PLEASE NOTE: These listings represent in-character information only and do not reflect staff positions in the Bravo Fleet organization.

Ensign Chris Wilkins
Chief Security/Tactical Officer
USS Cavalry

Chris was accepted after his second attempt to Starfleet Academy in 2389. Following his enrollment into the Starfleet Security program; Chris excelled in Tactical Analysis, Survival Strategies and received high marks in Basic Hand-to-Hand Combat. His insomnia however caused several problems with his studies, but with help from the Doctors he has managed to get control of it for the most part. Upon graduating Chris is waiting for his first assignment.

Played by Robinfox86

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Brigadier General Christopher Mitchell

Played by BGEN Christopher Mitchell

Lieutenant Commander Clint Cross
Chief Intelligence Officer
USS New Hampshire

Not much is publicly known about Clint's past, and he prefers it that way. He's a quiet guy, but has a sharp tongue at times and
can insult spar with the best of them. Entered Starfleet Academy in 2370 following his graduation from Stanford University. Lost his brother early in the Dominion War. A quiet man, with a sarcastic side. Doesn't apply himself as well as he should at times, but doesn't let his friends or crew down. Has a knack for engineering and building things, even attended Stanford because of this, but wasn't satisfied so he took tactical courses at Starfleet Academy. Very analytically and tactically sound thinking.

Played by MBremer

Ensign Corbin Dejar

Typically young Cardassians have more ridges than Dejar, especially at twenty-seven. At the Union Acadamy he would be called a child, or a Lvng'Thioss (an un-"naturalised" Cardassian) for looking to human. A man of average height for a Cardassian, Dejar looks as if he were starved. Dejar, being a Federation officer, knows he has to fit into the uniform - which are much thinner than a Cardassians armor. His eyes are naturally lighter, the faith-full glare often making her look as if he were about to fall asleep.

Played by AndorianMerchant

Lieutenant Corinne Atworth
Chief Diplomatic Officer - Second Officer
SFM Revenant

Corinne Atworth is an experienced diplomat skilled in negotiating with cultures that value honor, toughness, and truth. Her specific background makes her ideal for high-stakes or unconventional situations, and she is often called upon to attempt final reconciliations in extreme circumstances.

Played by TaraTheBard

Civilian Crumm Widdy
Civilian/Owner of the 'Skyline Lounge'
Starbase 400

Crumm Widdy is a young and virile Bolian of average height and weight. He will likely be found wearing the best and most current of Bolian fashion. As he is allergic to Retinax V, he is required to wear corrective lenses. Of the varying shades of blue Bolians exhibit, Crumm's is of the brighter and more vibrant variety. While this does not mean much amongst Bolians, some outsiders view this as a sign of stature within the Bolian community. A jovial man, Crumm is almost always smiling and is a joy to be around.

Played by Anthony

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Captain Cyndi Song
Commanding Officer
USS North Star

Played by Tara

Ensign Daniel Walsh
Assistant Chief Engineering Officer
USS Ark Royal

Daniel Walsh is a Propulsion Systems and Computer Systems Specialist recently assigned to the U.S.S. Ark Royal.

Played by dwpatterson85

Major Danny Lennox
4th Marine Regiment Commander
Starbase 400

Career Marine. Dominion War vet

Played by MBremer

Lieutenant Darren Marian
Executive Officer (XO)
USS Hawaii

With the slightest bump Darren touched the small shuttlecraft down in the docking bay of the USS Hawaii. After running through the shutdown procedure on the shuttle, he stood stiff-leggedly and disembarked onto the ship that would serve as his home for the coming months.

Darren looked his surroundings over appraisingly. The ship was without a doubt unfinished, but unmistakably new. Everything was shining, crisp, without the wear of lightyears upon lightyears of travel that could be seen on older ships, like his last assignment, the California.

