USS Tempest

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The Tempest.

The famed play of renowned playwright William Shakespeare written during the early stages of the 17th Century and what history believes to be the final play Shakespeare wrote on his own. Much like the plot of the original Play, the USS Tempest is a Ship caught in the eye of a storm. Her Diplomatic mission to the Gamma Quadrant in this time of exploration and peace is rife with mystery and intrigue  as the Allies that seek to join the Federation are not what they seem to be.

Starfleet cannot afford to lose any potential ally in this time of uncertainty but what they discover will shake the very Gamma Quadrant to its core and old enemies soon make the best of friends…



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Lieutenant Commander Torkan Marek
Commanding Officer

Currently assigned to the Diplomatic Corps as an Intervention and Culture Specialist. With advanced knowledge of Politics and Alien Cultures particularly the Dominion and Gamma Quadrant species in the post 2375 political climate.

Played by Joshua