PLEASE NOTE: These listings represent in-character information only and do not reflect staff positions in the Bravo Fleet organization.

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Federation Security Advisor
Palais de la Concorde

Played by pathofwrath

Admiral Anatole Lazarus
Deep Space 11

Anatole Lazarus is a Federation Starfleet Admiral who is currently serving as a member of the Fourth Fleet Command Council. He is most prominently known for his work as Academy Commandant and his and his heroism for surviving two years in a Jem'Hadar prisoner of war camp during the Dominion War.

Played by Tom

Lieutenant Commander Andrew Harrington
Executive Officer
USS Sentinel

Born on March 24th, 2348 to Phillip and Dorothy Harrington in Morgantown, West Virginia; Andrew was the only child of the two parents as following the birth of Andrew, Dorothy fell ill and was told that she would be unable to have any more children. This was a shock to his parents, but they said following that news that they would give everything they had to Andrew to ensure that he had what he wanted and that he could achieve whatever he put his mind to. Andrew attended school in Morgantown and spent time between there and Paris, where his father was based, most notably between 2356 and 2364 when his father was appointed as Secretary of Starfleet Intelligence in the then-President Forrest’s cabinet. This was the highlight of his father’s career and earned him a knighthood. Samuel loved th

Played by Leam Mark Farrar

Vice Admiral Anin
Palais de la Concorde

Anin is the Task Force Commanding Officer of Task Force 93 and the Commanding Officer of USS Thoth. Currently, she works mainly from Providence Fleet Yards, the base of operations for Task Force 93 at Pollux. Mostly involved with diplomatic matters in regards of the KDF, RSE and the Civilians in the Reayan Corridor.

Prior to her current posting, Anin most recently held positions as a Diplomat for the First Contact Office, as Chief of Staff of Task Force 68 from Second Fleet. Her last command, while serving as Chief of Staff of Task Force 68, was the USS Singapore that changed later on towards USS Thoth, at that time the Cardassian/Romulan Border Watch.

Played by BlackWolf

Captain Anthony Richardson
Commanding Officer
USS Excalibur

Rugged good looks don’t go anywhere close to describing Anthony. His grey hair is a good look for a man of his age, his desire to not really bother with what it looks like gives it a very ruffled look. A piercing stare will send anyone to the likes of Siberia when he doesn’t appreciate their “stupidity” as Anthony puts it. Being your average height and weight, everything just seems to be because it was like that when it comes to Anthony; there really is not a whole lot that is special about him when it comes to looks. Anthony is always clean-shaven and whatever he wears is always neatly clean and pressed to give others the sense that he looks after himself and takes pride in himself.

Played by Leam Mark Farrar

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Lieutenant Arin Merkara-Murphy
USS Harbinger

Chief of Operations

Born of a scheme that tried to take over a starship, Arin's mother didn't want her daughter to grow up in slavery. She was smuggled out and adopted by her biological father. She grew up in Ireland on Earth, where she had to develop a thick skin and quick wit to go along with the light green skin.

Having grown up around a shuttleyard, Arin knows her way around systems better than most. She is raising an 11 year old daughter, Shannon Elizabeth Losada after a semi-brutal divorce.

Played by Tugar

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Lieutenant Commander Arjin Djinx
Chief Science Officer
USS Black Hawk

Played by Arjin Djinx

Lieutenant Commander Artie Talbot
Chief Engineer
USS Altai

Arthur "Artie" Talbot is the Chief Engineer of the USS Altai.

Played by greenfelt22

Lieutenant Junior Grade Asami Inoue
Chief Science Officer
USS Southern Cross

Played by Kaichi

Lieutenant Ashlana Mahjere

She is strong of will and tends to be very forthright. She was from a family that were into space carnivals. She tends to focus on positives instead of the negative that she can feel at times.

Positive Thinker
Has a temper but tends to keep it under control
Very eager to please

Played by Zyrell

Master Sergeant Atlee MIcklin
Team Leader 1st MARSOC Group
Starbase 400

Atlee Micklin was born at Columbia, South Carolina, Earth on August 23, 2343. He is the son of a starship construction worker, and a teacher. In the "utopia" type economy on Earth, he came from a poor family. Upon completion of his Secondary Education, he joined the Federation Marines, seizing the opportunity to leave his impoverished life behind, and follow in his brother's footsteps. He is currently a Team Leader in the 1st MARSOC Group. He is a Second Klingon War Combat Veteran, Dominion War Veteran.

Played by Gladius327

Commander Audrid Kane
Executive Officer and Executive Officer
USS Nogura

Commander Audrid Kane is the current Executive Officer of the USS Nogura, before this assignment she served as the Chief Security/Tactical Officer on the USS Solstice.

Played by Alexander

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Commander Aurelia Chang
Executive Officer
Kartelan Station

Currently Aurelia serves as the XO on board Kartelan Station though previously she has worked with the JAG Corps as well as directly for the Task Force Commanding Officers. She has a deep passion for love and family, and has kept her personal life as part of her work life as well.

Played by Zyrell

Captain Aurelia Prendergast
Commanding Officer
USS Akagi

Played by ripper1701

Captain Autumn Holmes
The Reliquary

Autumn is relatively short in height, and lithe in build. Her long blond hair tends to flow in free, loose curls, laying softly onto her shoulders. When on duty, she tends to keep it pulled back into a neat pony tail, and out of the way of what she is doing. She carries herself with a casual air, even while on duty, and is known to smile frequently.

Autumn is a generally happy woman, who smiles frequently while on and off duty. Her command style (like her bedside manner) is generally very relaxed, and she prefers to converse with most of her senior staff on a first name basis versus rank and last name. There are those in both the Admiralty and amongst her various crews that have suggested she break this habit, but Autumn firmly believes that it fost

Played by QuodEroSpero

Captain Axon Vendrest
Commanding Officer
USS Odyssey

Played by orion74656

Sergeant Major Ayla Hamilton
Drill Instructor
SFM Revenant

Enlisting straight out of high school Ayla Hamilton was out to find a place where she could exercise both her mind and body and get paid for it.. She decided to try for the SFMC, and entered Boot Camp on Mars at the second camp dubbed Parris Island. From there she went on to join in several campaigns including the Dominion War from 2373 to 2375. Since then she has moved from command to command, in the Alpha then Gamma and now Beta Quadrants..

Played by Qapla

Lieutenant Junior Grade Azdra Tuhl
Assistant Chief Medical Officer
USS Devonshire

The fifth host of the Tuhl symbiont, Azdra Tuhl, originally Azdra Prin, is a calm, level-headed doctor with a perfectionist streak a parsec wide. A relative newcomer to Starfleet but not to the medical profession, this is her first taste of any sort of commanding responsibility as the Devonshire's Assistant Chief Medical Officer. She wants nothing more than to be a worthy host, and the best doctor she can be.

Played by keepitmythy

Fleet Captain Bahrat Noth
Commanding Officer
USS Equinox

Played by Bahrat Noth

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Lieutenant Commander Bal-Retorin
Carnwennan Corps of Engineering Liaison
Carnwennan Station

Played by Shannon

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