PLEASE NOTE: These listings represent in-character information only and do not reflect staff positions in the Bravo Fleet organization.

Ensign A'Nya Zinovia
Chief Security/Tactical Officer
USS Cavalry

New to the position of Chief Security/Tactical Officer of the USS Cavalry, A'Nya hopes to serve with honor and distinction as she has on her former posting in Starfleet. She is the youngest of twins born to a Klingon mother, Tavanna, and Betazoid father, Tobrias Zinovia. When her mother died in 2367 at the Battle of Wolf 359 it affected her so much that by the time she was 16, A'Nya had decided she would enroll in Starfleet, if only to prevent others from experiencing such a loss as she had as a child. She graduated in the top 15% of her class at the Academy and has served Starfleet faithfully since then.

Played by Tomi

Ensign Adeline Bell
Chief Medical Officer
USS Redguard

Height: 5'
Weight: 105 lbs
Eyes: Brown
Hair: Wavy Long Brown

Played by Jcutie4ever

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Corporal Adrian Fisher

Square jawed and average height. Adrian keeps his hair in a crew cut and keeps his face clean shaven with hardly a hair on his face. (John Cena)

Adrian is gung-ho, he believes in what he does and is unshakable when given an order. Adrian keeps himself in shape and fit. It helps him clear his mind and since the loss of his family he tries to keep his mind cleared. Working out keeps himself from thinking of his Family and it helps him cope with the loss.

Played by Daven1461

Lieutenant Junior Grade Agron Drag'nah
Chief Flight Control Officer
USS Southern Cross

Agron Drag’nah is, at first glance, a rather disarming individual. He has about his countenance a calm and peaceful disposition. His skin is dark and supple and his frame wide, though not at all exceptionally built, slender, or overweight.
His jawline is angular and broad, giving him a slightly stronger physical presence that is quite contrary to the man himself.
The typical ridges that run from the top of the forehead to an apex at the bridge of the nose, coupled with the small spines and singular indents upon his cheekbones mark him clearly as a Xindi and his hair is kept traditionally and accordingly.
Most notable of Agron’s features though is most certainly his voice. He speaks calmly and slowly but with a rich baritone and powerful projection. He has a wide vocabulary and is eloquent.

Played by AnnatarYoung

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Lieutenant Colonel Aidan Thornton
Executive Officer and Marine Commanding Officer
DFS Lavie

Aidan has a full head of dark brown/red hair due to his Irish heritage. There is very little on him that is excess and he works hard in the gym to keep toned. His skin is tan, getting darker when he stays in the field.

Played by Tugar

Commander Aki Shagdac
Commanding Officer
USS Tornado

The Cardassian Oppression & Dominion War were for the Bajoran people a heavy time on everyone. Aki is no exception of this and is known to be a fighter, a rebel that always challenges his superiors when he has the feeling they are wrong. In combat on whatever ground it might be fought, he is known for his dangerous calmness and quick tactical assessment of the situation. To counter it with the proper and correct answers that are required on that certain time.

Played by BlackWolf

Commander Akiva ben-Avram
Executive Officer
USS Vindex

Akiva ("Kiv" to his close friends and family) is relatively tall and lithe for most Hebron colonialists. His dark Semitic features complement his melancholy demeanor. A career of hands-on work has kept him in peak physical form.
He has recently become a new father of a sort with the development of a "next-gen" synthetic android through bioneural circuitry and cutting-edge molecular cybernetics. Biynah, as he named her, has become like a daughter to him.

Played by wizardbeard

Commander Alenna Jensen
Executive Officer
USS Equinox

Alenna (Lenna) Jensen has been around and while she was attached to diplomacy but her priority was always as a special aide at the highest of levels. She was pulled off normal duties to assist first with Rear Admiral Diego Macedo after they created Helios Colony.

After her stepped down and Lt General Jagged Anderson was brought in he kept her there to assist with whatever was needed since he wasn't really a person who could just talk to anyone. He was a Marine and that's what they needed in the tumultuous times after the Borg attack.

She had thought that would be her last post would be Helios Station. However they had a special job that the Commander had to do. She was asked to go and become the XO of the USS Equinox. She didn't know what to expect and still doesn't.

Played by Zyrell

Master Sergeant Alex Ryan
Chief of the Boat
Combat & Surveillance Technologies Team Lead
USS Bellona

Master Sergeant Alex Ryan currently serves as the Combat & Surveillance Technologies Team Leader, with the secondary duty of Chief of the Boat, onboard the USS Bellona. His background is primarily covert operations as well as intelligence and counter-intelligence. He was originally assigned as the TACOPS Delta Team Leader, but requested the transfer to Surveillance.

