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Events in 2388, particularly in the Beta Quadrant have necessitated a more permanent presence of Starfleet Intelligence in the Quadrant. Rather than running all operations from Earth or the few mobile units, SFI felt the need to establish a field unit assigned to manage the information resourcing and gathering in the Beta Quadrant.

The unit, designated as Delphi, under operational management from Earth based Beta Quadrant Powers Section of Starfleet Intelligence, is designed to receive information from the SFI’s beta quadrant outposts; whether they be assets, listening posts, personnel in the field, ships and starbases. The unit will analyze information received and act as needed. The unit will also conduct its own operations within the purview and authority as allotted to them by Starfleet Intelligence.

The unit is composed of members of various sections devoted to various Beta Quadrant powers, ie: Cardassian Section, Klingon Section, Minor Beta Quadrant Powers, Romulan section etc. Each member is a specialist in their chosen field and chosen for the unit due to their expertise in a given area pertaining to the Beta Quadrant (cultural, military, racial), as well as various support officers – analysts, R&D designers and specialists, specialized medics and scientists.

Delphi is based on Driaan VI, per agreement with Driaan government and the Stratholme Medical Care and Research Facility (owned by Driaan Industries). In return for discretion and use of their sub-levels (designated as Delphi Base) as well as care for injured or psychologically unbalanced agents. Stratholme Research Division has first claim on discoveries and R&D by Starfleet Intelligence that can be released to the public (which is in Driaan’s Economic interest as the Facility develops medicines and medical aides of various types for the civilian population). A member of the D.I.A. (Driaan Intelligence Agency) is assigned by Driaan Government to the Unit as part of the information exchange programme which pertains to the Driaan Sector.

The sub-levels are equipped with state of the art equipment, courtesy of SFI R&D Division and Stratholme itself. The unit has access to several holodeck type facilities, a training level including a gym, R&D and Science labs, medical facilities as well as crew quarters and social areas. The main operations hub mimic’s the design of the ‘war room’ of the Ronin class starship. Attached to the hub are the Unit CO and XO offices as well as briefing rooms, the armory and transport pads.

The unit’s assigned vessel, an older design Maquis raider refit to Federation standards, is equipped with the necessary technology for the unit to perform their assignments. The ship has its designated landing platform within the facility’s proper.


Commander Leonora Wollf
Delphi Commander

Leah is a a woman who appears very soft and nurturing when one first meets her and has an innate ability to draw people out to share their thoughts and feelings with her. Underneath that soft veneer however is a fiercely intelligent, calculating, analytical mind. She has learned over the years how to use it to her advantage, particularly in her fieldwork with Intelligence. This being said however, doesn’t mean Leonora is cruel or evil, merely able to manipulate information out of people, whether because of an assignment or to help them. She is also a very adaptable person, logical and focused, able to compartmentalise to achieve what needs to be achieved.

Played by Kos

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Lieutenant Commander John Cutteridge
Delphi Executive Officer

Played by Sirius39

Lieutenant Karna Zsan
Psychology & Psionics Specialist

Karna maintains a deadpan fascination with the world around him that is often mistaken for indifference. His wit is wry as his humor is macabre. The analytical side of him understands this to be a complex series of barriers to keep himself from forming attachments with others, but his baser self would not have it any other way. Due to his upbringing in one controlled environment or another, Karna prefers confined spaces and starships, and avoids large open areas when possible. Being raised by Betazed researchers and priests, and then educated by Vulcan monks before the Academy and Human Taoists during his time on Earth, Karna is a unique individual and a high-functioning sociopath.

Played by wizardbeard

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Lieutenant Fin
Engineering Specialist

Played by Intumesce

Lieutenant Kalikuo Arija
R&D Engineering Specialist

A woman who had to grow up too fast, her background isn't all that unique for a child of the Cardassian Occupation of Bajor. A veteran of the resistance and the Dominion war Kali knows how to take are of herself and actually enjoys getting into the thick of things. Caring for the Federation almost as much as she cares for Bajor, she'll give up almost anything to protect it. Like many of her sisters and brothers who joined Starfleet out of the Resistance, Kali is an example of the promise that the Federation stands for; a better life for all through mutual understanding and respect.

Played by Kaichi

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Lieutenant Junior Grade Jake Sjet
Medical Specialist

He was a competent doctor who showed off to the wrong Captain in Starfleet Intelligence. Now he gets crated around exciting cargo bays as the bag carrying medic with no name. Or, at least that's how he prompts himself on SpaceBook.

In reality, he's just a good doctor with a unique set of skills in handling very dangerous, nasty things (Like Ebola, it's fun for the whole family) in rather odd circumstances. Such as whilst under fire.

Stick insect's look bulky. Don't blame Jake for that, it's a childhood and genes from the planet Mars that does the stretching. He's tried various diets, and apart from the ones that deal with bone density he still towers a little bit.

Played by jakesjet

Lieutenant Junior Grade Moyra Walsh
Technical Specialist

Played by CrazyOne

Lieutenant Junior Grade Akoni Kapulé
Science Specialist

As some might consider unusual for a Risian, Akoni is somewhat reserved. This isn’t because he doesn’t like to have fun, or that he doesn’t like people, it comes from having a strong and natural inclination of reflection. Because of this, he can sometimes struggle with the balance of ‘living in the moment’ verses considering the moment. However, when focused he is very much ‘in the moment’. His entire attention, for example, can be on the person he is talking to, and he actually cares, which makes him a great listener, a thoughtful friend.

Played by Tamas