But there was too much to do for now. He needed to meet the CO, meet the other senior staff. Get things in order. This was command, now. No more waiting for others to tell him where to go, what to do. This was his time to tell.

Played by DarrenMarian

Captain DaSilvor
Chief Flight Control Officer/USS Conqueror CO
Starbase 400

Character Information
Gender Male
Species Human - Vger Android clone - see bio

Physical Appearance
Height 6'
Weight 198
Hair Color Black with slight tinge of grey at temples
Eye Color Grey
Physical Description Average build

Spouse Dalenna Amber Coolidge DaSilvor
Children None
Father John DaSilvor
Mother Andrea DaSilvor
Sister(s) Rosemary DaSilvor

Played by DaSilvor

Commodore David Hawkes
Palais de la Concorde

David is a well-kept individual in terms of fitness and in appearance. He is quite and thoughtful in demeanour yet every with a hawkish gaze of his surrounds. His voice is clear, yet soft spoken.

At six foot David is not overly tall, nor in his build does he seem overly threatening. Due to his build of seemingly more stockier design, he appears shorter than he truly is.

Such a disposition has served him well to never be the focus of attention in a room and being able to observe all of it.

Played by Sirius39

First Lieutenant David Henry
Starbase 400

David Ugo Henry was born April 1, 2363 at Lake Armstrong City, Mars Colony. Being unable to focus, He barely made it through Secondary School. Being the son of a Federation Medal Of Honor winner automatically qualified him to be admitted to Star Fleet Academy. His father was more than happy to vouch for him, otherwise, he would still be living with his parents. He is currently assigned as a Platoon Commander in 2/22 Marines, 1st Marine Division. He is a Combat Veteran.

Played by Gladius327

Colonel David Hurd
1st Marine Division Executive Officer/USS Tirpitz CO
Starbase 400

Played by ColHurd

Rear Admiral David Hutchinson
Task Force Executive Officer
Deep Space 11

David is a calm and collected person who always looks out for his loved ones and his crew. He has patience in abundance and it takes a long time for David to run out of patience - a trait that has proven useful in situations requiring a more diplomatic approach. Despite his career choice David is still an extremely loyal family man and has continually attempted to get his family to move aboard the starship he is commanding to ensure he can spend more time with them

Played by JamesG

Lieutenant David Moreau Jr
Chief Security/Tactical Officer
USS Black Hawk

David served in the Dominion War as a part of the Rapid Response Teams and was at AR-558. In 2384, he was demoted from Lieutenant to Lieutenant JG after being charged with destruction of property after using unnecessary force during an altercation with belligerent civilians. He returned to Earth after that to continue his training and was eventually assigned to the USS Black Hawk after the former Chief of Security departed.

Played by Camila Di Pasquale

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Lieutenant Commander David Stross Jr.

Played by Shannon

Lieutenant Junior Grade Dean Winchester
Security Officer
USS Black Hawk

Played by ColHurd

Admiral Deela T'Lar
Executive Officer/USS Essex-B CO
Starbase 400

Her Vulcan abilities includes mind-meld and the Vulcan Nerve Pinch. She has the strength of a Vulcan. She can sometimes connect telepathically with a non-telepath, put a suggestion in a person's mind (TOS:The Omega Glory) and she can sense strong emotions such as fear, hate, anger, sadness, etc. She has had some training in the Betazoid way while she was serving on the USS Zhukov as Assistant Counselor.

Played by Uey2

Lieutenant Junior Grade Deeli Kosu
Chief Engineering Officer (CHENG)
USS Hawaii

"Kosu? A Strange kid that is apologizing for everything and yet performs above her own grade sometimes. I tell ya that kid is a walking genius and should be part of Starfleet Corps Engineers. She got talent to become something, yet her social withdraw and not talking is something that needs professional guidance. Because if she doesn't socialize with the people, it might become a hinder for her development in becoming a better Engineer, don't know if she can get better already...." ~ Dean Susan Taylor

Played by BlackWolf

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