USS Yorktown

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Vice Admiral K’Temoc’s Flagship, the Defiant class USS Yorktown-F is a relativity new ship. The USS Yorktown-E was destroyed in 2388 during a joint Starfleet/Dominion operation. The Yorktown-F was commissioned in 2389. The Yorktown-F operates out of Starbase 400 and is the primary vessel of Starbase 400’s Special Operations Team.

Technical Specifications:

Expected duration- 20 yrs
Time between resuppy- 1 month
Time between refit- 6 months
Category- Escort
Commissioned- 2389
Number of shuttle bays- 1
Number of shuttles- 2
Number of officer- 10
Number of enlisted- 40

Type-X (1 below deflector dish, 1 encircling bridge module)
Type-U (4 fixed mounts on warp nacelles)

4 launchers (2 forward in a secure weapons cache, 2 aft, beside warp nacelles)
Photon: 50
Quantum: 50
Hellfire: 10
Transphaisic: 4
Tri cobalt: 2

Class 11 Bubble shielding system, regenerative shielding system
Type-1 and Type-2 Ablative Armor

Height-35.9 Meters
Width-107.9 Meters
Lenght-157.5 Meters

Cruising speed Warp 6.8
Maximum speed Warp 9.6
Emergency speed Warp 9.88 for 8 hours
Quantum Slipstream: Velocity equivalent to warp 9.999997359835618 (for 12 hours before a ‘cool down’ of 7 hours)


Vice Admiral K'Temoc
Commanding Officer

Intelligent, tactically sound mind. Fearless warrior. Protective of his family and friends. Strong believer in the ideals that the Federation and Starfleet were founded upon, sometimes called a Patriot.

Didn't want to be made a Flag Officer, wanted to remain as a Captain were he can be 'in the field'. K'Temoc has been able to remain 'in the field' by being based at Starbase 400 will his ship, the USS Yorktown based out of there. Aside from his duties as Task Force 99 Commanding Officer, K'Temoc also commands the Special Operations Team for Starbase 400.

K'Temoc is currently dating Lieutenant Danielle Cole, a Science Officer aboard Starbase 400.

Played by MBremer