Palais de la Concorde

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Newly-elected Federation President Jarul Bezar has to deal with the various crisis’s that the Federation is facing currently. The Romulan Empire that is dealing with internal power struggle with their own people that want Preator chair. The Klingon Empire that collapse under its own weight into a civil war. The Gamma Quadrant that is dealing with The Consortium disturbing many trade and starfleet operations. So many problems, so little time…

This is the story of the Administration of the President, their daily life and struggle with the events that are now unfolding in the galaxy. Their leader and now Chief of Staff is P’Niia, a Caitian female that served Starfleet until the rank of Commander and retired after the Battle for Union in 2384 and served under Councilor (now President) Bezar.


Civilian P’Niia
Chief of Staff

Standing straight with her tail swinging around, P’Niia is a joyful woman that enjoys life and is in most situations very calm. When she is stressed her tail gets bigger and her claws might uncontrollably jump out. P’Niia has a vast and long experience in Security and Tactical situations and socially she is a strong talker. People will notice quickly that talking out of experience or trying to use their vast experience against P’Niia will be shot down and she will make her position clear

Played by BlackWolf

Vice Admiral Anin
Task Force 93 Commanding Officer

Anin is the Task Force Commanding Officer of Task Force 93 and the Commanding Officer of USS Thoth. Currently, she works mainly from Providence Fleet Yards, the base of operations for Task Force 93 at Pollux. Mostly involved with diplomatic matters in regards of the KDF, RSE and the Civilians in the Reayan Corridor.

Prior to her current posting, Anin most recently held positions as a Diplomat for the First Contact Office, as Chief of Staff of Task Force 68 from Second Fleet. Her last command, while serving as Chief of Staff of Task Force 68, was the USS Singapore that changed later on towards USS Thoth, at that time the Cardassian/Romulan Border Watch.

Played by BlackWolf

Commodore David Hawkes
Task Force 93 Executive Officer

David is a well-kept individual in terms of fitness and in appearance. He is quite and thoughtful in demeanour yet every with a hawkish gaze of his surrounds. His voice is clear, yet soft spoken.

At six foot David is not overly tall, nor in his build does he seem overly threatening. Due to his build of seemingly more stockier design, he appears shorter than he truly is.

Such a disposition has served him well to never be the focus of attention in a room and being able to observe all of it.

Played by Sirius39

Civilian James Nickles
Deputy Presidential Chief of Staff (Defense, Exterior)

Played by Moss

Civilian Magnus Temple
Federation Secretary of Exterior

With his dark, medium length hair tucked casually behind his ears, a wide but gentle smile, deep blue eyes and a constant five o'clock shadow around his long face, Magnus appears more at home in an art gallery than his more serious Diplomat profession. He usually comes across very relaxed and laid back.

Magnus is reasonably tall without being intimidating, due to his nonchalant posture, and Star Fleet fit without being overly muscled - due to his preference for long distance running.

Now in his mid- 30's, Magnus is distinguish with a defined sense of casual Earth/European style.

Played by Temple

Commander Neema Khalfani
Intelligence Liaison

Khalfani is at her very core a calm, soft spoken, friendly individual who prefers being away from the spotlight and listening instead of speaking. She's also very adaptable and a good actress, which has come in handy over the course of her career, both in Federation Security and Starfleet Intelligence. As such she can command a room with her boisterous presence as much as she can sit in a corner and not be noticed. She is privately also a very direct person and prefers the cold hard truth over sugarcoating.

Played by Kos

Admiral Allison Reyes
Starfleet Liaison

Admiral Allison Reyes is a member of the Bravo Fleet Command Council and the Starfleet liaison to Palais de la Concorde. Formerly, she served as the Task Force Commanding Officer of Task Force 93, the Fleet Executive Officer for the Fourth Fleet, the Director of Research and Development for the Fourth Fleet and the Commanding Officer of Faltan Station.

Played by JonM