USS Devonshire

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Commodore Graham Cantos
Commanding Officer and Commanding Officer

Commodore Graham Cantos is the Executive Officer of the Fourth Fleet's Task Force 99 and is the Commanding Officer of the Insignia class USS Devonshire.

Played by Fallon

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Lieutenant Commander Shinji Kita
Chief Engineer & Second Officer and Chief Engineering Officer

Played by shi

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Major Thomas Haliwell Jr.
Marine Battalion Commander

Played by THaliwell

Ensign Shizn
Chief Flight Control Officer

Tris is solidly built. He exercises everyday. As an Andorian, he has blue skin, but pale blue being half Aenas. A pair of cranial antennae and white hair, which is usually combed forward onto his forehead slightly, covering his ears slightly in a traditional way.

Played by Dennis

Captain Lucius Abernathy-Nadir
Eagle Squadron Leader

Lucius is a reserved man. He prefers to observe people for a time when he first meets them to gauge what they're like. However once he deems one his friend, he's very social with them.

Played by Lucius Abernathy-Nadir


Mission 1: Border Patrol
started December 17, 2016

Two ships belonging to the Opposition Forces in the Klingon Civil War crossed the border and subsequently attacked and destroyed the USS Falcon, a Defiant class vessel. Reports indicate that only one escape pod was launched, but it was empty. This leads Starfleet to believe the Falcon was lost with all hands. Fleet Admiral K'temoc orders the Devonshire to the Inverness sector to take over the Falcon's patrol, investigate her destruction, and ensure no further border crossings occur.

Mission 0: The Prologue
started November 4, 2016 and ended January 21, 2017

The Devonshire's crew comes together for the first time while the ship is docked at Starbase 400.