USS Odyssey

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After the destruction of the Hobus star, the Romulan Empire had to rethink their entire structure of life. With their fleet now being used to hold the peace within the Empire, their exploration area of operation was left empty and unprotected. In a decisive move, Starfleet began to amass a large presence in the area to stake its claim. On August 31st, 2388, the USS Odyssey will be christened and launched on a mission of exploration, diplomacy and peace within the region. But things never seem to go as planned…


Captain Axon Vendrest
Commanding Officer

Played by orion74656

Lieutenant Commander Calida
Executive Officer

Nobody has physically seen Calida and lived to tell the tale. She is an electromagnetic non-corporeal being. While onboard Starfleet vessels, Calida inhabits a mechanical mobile frame that is roughly humanoid in appearance. Within her quarters, she often transfers to a protective carrier pod whose dimensions are approximately 1m x 1/2m x 1/2m.

Calida has a transcendental perspective which is not given to excesses whether positive or negative, though her wry sense of humor never fully leaves even in the worst of circumstances. Baser lifeforms may wrongly interpret her as mercurial.

Played by wizardbeard


Mission 1 - Give Us Clean Hands
started February 20, 2017

On her maiden voyage, the USS Odyssey is set to deliver supplies and resources to a distant Romulan colony called ch'Kraven. But when the colony leader is found dead after a state dinner, an Odyssey crewmember is implicated in the murder. The crew must race against time and an uncooperative colony government to save their crewmember from a crime they didn't commit.