Lieutenant Junior Grade Rizena “Riz” Virodin

The daughter of a Bolian trading family, Rizena Virodin attempts to balance the needs of her own young family with her desire to explore the galaxy.


It is said to be good luck for a Bolian child to be born near a warp core. Despite her parents considering themselves above such superstition, Rizena was nonetheless born on the engineering deck of their freighter, the Aarxx-Golo. Rizena’s childhood was spent travelling the trade routes between the Federation, the Klingon Empire, the Romulan Star Empire, the Ferengi Alliance, and many others. In 2369, the Gamma Quadrant was added to that list with the discovery of the Bajoran wormhole, if only for a short time before war broke out.

In 2377, Rizena applied to attend Starfleet Academy. As a non-Federation citizen, Rizena required a letter of reference from a Starfleet officer, in this case provided by Captain Hugo Wyndham of the USS William Tell. The William Tell had provided mechanical assistance to the Aarxx-Golo when the latter suffered a fractured plasma line just one light year short of the Gamma Quadrant end of the Bajoran Wormhole. In his letter, Captain Wyndham noted: “Rizena Ernolar shows an intuitive aptitude for astronomical distances; if only the rest of her family were so talented.” Despite his limited scientific background, Wyndham became something of a mentor to Rizena, rounding out her scientific learning with practical Starfleet wisdom.

After graduating from the Academy with basic qualifications, Rizena elected to continue with advanced studies. Her dissertation, “Twenty Years of Gravitational and Temporal Distortions Within the Whispering Veil Nebula” collated data drawn from several Starfleet missions through the area. During this time, she became romantically involved with Petty Officer Mors Virodin, a shuttle pilot assigned to the USS Ibn Battuta, one of the starships involved in the observations. The two married in 2382, and their son Mothaw was born a year later. Despite the added complexities for her new family, Rizena achieved her PhD in 2385.

Following her postgraduate studies, Rizena and Mors accepted postings to the USS Opportunity, a Steamrunner-class vessel. Disappointingly for Rizena, the vessel’s duties kept it mostly within the bounds of well-mapped Federation space, leaving her feeling that her role in astrometrics and the ship’s name itself were something of a farce. Both she and Mors agreed, though, that it gave a measure of safety to their young family. Some excitement did enter Rizena’s life when the Opportunity encountered a drifting probe. Though it was somewhat battered, Rizena’s reverse calculation of its trajectory, combined with analysis of the inscriptions on the golden plaque attached to it, identified it as the Examiner-5, a relativistic pre-warp probe sent out by the Grazerites during their early space exploration period prior to their meeting and joining the Federation. The probe was returned to the Grazerites in a welcome home ceremony that featured Rizena amongst the guests of honour.

Despite a promotion to Lieutenant JG and Assistant Chief Science Officer not long after, Rizena still found that life aboard the USS Opportunity wasn’t what she had been hoping for from Starfleet. When she was approached for the role of Chief Science Officer on the USS Sentinel, a ship whose class was focused on long range exploration, she jumped at the chance, despite some misgivings from her husband about the slightly mysterious nature of the ship’s past.


Service Record

Start End Rank Role Assignment
Cadet Freshman Grade
CadetStarfleet Academy
Doctoral ResearchStarfleet Academy
Astrometrics OfficerUSS Opportunity
Lieutenant Junior Grade
Assistant Chief Science OfficerUSS Opportunity
Lieutenant Junior Grade
Chief Science OfficerUSS Sentinel