PLEASE NOTE: These listings represent in-character information only and do not reflect staff positions in the Bravo Fleet organization.

Lieutenant Dr. Vanth
Second Officer and Chief Medical Officer
USS Hope

Vanth is an anthropomorphic wolf. S/he generally has an androgynous frame when appearing in uniform. S/he can take a quadruped form at will, unless s/he is injured severely enough in which case s/he is 'stuck' in hir present form at the time of injury until hir injury is healed.

Played by Vanth

Ensign Drake
Chief Engineering Officer
USS Hope

W’Liam Drake can be easily described as short and stocky, but he is much more. Underneath that rough and strong exterior is a creative engineer. He is much shorter than the average Tandaran. This was one of the reasons for him leaving his home world and wanting to be treated fairly in Starfleet. His hair is a few inches long so that the dark curly locks show. Tandaran anatomy is very close to human anatomy. One obvious difference it the V shaped skin wrinkle between the eyebrows. He has body art on his left inner forearm. It resembles 2 concentric circles, and 4 lines at right angles; all pointing toward the center, but not touching each other.

Played by Dennis

Lieutenant Junior Grade Dralex

Played by CaptainPorthos

Major Dren Fyntar

The product of Angosian military bio-engineering Fyntar was once an elite, deadly and relentless soldier.
Following extensive de-conditioning most of these abilities have been removed. However, he remains a highly effective operator in any combat situation.

Has a wide range of experience, with over twenty five years spent in the military.
He requires a monthly inoculation to maintain his biological chemical balance and counter the carcinogenic effects of the de-conditioning treatments. Additionally he has regular counseling sessions to aide his ongoing psychological recovery.

Professionally he is a solid leader, however in personal relationships he still suffers the residual effects of Angosian physiological conditioning and can be almost Vulcan in dealing with his personal emotions.

Played by THX1188

No Image Available

Subcommander Dutir

Dutir is a veteran Romulan officer with 5 years of diplomatic service who has just received his first command, the IRW Aehv. The Aehv's mission is to further diplomatic relations with the Alpha Quadrant.

Played by Dutir

Major Edward Maxwell
181st Tactical Fighter Wing Commanding Officer
Starbase 400

Played by Fallon

Commodore Edward Pearson
Commanding Officer

Played by CaptainPorthos

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Lieutenant Junior Grade Efrayim Rahman

Played by pathofwrath

Ensign Elena Reis
Chief Security/Tactical Officer / Second Officer
USS Tornado

Elena is a Cygnian/Orion hybrid. She may be talented, but is still very inexperienced as a Starfleet officer. Reis is currently acting as Chief Security/Tactical Officer aboard the USS Tornado, as well as Second Officer. She believes both to be temporary based on their current mission, but despite her unorthodox style she does sort of hope it might be a more permanent path for her career.

Played by muselessbard

Lieutenant Colonel Elena Wright
Executive Officer
USS Unification

Lieutenant Colonel Elena Kristina Wright is the Executive Officer of the USS Unification, before this assignment she served as Executive Officer on the USS Hawk.

Played by Alexander

Lieutenant Commander Elgor Rae
Commanding Officer
USS Olympus

Elgor serves as the Commanding Officer of the USS Olympus, Upon being thrown into command after his Captain's death at the Battle of the Round table, Elgor leads the shaken crew of the Olympus into the depths of the Delta Quadrant, seeking allies and routes home along the way.

Played by theoryNine

Captain Elias Ross
Commanding Officer
USS Saturn

Elias Ross is a Human male and currently is the Commanding Officer of the USS Shepherd.

Played by Paul Clark

Commander Elizabeth Hart
Commanding Officer
USS Proxima

Elizabeth is a very loyal and driven Starfleet Officer. She takes her duty seriously, and upholds the beliefs of the Federation. A smart and resourceful officer that is very protective of the people stationed around her.

Played by Hart

Lieutenant Junior Grade Ella Moran
Chief Operations Officer
USS Cavalry

Played by Moran

Gunnery Sergeant Ellen Doyle
Security Officer
Hazard Team Valkyries SCE

To say that Ellen "Gunny" Doyle has some personal issues, is like declaring that absolute-zero is cold...but you'd be pretty messed up to, if you were left for dead on a derelict station filled with hostile forces, for over two years...and then found out that your mission was made pointless anyways...

As a former black-ops specialist and special forces operator, Ellen has had a varied career: Despite her NCO listing, she was the Security Chief for the USS Rhode Island, first of her class...she was briefly the "sheriff" of Starbase K-3, aka: Providence Fleet error in the Starfleet assignment databanks made her, for a while, the Chief Tactical Officer for the USS Constitution. She infiltrated enemy lines before the retaking of the Olympus colony.

Now, she babysits engineers.

Played by ResidualRose

No Image Available

Lieutenant Junior Grade Elliot Huttlestone
DFS Lavie

Born in London, England, Elliot lived a rather boring and dull life. He always wanted to do something about his life, but he didn't know how to. It was only when he joined Star Fleet. Star Fleet gave him purpose, it gave him something to focus on. But he knew that he was always at risk. It was only when he joined Star Fleet he learned that the universe was a warzone. Either way, he accepted it. He worked through Star Fleet academy quickly, earning a spot on a small star cruiser. rather early on in his career. He earned the rank of Lieutenant Junior Grade a few years later. He was given the position of Cheif of Engineering on the DFS Lavie when the ship was commissioned.

Played by GhostOfProtocol

No Image Available

Lieutenant Commander Ellis Gordon
Chief Intelligence Officer
USS Saturn

In 2387, Ellis learned of a revenge plot by the pirate group, Black Dragons. An attempt was made on his life resulting in the death of his wife. Starfleet decided to send him to the Delta Quadrant. He was posted to Persephone colony to monitor relations and stay out of trouble. In 2388, he requested duties on a starship.

Played by Dave758

Cadet Senior Grade Ellis Gregory
Operations Officer
USS Sirona

Ellis Gregory is a Fourth Year Cadet on tour with the USS Sirona as an Operations Officer. He is from Caldos Colony 3 (Howard's Landing).

Played by Paul Clark

Lieutenant Junior Grade Elsie Barnett
Chief Diplomatic Officer
USS Sirona

Physical Appearance

Height 5'5
Weight 125
Hair Color Brown
Eye Color Green

Physical Description

Elsie is a slender woman, who recently started to go to the gym to stay in shape, a lot of people tell her she is very skinny and fit, but she knows the older she gets the more her metabolism will slow down. Image means everything to her. She has short brown hair with green eyes, she is light skinned with no scars, no freckles or visible birthmarks. Her only complaint, is her butt is to flat, but on the same note she is happy it is, because its a good sign, she is not putting on weight. However she does desire to put on a few pounds to have the curves in the right places.


Father Harrold Barnett ~ Mother Susan Gillman-Barnett ~ Brothers Eric and Cody Barnett

Played by JL Galloway

Commander Emily Brennan
Commanding Officer
Starbase Wake Island

Before coming to Starbase Wake Island, Brennan had a close working relationship with several SFMC units, inserting them regularly into hot combat zones as a part of her missions as a Tactical oficer. As she rose into command, she brought those relationships and understandings with her. First as the Captain of a vessel with a Marine Detachment and now in command of the Starbase ad it'saccompanying gunships and MEU.

Played by Qapla

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