Pioneer Colony

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Pioneer Colony is one of the first Federation Colonies established in the Gradin Belt. Located to the North of the Turei Alliance and to the West of the Devore Imperium, Pioneer Colony represents the Federation’s continued presence in the Delta Quadrant.

Pioneer Colony is lead by an elected civilian government. Starfleet has established a starbase on the surface of Pioneer Colony however, they do not play a role in the administration of Pioneer Colony (i.e. they are not the police of Pioneer Colony).

Pioneer Colony has an open-door policy. Any citizen of the Federation may migrate to Pioneer Colony. Many individuals from the Round Table have immigrated to the Gradin Belt, seeking some sort of safety from the continued Borg threat. An additional population group are those former Starfleet Officers who have pioneered into the unknown.

Open Positions

  1. Lt. Governor
  2. President Pro Tempore of the Council
  3. Councillor