PLEASE NOTE: These listings represent in-character information only and do not reflect staff positions in the Bravo Fleet organization.

Captain Jack Lashmore
Commanding Officer
USS Southern Cross

Of fair height and build Jack's presence is often amplified by his casual air in appearance and general mood. Blue eyes, medium length hair, a trimmed beard usually complimented with an often ever-present soft smirk. A man with a definite swagger of his own.
Though this has an opposite, from the casual and approachable to the angry and reproachful, when Jack falls to the depressions of his past - such times ever a dark aura could be felt about him.

Played by Sirius39

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Colonel Jack Pike
Commanding Officer
USS New Hampshire

Hair Color:Dark Brown
Eye Color:Blue
Distinguishing Marks:scar on right arm from a fight
with a klingon who used a d'tang

Personality Profile:Jack is from a family that has
many members severing Star fleet for many,many years.
His uncles,cousins have severed in star fleet. His
parents wasn't in star fleet and at first they didn't
like Jack going but they soon accepted it. Jack enjoys
spending time with his relatives and hearing there
stories on what has happen with them in star fleet.
Jack in school always did ok in his studies but
sometimes didn't get the best of grades but good enough
to pass. Jack decided to join star fleet academy and
make something of himself. Jack is a laid back kinda
of guy who likes to joke around but is serious when it
comes to work.

Played by Jack Pike

Captain Jack Ransolm
Commanding Officer
USS Horizon

Jack Ransolm is a cool and calculated man. He is shrewd and pragmatic while maintaining a professional façade. He is loyal to, and protective of, his peers and crew. Many over the course of his career have accused him of playing it safe and not being one to take unnecessary risk. As a result, he has been passed over for command a number of times. Though he has not seen much in the way of combat beyond minor skirmishes and bar fights, Jack has aptly demonstrated his abilities as a rugged explorer. He is a natural leader and has often found himself in charge on away missions and at the conn when his Commanding Officers were otherwise indisposed. He is a practiced diplomat and is as dangerous with his words as he is a phaser. Now, Jack has been given command of the USS Horizon.

Played by Anthony

Lieutenant Commander Jack Solomon
Chief Engineering Officer
Starbase 400

Lieutenant Commander Jack Solomon is currently the Chief Engineer on board Starbase 400. Jack has served there for the past four years since being re-assigned after spending time working for Starfleet Intelligence.

Originally Jack entered service as an Ensign aboard the USS Wildcat-A under command of Captain Tomas Wolfe. When that ship was destroyed, he stayed on to serve under Admiral Wolfe on the USS Wildcat-B, rising to the rank of Commander and First Officer.

When the USS Wildcat-B was decommissioned, Jack moved over a Chief of Operations on board the USS Essex. This is where he met his friend and current partner Admiral Deela T'Lar. After being re-assigned to Starfleet Intelligence, Jack suffered on several classif missions and is glad to be back in "Normal" Service for Starfleet.

Played by Phil Kinch

Lieutenant Junior Grade Jacob Hartley
Assistant Chief of Intel
USS Triumphant

Jacob is currently the Assistant Chief of Intelligence aboard the USS Triumphant. His time on the ship started off in an unusual manner, with an error of the Chief Intel's part sending him into an Intelligence Brig. Since then, Jacob has developed a working relationship with his Department head, and also enjoys being on the Triumphant.

His background is primary Data Analysis but he has been a qualified field agent for a number of years, having engaged in several undercover missions.

Played by Jacob Hartley

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Captain Jacob Lambert
Commanding Officer
USS Unification

Played by Andrew

Lieutenant General Jagg Anderson
Delta Advisory Council
Helios Station
Kartelan Station

Lieutenant General Anderson, a former member of Task Force 38 leadership, has retired from operational duty. Stationed on Helios Station, he is now the Starfleet Marine member of the nine person Delta Advisory Council.

Played by Zyrell

Commander Jake Lewis
Commanding Officer
USS Bellona

Commander Jake Lewis currently commands the USS Bellona, home to the Forth Fleet's Intelligence Support Activity. A pragmatist willing to bend the ideals of the Federation in order to protect them, Lewis is no stranger to controversy. During his early years with Starfleet Intelligence, he was known for severely bending Starfleet's fundamental rules, and more recently, he was in command of the USS Enigma when it was implicated in a tragedy that led to the collapse of Federation-Romulan relations in 2386.

