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The year is 2158 and the Coalition of Planets is at war. The Romulan Star Empire has attacked and destroyed Earth’s first major outpost and after the Coalitions confusing response they are now embroiled in a war with an enemy that will not accept anything but their utter defeat. It’s been a little more than two years since the war began and things are not going well for Starfleet and it’s allies. Almost one-third of the fleet has fallen at the hands of the Romulan navy and the losses continue to mount.

Fearing the worst, and with the help of the Vulcan and Andorian governments, the shipyards at Utopia Planitia are churning out new ships at an astonishing rate. Thanks to the experience gained by the Enterprise and her explorations, a new class of ship was concieved using the NX-class as a foundation. The NX-refit boasts a secondary hull, enhanced weapons platforms, defense shields, and a Mark VI warp drive. These designs were on the backburner for Starfleet before the war, and now thanks to Coalition support, the new ships are quickly becoming a reality.

The refit process took a little longer to get to the NX-04, which had finished construction around the onset of the war and only as a standard NX-class, but it was eventually refitted and launched at the beginning of 2158. These new ships, the Coalition hoped, would turn the tide of the war in their favor and bring it to a swift end.


Commander Ben Isakov
Commanding Officer

Ben Isakov is a no-nonsense individual. His military training prior to joining Starfleet had instilled in him a sense of duty which he sees as his primary guiding force in life.

Played by JPSaylor

Lieutenant Mei Irizaki
Chief Armory Officer

Played by Tsubaki Sawabe

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Ensign Aeron Hughes
Chief Helmsman

Aeron has been studying at starfleet academy, Hes wanted to be a helm officer since he was brought up by his grand father who owned a freighter. His Father was the chief armoury officer, on an intrepid class ship! His grand father raised him on his freighter called the Apollo, Aeron learnt everything from his grandfather, eventually he broached the subject of him leaving the Apollo, to study at starfleet academy to become a starfleet helms man.

Played by benbanwell

Open Positions

  1. Executive Officer
  2. Chief Science Officer
  3. Chief Communications Officer
  4. Chief Engineering Officer


started January 13, 2158

Discovery is currently in dry dock taking on crew and undergoing it's final checks before launch. The engineering team has been on board for several weeks, but crew members in other departments are arriving for the first time.