Played by Fallon

Lieutenant Commander Alexander Night
Executive Officer
USS Southern Cross

Alex is very much aware of his appearance, and is not afraid to use it to his pleasure or advantage (though the would take care, if at all possible for the other persons not to be harmed in the process). He's of a generally friendly disposition, always ready to flash a smile one's way, though as often as it is genuine, so often it is faked, though he has perfected the 'faking' skill over the years so only a few can tell when he's putting on a face.

As he is an orphan, Alex very streetwise and and adaptable, and very aware of both his strengths and weaknesses. Being a man without a family, he's quite happy actually, knowing he can do the job he loves, which in this case is going 'above and beyond' the call of duty, for his beloved Federation of planets.

Played by Kos

Captain Alice Griffin
Commanding Officer
USS Scorpio

Captain Alice Griffin is the current Commanding Officer of the USS Scorpio, before her current assignment she served as Commanding Officer of the USS Satie.

Played by Alexander

Captain Alierin Javindhra
Marine Commanding Officer
USS Infinity

Played by Luke

Admiral Allison Reyes
Starfleet Liaison
Palais de la Concorde

Admiral Allison Reyes is a member of the Bravo Fleet Command Council and the Starfleet liaison to Palais de la Concorde. Formerly, she served as the Task Force Commanding Officer of Task Force 93, the Fleet Executive Officer for the Fourth Fleet, the Director of Research and Development for the Fourth Fleet and the Commanding Officer of Faltan Station.

Played by JonM

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Lieutenant Junior Grade Amiri Aldana
Chief Medical Officer
DFS Lavie

Amiri is a medical officer I have not joined a sim with yet. For now I am just putting hir here for fun.

Amiri is a hard working, well educated doctor in many varieties of veterinary medicine, as well as xeno-medicine. S/he had both Kazarite and Hermat parents that give hir, hir appearance and gender. Kazarites have a strong connection to all animals non-humanoid and humanoid. They are covered in fur, walk on their digits (like paws) and have a cute prehensile tail. Amiri's fur pattern is similar to a white tiger. S/he is a hermaphrodite and attempts to enjoy hir dual nature whenever possible.

Played by Vanth

Admiral Anatole Lazarus
Deep Space 11

Anatole Lazarus is a Federation Starfleet Admiral who is currently serving as a member of the Fourth Fleet Command Council. He is most prominently known for his work as Academy Commandant and his and his heroism for surviving two years in a Jem'Hadar prisoner of war camp during the Dominion War.

Played by Tom

Lieutenant Junior Grade Andromeda Lightfeather
Security Officer
USS Vindex

Andi is currently a new member to the USS Vindex as a Security Officer, so currently, this is where her story begins.

Played by Andromeda Lightfeather

Vice Admiral Anin
Task Force 93 Commanding Officer
Palais de la Concorde

Anin is the Task Force Commanding Officer of Task Force 93 and the Commanding Officer of USS Thoth. Currently, she works mainly from Providence Fleet Yards, the base of operations for Task Force 93 at Pollux. Mostly involved with diplomatic matters in regards of the KDF, RSE and the Civilians in the Reayan Corridor.

Prior to her current posting, Anin most recently held positions as a Diplomat for the First Contact Office, as Chief of Staff of Task Force 68 from Second Fleet. Her last command, while serving as Chief of Staff of Task Force 68, was the USS Singapore that changed later on towards USS Thoth, at that time the Cardassian/Romulan Border Watch.

Played by BlackWolf

Captain Anthony Richardson
Commanding Officer
USS Excalibur

Rugged good looks don’t go anywhere close to describing Anthony. His grey hair is a good look for a man of his age, his desire to not really bother with what it looks like gives it a very ruffled look. A piercing stare will send anyone to the likes of Siberia when he doesn’t appreciate their “stupidity” as Anthony puts it. Being your average height and weight, everything just seems to be because it was like that when it comes to Anthony; there really is not a whole lot that is special about him when it comes to looks. Anthony is always clean-shaven and whatever he wears is always neatly clean and pressed to give others the sense that he looks after himself and takes pride in himself.

Played by Leam Mark Farrar

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Ensign Ari Mizriki
Information Logistics Officer
DFS Lavie

Ari is a journalist from an alternate Earth who arrived in this time due to doing work for TSS without knowing about it with her lover Brandon. She acts as the ships Information Logistics Officer and assists command staff in investigations. She has an almost tsundere-like personality. She and Brandon are engaged to marry.

Played by Josh Hina

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Lieutenant Arin Merkara-Murphy
USS Harbinger

Chief of Operations

Born of a scheme that tried to take over a starship, Arin's mother didn't want her daughter to grow up in slavery. She was smuggled out and adopted by her biological father. She grew up in Ireland on Earth, where she had to develop a thick skin and quick wit to go along with the light green skin.

Having grown up around a shuttleyard, Arin knows her way around systems better than most. She is raising an 11 year old daughter, Shannon Elizabeth Losada after a semi-brutal divorce.

Played by Tugar

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