PLEASE NOTE: These listings represent in-character information only and do not reflect staff positions in the Bravo Fleet organization.

Lieutenant CDubrovski
Chief Medical Officer
USS Devonshire

Caterina and her four miscreants, usually referred to as her children have just joined the Devonshire. having spent some time in hospital complexes in the Sol system. this will be the first time the children have been on a starship.

Played by CDubrovski

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Colonel Charles Howden
Chief Intelligence Officer
USS Equinox

Played by jonileth

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Captain Charles Lancaster

Played by cmdrlanc

Master Sergeant Charlton Gibbs
Starbase 400

Gibbs was born in 2350 on the Cestus III Federation Outpost. His father is a retired Command Sergeant Major in the Federation Marines, and was assigned to the outpost garrison when he met his wife. In 2368, Giibbs enlisted into the Federation Marines. He is currently the MSAU NCO of Starbase 400. He is a Dominion War Veteran.

Played by Gladius327

Lieutenant Junior Grade Chloe Young
Assistant Chief Flight Control Officer
Starbase 400

Starfleet Academy 2358-2362
Studied Command Principals and Administration of Justice
2361-2362 USS Archon, Cadet (Senior Assignment)
2262 USS Freeman, Security Officer
2362-2363 Missing In Action
2363-2264 USS Sutherland, Chief Security Officer
2364-2366 USS Sutherland, Chief Security Officer
2366-2376 USS Lighthouse, Chief flight control Officer
2376-2392 USS Exeter Chief flight control officer Lieutenant(JG)
2392 -Present starbase 400 Assistant Chief Flight Control Lieutenant (JG)

Played by Nathaniel Capp

Lieutenant Commander Chris Dynehart

Christopher, 'CJ' Dynehart is the first officer aboard the starship Nomad.
Son of a Starfleet admiral, Dynehart is one of the few members of the Nomad's crew with a distinguished service record and whom was hand picked to serve aboard the Excelsior-Class starship by the admiralty.

Played by jonbromle1

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Chris Jones
USS Altai

Chris has always been a very modest person, consumed with a passion for perfection in his actions but always too humble to take first place when another wants it more. He is known for his calm, often expressionless demeanor and gentle gaze that simultaneously comforts and mystifies. He prefers to be the wall flower, the silent participant in a conversation, more interested in studying the words of others than filling others ears with his own. As for his time spent as an Executive Officer, Chris has always chosen to lead by example and tends to promote leniency for simple “learning” mistakes in all but the worst grievances. He wants the people he works with to view him as approachable, not the revered titans that other XO’s and CO’s have been famously known for. At the same time, he demands

Played by Stone

Ensign Chris Wilkins
Chief Tactical Officer
USS Cavalry

Chris was accepted after his second attempt to Starfleet Academy in 2389. Following his enrollment into the Starfleet Security program; Chris excelled in Tactical Analysis, Survival Strategies and received high marks in Basic Hand-to-Hand Combat. His insomnia however caused several problems with his studies, but with help from the Doctors he has managed to get control of it for the most part. Upon graduating Chris is waiting for his first assignment.

Played by Robinfox86

Lieutenant Junior Grade Christina Hartley
Chief Engineer
USS Saturn

Christina is currently the Chief Engineer aboard the USS Saturn, having previously served in the role aboard the USS Solstice, and then as an Engineering Officer in the Solstice engine room, as well as the USS Archimedes.

Played by Jacob Hartley

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Brigadier General Christopher Mitchell

Played by BGEN Christopher Mitchell

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Commander Chuck McFadden
Commanding Officer
USS Ark Royal

Captain Charles F. McFadden, UFPS is the Commanding Officer of U.S.S. Ark Royal.

Played by tdfarris

Lieutenant Commander Clint Cross
Chief Intelligence Officer
USS New Hampshire

Not much is publicly known about Clint's past, and he prefers it that way. He's a quiet guy, but has a sharp tongue at times and
can insult spar with the best of them. Entered Starfleet Academy in 2370 following his graduation from Stanford University. Lost his brother early in the Dominion War. A quiet man, with a sarcastic side. Doesn't apply himself as well as he should at times, but doesn't let his friends or crew down. Has a knack for engineering and building things, even attended Stanford because of this, but wasn't satisfied so he took tactical courses at Starfleet Academy. Very analytically and tactically sound thinking.

Played by MBremer

Commander Colin Lightwood
USS Hades

Colin stands at around five feet and six inches, His hair is long but cut short at the sides.His Complexion is fair and he wears his beard uncut most of the time , His eyes a bright blue verging on grey. And his hair color is a mottled mix of grey and dark brown. His build is medium, but he works out regularly to keep his fitness up.On duty his Blue uniform is kept in pristine condition and he keeps this up amongst his crew as well.

Off Duty He can be caught wearing Stone washed jeans, black t-shirts and boots. His hair is always jelled to one side in a sort of quiff.

Played by benbanwell

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Lieutenant Connor Kane
Chief Tactical Officer
USS Templar

Played by JSlattery

Ensign Corbin Dejar

Typically young Cardassians have more ridges than Dejar, especially at twenty-seven. At the Union Acadamy he would be called a child, or a Lvng'Thioss (an un-"naturalised" Cardassian) for looking to human. A man of average height for a Cardassian, Dejar looks as if he were starved. Dejar, being a Federation officer, knows he has to fit into the uniform - which are much thinner than a Cardassians armor. His eyes are naturally lighter, the faith-full glare often making her look as if he were about to fall asleep.

Played by AndorianMerchant

Lieutenant Corinne Atworth
Chief Diplomatic Officer - Second Officer
SFM Revenant

Corinne Atworth is an experienced diplomat skilled in negotiating with cultures that value honor, toughness, and truth. Her specific background makes her ideal for high-stakes or unconventional situations, and she is often called upon to attempt final reconciliations in extreme circumstances.

Played by TaraTheBard

Civilian Crumm Widdy
Civilian/Owner of the 'Skyline Lounge'
Starbase 400

Crumm Widdy is a young and virile Bolian of average height and weight. He will likely be found wearing the best and most current of Bolian fashion. As he is allergic to Retinax V, he is required to wear corrective lenses. Of the varying shades of blue Bolians exhibit, Crumm's is of the brighter and more vibrant variety. While this does not mean much amongst Bolians, some outsiders view this as a sign of stature within the Bolian community. A jovial man, Crumm is almost always smiling and is a joy to be around.

Played by Anthony

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Captain Cyndi Song
Commanding Officer
USS North Star

Played by Tara

Ensign Daniel Walsh
Assistant Chief Engineering Officer
USS Ark Royal

Daniel Walsh is a Propulsion Systems and Computer Systems Specialist recently assigned to the U.S.S. Ark Royal.

Played by dwpatterson85

Major Danny Lennox
4th Marine Regiment Commander
Starbase 400

Career Marine. Dominion War vet

Played by MBremer

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