loss of it’s support vessels. In an attempt to fill the void of its missing ships the Station Commander decides to put the Ajax back into service. Selecting a young Lieutenant from the stations security department, the Ajax was thrust back into service as a stop gap measure to get supplies and personnel moving more efficiently in the region. Or that was the original plan anyway…


Lieutenant Hunter Berrin
Commanding Officer

Lieutenant Hunter Berrin was assigned to Deep Space 6 in the Qualor system as the Gamma shift Security Team Leader for the Promenade. He did well in his position, but chafed under the restrictions placed on him in regards to pursuing and prosecuting criminals he came across. Taking note of this, his superior offered him command of the Wallace class USS Ajax. The Ajax was tasked with assisting in picking up the slack left behind by the departure of numerous ships supporting operations along the border of the Gorn Occupied Territories. Lieutenant Berrin only had to think over the options for a few moments before accepting the position. After returning to his quarters, he sent out a call station wide for volunteers to crew the Ajax and get her back out into space.

Played by Fallon

Chief Petty Officer Henry 'Slasher" McQueen
Medical Petty Officer

McQueen is a hardworking professional, enjoying his work, career and being in Starfleet. On duty he is steady, reliable and a complete professional. He is a skilled medic, graded at Surgeon’s Assistant level, he is authorized to prescribe medications and perform minor surgical operations.

He has specialized in trauma and emergency procedures and served several years as a Starfleet Marine Corp’s corpsman. It was during this tour that he acquired his unusual nickname Slasher. He also has interest in holistic and naturalistic medicine treatments.

Off duty he is relaxed and easy going, with a taste for single malt scotch.

Played by THX1188

Open Positions

  1. Master-at-Arms
  2. Security Officer
  3. Tactical Officer
  4. Structural / Environmental Systems Specialist
  5. Warp Systems Specialist
  6. Computer Systems Specialist
  7. Science Officer


Episode 1: Sign Here Please
started July 16, 2017

With two days to spare before their one week deadline to have the Ajax ready for departure, Lieutenant Berrin reports to the station commander that Ajax is ready for orders. The mission is a simple one, ferry supplies from DS-6 to a scientific outpost located halfway between DS-6 and Vulcan. Science Outpost 291 is more or less in the middle of nowhere and gets few visitors stopping by beyond scheduled supply transfers. Its a two week run out to the outpost and after that the unknown awaits them.