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USS Saturn – 16+ Rated Nova Simm

A Starship named Saturn has long been a part of the Bravo Fleet since her very beginnings. Once an Ambassador Class ship the history of this vessel and her crew has been etched in the memories of her former crew now spread throughout Star Fleet and beyond. In honor of her adventures a new ship has been given this name and now returns for new adventures deep within the Delta Quadrant.

The mission of this Rhode Island Class vessel is to seek out new life and civilizations in a quest to find new allies and old renew old ties forged by Voyager. We may be cut off from home, but we’re not alone. Saturn and Task Force 38 will prevail as long as we remember who we are; Star Fleet Officers.

Looking to create a lasting adventure? Want to join the hunt with the Hirogen? Find new life? Plant a flag on a new uncharted planet? Join the Saturn today, let’s see what we can create together!


Captain Elias Ross
Commanding Officer

Elias Ross is a Human male and currently is the Commanding Officer of the USS Shepherd.

Played by Paul Clark

Lieutenant Commander Aeryn Kelan
Executive Officer and Chief Diplomatic Officer/Counselor

Aeryn's father had been in the Diplomatic Corps so it is a familiar environment for her. When the opportunity came she agreed to go to the Delta Quadrant for a specific mission for 3 months, after which she was supposed to return to the Alpha Quadrant. But now, she is stuck there and her requests to return home had been denied. She has a son there and the thought of never seeing him again is hard to deal with.

Played by SaraJo

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Lieutenant Commander Ellis Gordon
Chief Intelligence Officer

In 2387, Ellis learned of a revenge plot by the pirate group, Black Dragons. An attempt was made on his life resulting in the death of his wife. Starfleet decided to send him to the Delta Quadrant. He was posted to Persephone colony to monitor relations and stay out of trouble. In 2388, he requested duties on a starship.

Played by Dave758

Open Positions

  1. Chief Operations Officer
  2. Chief Security / Tactical Officer
  3. Chief Science Officer
  4. Chief Engineering Officer
  5. Chief Medical Officer


The Hunt Begins
started September 8, 2017

Saturn's primary mission is to explore the Delta Quadrant in search of allies and species first discovered by Voyager during her long journey. This mission leads them to a nebula in the "southern tip" of Task Force 38's sphere of influence where kept hidden is a dangerous foe who hunts sentient beings like deer in the woods or in this case like ducks in the marsh.