USS Nomad

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Starfleet has been stretched thin. With campaigns in all quadrants of the galaxy, worthy ships and capable crew are at a premium. Shipyards and academies churn out new starships and officers, but the demand has been difficult to meet. In 2387, a now classified incident known as the Rizzari Incursion occurred; an alien ship of unknown origins arrived on the Federation’s doorstep. All crew had been killed. Inspection of their database indicated that had traveled nearly 30,000 light-years in a matter of days, despite their ship only being capable of warp two.

Starfleet Intelligence was forced to draft a unique solution to a peculiar problem. A year later, faced with a high-risk mission with invariably low odds of success, Starfleet Intelligence dredged up a relic of a ship and staffed her with Starfleet’s most ragtag and dispensable crew. Officially designated ‘Expendable’, the USS Nomad and her crew of misfits are led by the contemptible Maxwell Pierce, who, prior to the Nomad’s mission, was serving a sentence for dereliction of duty and violation of the Prime Directive. Using a device found aboard the Rizzari ship, Maxwell Pierce will take command of an antique ship and lead his crew of outcasts on a one-way trip into the unknown. Described as the ‘Wild West’, Sector 557-B is a region of space burgeoning in the dawn of a Warp Age.


Commander Maxwell Pierce
Commanding Officer

Maxwell Pierce is the commanding officer of the USS Nomad. Recently reinstated into Starfleet after having served a partial sentence at the Raxnar Penal Colony, Max has accepted the command of a dangerous mission with a low probability of success. Leading a crew of misfits and outcasts, Maxwell Pierce struggles to find unity and cohesiveness amongst his crew while managing the many threats he and his ship faces throughout their tour of duty.

Played by Anthony

Lieutenant Commander Chris Dynehart
Executive Officer

Christopher, 'CJ' Dynehart is the first officer aboard the starship Nomad.
Son of a Starfleet admiral, Dynehart is one of the few members of the Nomad's crew with a distinguished service record and whom was hand picked to serve aboard the Excelsior-Class starship by the admiralty.

Played by jonbromle1

Lieutenant Junior Grade Walter Roebuck
Chief Security/Tactical Officer

General Overview: Loyal and honest. Like his older brother Jonathan Roebuck IV who serves aboard Starbase 400, Walt will put the people he cares about above his own needs. Tactically sound in Starship Operations, and a fearsome fighter on the ground, trained in multiple fighting styles. Also like his older brother, Walt has been known to disobey orders if he believed those orders to be unjust or against Starfleet code. That said, he has a very strict personal code of what's right and wrong.

Played by MBremer

Lieutenant Junior Grade Karl Ballard
Security/Tactical Officer

Skilled fighter. Loyal to his friends, but his loyalty is hard earn. Family is extremely important to him. Believes strongly in Starfleet's mission. Has a clear view of right and wrong, there's no much gray area in his opinion. Wants to own a ranch in some point after getting a Starship command of his own. Enjoys kickboxing, jogging, horseback riding, and old Earth 'western' movies. He's also a history buff.

Played by MBremer

Lieutenant Grace Shaw
Chief Medical Officer

Grace Shaw, chief medical officer aboard the USS Nomad, a highly skilled and highly confident doctor with years of experience in her field...

Played by jonbromle1

Lieutenant Junior Grade Rick Prymm
Assistant Chief Medical Officer

Played by Shervic

Open Positions

  1. Assistant Chief Engineering Officer
  2. Assistant Chief Operations Officer
  3. Assistant Chief Science Officer


Season 1, Episode 2 - Effigies of the Doomed
started July 1, 2017

The crew of the USS Nomad have traversed just over 30,000 lightyears in a matter of hours with the help of a piece of advanced alien technology known as the Razzari Jump Drive. Though the trip through the drive's transit corridor was uneventful, the ship's exit into normal space has left the USS Nomad damaged and dead is space. The crew has reached their destination, though they find themselves vulnerable in the wild and untamed Sector 557-B.