Vice Admiral Anin

Anin is the Task Force Commanding Officer of Task Force 93 and the Commanding Officer of USS Thoth. Currently, she works mainly from Providence Fleet Yards, the base of operations for Task Force 93 at Pollux. Mostly involved with diplomatic matters in regards of the KDF, RSE and the Civilians in the Reayan Corridor. Prior to her current posting, Anin most recently held positions as a Diplomat for the First Contact Office, as Chief of Staff of Task Force 68 from Second Fleet. Her last command, while serving as Chief of Staff of Task Force 68, was the USS Singapore that changed later on towards USS Thoth, at that time the Cardassian/Romulan Border Watch.


Born on the rare district of gardens on Vulcan under the care of Dith and T’plar in 2346. The house of where Anin was part off was not like any other Vulcan differently, it was strict and bound towards their traditions. Her parents were focused on their jobs in the Vulcan Science Society and contribute to the research fields of astronomical and medical development. This gave Anin a view of the learning progress of what the development within the Vulcan Science Society had to offer. Yet her skills were shown at a younger age, due that her parents notice her open mind thinking, extrovert communicating and problem-solving ability. She was always part of a discussion with her teacher, was the middle person in the development of certain disagreements and offering solutions towards practical problems.

Both her parents sent Anin towards a famous school within the Vulcan society, Surak’s school. This school would learn her the ways of being a Vulcan in the religion and ways of Surak as well to bring more focus towards opening her mind and getting control over the most difficult emotions. Patience, temperance, and logical observation were three of the greatest virtues of Vulcan culture and were taught towards Anin to treasure these virtues. She became more skilled in her social interactions with society and her surroundings. Even in simulations that were brought towards the students, Anin was the student on that topic. She entered the Rite of Tal’oth, where she was exposed towards the dangers of the Vulcan desert and armed with only a ritual knife. After four months of survival in the desert, she found control over her mind and emotions to be more in balance.

When finally in control of both her mind and emotions, she sends her applications towards Starfleet Academy with the support of her parents and the Surak’s school as the reference. Anin received the news that the application that was sent towards the Academy was accepted and she said her goodbyes towards her parents and thank them both for the care she received from them. Her first year she was within the Academy, Anin had minor difficulty with following the lessons and scored high grades and unusually for a Vulcan, gained much support from her class mates. In disputes of class affairs, she was mostly involved to solve it and later recognized for her skills, again, and got herself elected to the student board of the Academy. The second year, she got herself involved with the development of new courses or reviewing old courses that were outdated. But it does get noticed in the second year that her skills in the fields of tactical and security are not her strongest point and it’s more advanced elements that were difficult for her.

The third year was starting and she chooses her path on the Diplomatic course, this was not that all surprising for many people due her skill set and experience she already gained. Anin, however, lost her control one time over her emotions after a personal attack at the Academy by one of her fellow students. This resulted in an outburst of emotions towards that student and also medical had to step in. She, later on, apologized for this action and also took part of the kolinahr ritual with the local Vulcan society on Earth. She had to regain the trust of her fellow students as she entered her fourth and last year. There she took part of a six-month internship at the Diplomatic Corps, where she learned the basics of what it means to be a Diplomatic Officer or Aid. It was actually surprised that she choose the Andorian embassy as guidance in getting to know the job, she wanted to have a different perspective of the species. She graduated from the Academy to join the USS Minteman as their Diplomat’s Aid.

The Federation-Cardassian Treaty, primarily negotiated by Admiral Alynna Nechayev, formally ends the Federation-Cardassian War. This is where the USS Minteman and her Diplomatic team aids into the negotiations with the Admiral. It was a critical point for Anin to learn the stress that comes with the job as lives were at stake in this matter. The USS Minuteman was not part of the battle for Wolf 359, but part of the discussion of accepting Raeyan Dytaal into protectorate status within the Federation, Anin was part of that screening as she got to learn more of the background about the Raeyan people and their culture. They got accepted into their protectorate status due that they meet the requirements of what the Federation has.  In 2376 she stepped away from her rank of Lieutenant after she served for a brief moment as the Diplomat’s Aid and became Ambassador’s Aid towards the embassy of Vulcan. This to improve the relationship between the two species and get the trade lines connected towards Bajor to get them up to speed for rebuilding their planet after the Dominion war.

She returns towards the Starfleet ranks in 2380 as the Chief Diplomatic Officer on Raeya 3 and developt herself higher into the ranks. Anin reached the rank of Captain in 2383 and commanded the vessel USS Singapore that was primarily focused on border control in the Raeya sector while performing as the Chief of Staff of Task Force 68 and a year later got transferred towards the USS Thoth a Galaxy class vessel. In 2388 she was reassigned towards Task Force 93 as their new Task Force Executive Officer with the rank of Commodore to assist the Task Force in the diplomatic affairs of what has happened and known as the Gorn Crisis. However due change of command within the Task Force, she was promoted towards Rear Admiral and took command of Task Force 93.

While the Sovereignty of Kahless was forming, Anin became known of their development and had to weight in the dangers of it. The rogue houses were on a path of war and will most likely attack the RTC. She made a most end-making-choice to have a secret meeting with some veteran Captains that worked at the Klingon borders to ask them to step forward for a moral sacrifice. The Captains Takato, Demets and Ivanovich stepped forward to accept the Admirals request, as they understood what it means and the needs of the many outweigh the needs of the many in this situation. The damage was higher than expected as five ships got attacked by the newly formed Sovereignty of Kahless and all diplomatic communications were not answered by them. Anin got later on promoted towards the rank of Vice Admiral due her outstanding operational commands.

Service Record

Start End Rank Role Assignment
Diplomat's AidUSS Minuteman
Lieutenant Junior Grade
Diplomat's AidUSS Minuteman
Lieutenant Junior Grade
Diplomatic AidBajor
Diplomatic AidBajor
Ambassador's AidBajor
Lieutenant Commander
Chief Diplomatic OfficerRaeya 3
Chief Diplomatic OfficerRaeya 3
Commanding OfficerUSS Singapore
Commanding OfficerUSS Thoth
Task Force Chief of StaffTask Force 68
Task Force Executive OfficerTask Force 93
Rear Admiral
Task Force Commanding OfficerTask Force 93
Vice Admiral
Task Force Commanding OfficerTask Force 93