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Discovery NX-04, named after the fourth American space shuttle, is set in the year 2158. The war with the Romulans is on. After their devastating attack on Starbase 1, Earth and it’s Coalition allies prepare for the worst.


Commander Ben Isakov
Commanding Officer

Ben Isakov is a no-nonsense individual. His military training prior to joining Starfleet had instilled in him a sense of duty which he sees as his primary guiding force in life.

Played by JPSaylor

Open Positions

  1. Chief Security / Tactical Officer
  2. Chief Medical Officer
  3. Chief Science Officer
  4. MACO Commanding Officer
  5. Chief Communications Officer
  6. Helmsman


started January 13, 2158

Discovery is currently in dry dock taking on crew and undergoing it's final checks before launch. The engineering team has been on board for several weeks, but crew members in other departments are arriving for the first time.