USS Akagi

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The crew of the Sovereign-class U.S.S. Akagi has been assigned to the Delta Quadrant, three years after the Battle of Union in 2384 where combined Federation and non-official Klingon forces fought a single Borg Cube.

Following the destruction of the Union, F’hoca, Solaria and Mauoian Gateways which linked the Delta and Alpha quadrants together, the only means of travel between these two quadrants was replaced by the Federation Transwarp Network which utilized Borg technology from Voyager’s return from the Delta Quadrant.

The Akagi now explores a region of space within the Delta Quardant known as The Round Table which is almost completely unknown and is fifteen thousand light-years beyond the furthest known edges of Hirogen, Vaadwaur, and Borg expansion.

An area of the once mythical race of Iconians, creators of the gateways, with such dangers as the Skareen, a militaristic and widely feared race throughout the Star Desert, and the nicknamed Ariel Mercenaries. However, all is not lost, with the Perenalthorias Union of Commonwealths who are responsible for establishing trade, and maintaining the peace not too dissimilar to the United Federation of Planets.

We are working hard to ensure this remains one of the most exciting simulations to ever take place in the Star Trek universe. If you’re willing to make a difference, to “Boldly go where no one has gone before”, then we are for you. Simply complete the online application form by clicking here and make the start on that amazing journey…


Captain Aurelia Prendergast
Commanding Officer

Played by ripper1701

Lieutenant Glorm
Acting Executive Officer and Chief Science Officer

Played by CaptainPorthos

No Image Available

Lieutenant Junior Grade Roland Hill
Chief Engineering Officer

Played by Shannon