PLEASE NOTE: These listings represent in-character information only and do not reflect staff positions in the Bravo Fleet organization.

Master Warrant Officer Giaus Aquila
1st MARSOC Group Leader
Starbase 400

Gaius Marcus Aquila was born March 1, 2356. He is a member of a high level aristocratic family on Magna Rome (892-IV). He is the youngest of two sons. He is widowed with two sons. He is rooted deeply in the sense of Magna Roman honor. He prays primarily to the god Mars. He comes from a long time family martial tradition, and is the second generation of his family to serve in their still young membership in the Federation. At the age of 16, with the blessing of his family, he enlisted into the Star Fleet Marine Corps. He is currently assigned to the 1st MARSOC Group as its CO. He is in a relationship with Holly Gillo, the Chief Operations Officer of the star base. He is a Dominion War Veteran who served in the Second Battle Of AR558.

Played by Gladius327

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Lieutenant Junior Grade Gillian Carter
Chief Medical Officer
USS Excalibur

Gillian is of average heigh but very slim. with shoulder length deep brown hair that has natural soft curls and is worn in a loose bun or pleat when on duty. She has a spine length pink rose tattoo on her back and several pircings 3 in her left ear and two in her right along with a nose stud and lip ring. Gillian likes to wear make up but keeps it minimal when on duty.

Played by Gill Carter

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Lieutenant Commander Gisella
Ship's Counselor and Second Officer
USS Olympus

Played by captenredbeard

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Major Glenn Walker
MACO Commanding Officer

Played by ClaypoleSteve

Lieutenant Glorm
Acting Executive Officer and Chief Science Officer
USS Akagi

Played by CaptainPorthos

Goron jav Rork

Played by CaptainPorthos

Lieutenant Grace Shaw

Grace Shaw, chief medical officer aboard the USS Nomad, a highly skilled and highly confident doctor with years of experience in her field...

Played by jonbromle1

Lieutenant Grayson Jones
Chief Engineering Officer
USS Triton

Grayson is a tall and athletic man. There are signs on him though which show his love for sweeter foods. His hair is usually in a messy style, on purpose. He swears by the out-of-bed look which still falls within Starfleet code. His shoulders are more broad for someone of his height, adding to his slim silhouette. Being a mix of Trill and Human his spots are less pronounced, to the extent they are almost invisible unless you look closely in certain areas. Grayson is the fun playful type who is always getting up to mischief. His friends know him as the bubbly, loveable prankster. Grayson has always been a warm and approachable person; he is everyone's best friend as people quite often open up to him. He is the current Chief Engineer for the USS Triton.

Played by trekalex

Lieutenant Greg Helms
Assistant Chief Medical Officer
USS Venture

After being offered the role of Assistant Chief Medical Officer aboard the Venture, Greg was eager to return to frontline duty. Admittedly, being assistant chief wasn’t exactly what he’d hoped for but it was probably for the best, seeing as he had been stuck in a classroom for three years. His time would come soon enough, for now, it was all about the adventures to come!

Played by finchy1688

Lieutenant Grigor Eisenberg-Sloane
Chief Security/Tactical Officer
USS Venture

Played by Stephen

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Lieutenant Junior Grade Grim'lar
USS Southern Cross

Grim'lar is arrogant, and will often rub off wrong on most people. However, those that have seen his work will generally overlook this. Like most zakdorn, he has a keen strategic mind, which has been honed at the zakdorn academies. His thinking is often several steps ahead of others, and he can keep a clear overview of a battle or fight, either when commanding one, or being in one. He has a knack for placing the right units at the right place, and has no issue identifying weaknesses in others.

Played by Korras

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Lieutenant Hamilton Long
Chief Engineering Officer

Played by Shannon

Lieutenant Hank Elrod
Starfighter Wing Commander
Private: USS Ascension

Hank joined Starfleet soon after high school, enrolling into Starfleet Academy in San Francisco, Earth. As a student he was not a stand out, except he did display very exceptional piloting skills and in his final year as a cadet, pursued specializing in fighter type spacecraft. Upon graduation from the academy, he was ordered to a Valkyrie squadron at the Utopia Planitia Fleet Yards, orbiting Mars, Sol. After three years at Mars, he was detached from his squadron to help system test the up and coming Gryphon fighter. Upon completion of these duties, he was transferred back to the Starfleet Academy in San Francisco, Earth, as an instructor in the Advanced Fighter School. He has since been transferred to the USS Ascension, to take command of the Starfighter Wing.

Played by Frank Gentry

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Captain Harrach

Played by larry

Captain Harvey Geisler
Commanding Officer
USS Black Hawk

Captain Harvey Geisler is the Commanding Officer of the USS Black Hawk.

Played by greenfelt22

Lieutenant Commander Hattie Callander
Chief Security/Tactical Officer
USS Scorpio

Coming soon

Played by JamesG

Lieutenant Junior Grade Heath Carter
Security Investigations Officer / Security/Tactical Officer
USS New Hampshire

High sense of duty, loyal to his friends and family. Strong willing and always gets the job done. Has a strong sense of justice. Analytical thinker. Physically fit, strong. He's Dutiful, loyal. Strong willed but he's also still young and learning. Sometimes has a 'youthful idealist' attitude, but he shouldn't be seen as 'innocent' or naive.

Carter is an avid runner and kickboxer.

Played by MBremer

Chief Petty Officer Henry 'Slasher" McQueen

McQueen is a hardworking professional, enjoying his work, career and being in Starfleet. On duty he is steady, reliable and a complete professional. He is a skilled medic, graded at Surgeon’s Assistant level, he is authorized to prescribe medications and perform minor surgical operations.

He has specialized in trauma and emergency procedures and served several years as a Starfleet Marine Corp’s corpsman. It was during this tour that he acquired his unusual nickname Slasher. He also has interest in holistic and naturalistic medicine treatments.

Off duty he is relaxed and easy going, with a taste for single malt scotch.

Played by THX1188

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Ensign Henry LaGrange
Flight Control Officer
USS Hope

5' 8"
120 lb
Brown hair
Blue eyes

Henry is of average height and weight with brown hear and blue eyes. There is nothing about him physically that stands out as unique or out of the ordinary.

Played by Shannon

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Lieutenant Commander Isabelle Montcalm

Played by SamAubrey

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