Played by JonM

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Lieutenant Junior Grade Jake Sjet
Medical Specialist
S.F.I. Delphi

He was a competent doctor who showed off to the wrong Captain in Starfleet Intelligence. Now he gets crated around exciting cargo bays as the bag carrying medic with no name. Or, at least that's how he prompts himself on SpaceBook.

In reality, he's just a good doctor with a unique set of skills in handling very dangerous, nasty things (Like Ebola, it's fun for the whole family) in rather odd circumstances. Such as whilst under fire.

Stick insect's look bulky. Don't blame Jake for that, it's a childhood and genes from the planet Mars that does the stretching. He's tried various diets, and apart from the ones that deal with bone density he still towers a little bit.

Played by jakesjet

Lieutenant Commander James Hood
Executive Officer
USS Ascension

James is a very stoic yet outgoing character. He can enjoy a nice conversation with a crew mate while transforming into a calm and decisive officer as soon as the need arises. He takes his duties and service to Starfleet seriously but is not without his charms on and off duty. His background and stoic personality finds that he bottles up his emotions and does not find it easy to confide in people. Especially one's he has not known for that long.

Played by Hood

Lieutenant Junior Grade James Kilo

He is the current Chief Medical officer of the ship. He has risen through the ranks of being enlisted.

Played by Trekkieguy8515

Lieutenant James Langdon
Assistant Chief Security Officer
USS Pandora

Played by hutson1701

Civilian James Nickles
Chief of Staff
Palais de la Concorde

Played by Moss

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Lieutenant James Smith
Chief Intelligence Officer
USS Pandora

Played by James Smith

Lieutenant Commander Jamie Islengard
Executive Officer
USS Triton

Jamie is fairly slim, and of average build, with bright blonde hair and dark blue eyes.

Played by James_Kaz

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Commander Jane Vyre
Commanding Officer
USS Infinity

Like many Jane joined starfleet with dreams of being the next person to make a large discovery in exploration and for a while those dreams kept true even when she found herself on the command track. However the Dominion war changed her in quite some ways. From this hopeful and still somewhat naive first officer was born an woman of determination to stand forever against all those who would wish to do what she loved harm. The loss of so many of her friends and colleagues was not one she had taken lightly and while she fully accepted that if she was to stand in the path of harm, she would loose more at least she knew she would be amongst equal minded people.

Played by Carde

Lieutenant Commander Jason Tigan
Chief Engineering Officer
SFM Revenant

Commander Jason Tigan served as Commanding Officer of the Wallace class vessel USS Ajax-A. Shortly after taking command he was reassigned to the Starfleet Corps of Engineers detachment assigned to Starfleet Marine Corps Base Revenant.

Played by Fallon

Lieutenant Commander Jayla Kij
Chief Medical Officer
USS Black Hawk

Jayla is tall with an athletic build. Her round face and dark curly hair make her appear younger than she is. She usually has a smile on her face and a glint in her eye.

Jayla is a bubbly, happy person. She is always smiling, even early in the morning. She enjoys a good party and dances with anyone who’ll ask. She never says no to a first date-except in extreme cases- but often to a second one. She’s especially good with children and the elderly. She rarely speaks of her family and tends to keep her private life to herself.

Played by TheDoctor

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Lieutenant Commander Jaylin Vodor
Chief Medical Officer
USS Saturn




Mother, age 35: Sydril
Father, age 42: Archus
Brother (Joined), age 24: Galin Debin
Brother, age 15: Hermis
Sister, age 12: Tabora
Sister (Joined), age 24: Arian Tarna


  • Painting
  • Playing the piano
  • Cooking

Played by Sarah Renner

Lieutenant Commander Jeanne Lacroix
Tactical Operations Team Lead (Delta)
USS Bellona

Commander Lacroix is the current team leader of the Echo TACOPS unit. With a history of black ops within the Federation, she has spent most of her career doing the things that neither Starfleet or the Federation would like to admit to but what they realize needs to be done.

Played by Alexander

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