USS Infinity

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“I do not love the bright sword for its sharpness, nor the arrow for its swiftness, nor the warrior for his glory. I love only that which they defend.” ― J.R.R. Tolkien

A Battlecruiser, an honest ship of the line designed with the sole purpose of combat when times where at it’s most dire. The USS Infinity did her part in the Dominion war and for this she was mothballed an token of an event and time most would rather forget instead of remember. Luckily some do remember and while it has not been easy starfleet did manage to convince the council to bring back the Achilles class vessels into service and the USS Infinity is leading the charge in the program.

Now she flies the often unfriendly skies of the Delta Quadrant as part of Task Force 38. Her mission to secure the interest of the United Federation of Planet and her allies. To do this she fly patrols, escorts, strikes and even diplomatic visits. Her goal is as much to be visible as a deterrent as to strike out in anger to those who do not heed the message that starfleet is not to be trifled with.

Unlike many other stafleet vessels, assignments onboard the USS Infinity are all on a voluntary basis due to her mission profile. She might be build to fight and win wars, but that remains a dangerous option and a line of duty best served by those who believe in it and hence chose to do it instead of those forced to do it. At the head stands Jane Vyre an experienced commanding officer who has spend almost her entire career either fighting in a war or commanding a combat vessel. She has sworn to always stand between the UFP and danger and that she will, but to do so she needs you to volunteer to join her crew, to take that step and accept the risks in order to protect that which you love.


The USS Infinity operates a bit differently from most sims in the writing and story telling. Our missions never have an ending when we start them it is the actions we take as a crew that determines the outcome of the mission. That same sense of actions have consequences goes for everything your character does, which means acts of greatness will be rewarded, but those who fail to do their duties or worst will the consequences. Finally yes all of that means that all the characters are mortal, this is not a sim where a solution to a problem is conjured out of thin air. It keeps the writing realistic to a degree, but also challenging and unique.


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Commander Jane Vyre
Commanding Officer

Like many Jane joined starfleet with dreams of being the next person to make a large discovery in exploration and for a while those dreams kept true even when she found herself on the command track. However the Dominion war changed her in quite some ways. From this hopeful and still somewhat naive first officer was born an woman of determination to stand forever against all those who would wish to do what she loved harm. The loss of so many of her friends and colleagues was not one she had taken lightly and while she fully accepted that if she was to stand in the path of harm, she would loose more at least she knew she would be amongst equal minded people.

Played by Carde

Captain Alierin Javindhra
Marine Commanding Officer

Played by Luke

Lieutenant Xander Carter
Chief Strategic Officer

Played by Christopher Blake

Lieutenant Commander Benjamin Barnes
Chief Tactical Officer

Lt Cmdr Benjamin Barnes has currently joined the crew of the USS Infinity as the ships Chief Tactical Officer. Barnes is an accomplished Dominion war veteran who had recently served four years at the Academy as an instructor in the fields of Security and Tactical. He was born and raised in Portsmouth a south English coastal city whose history is long and proud in serving not just Starfleet but Earths military historical figures. He is a strong-minded individual who lives life day by day to a strict self-inflicted set of morals.

Played by RyderJameson

Open Positions

  1. Chief Engineering Officer
  2. Chief Medical Officer