Lieutenant Orzal Nejim

Nejim was born into a Cardassian labour camp and suffered at one of the harshest times of Bajoran history. He, however did not let that define him and he enlisted in Starfleet after seeing their selfless and dedicated acts when the Cardassian's withdrew from Bajor.


Before he was even born, his world became occupied by a race called the Cardassians. They stripped the planet of its resources and turned a peaceful, advanced and forward thinking race into an angry race and even today, in 2387, the scars left by Cardassia are hard not to see on the psyche of the entire race.

He was born into a Labour Camp, but when he was 3 years old, his camp was liberated by the Resistance force. As Nejim got older, his Father attempted to cull his sons anger, when he was 12 it was too much. He joined the Resistance and by the time he was 13, he had killed his first Cardassian.

Till his Father’s dying day, he worked tirelessly to introduce his son to the worlds beauties, but Nejim simply wasn’t interested. When he turned 17, the Cardassian’s discovered their base whilst the majority of the his Cell was out on patrol. He came back to find his Mother and Father dead.

During his time in the Resistance, in met a women Karyn and when he turned 19, he married her and they had a son.

As the Cardassian’s were leaving Gul Dukat publicly executed over 70 Bajorans in the middle of a Shakaar Province, including his wife. This was done to ensure that the Bajoran’s stayed fearful and thought they were helpless. Nejim attempted to take Dukat out, but he received a harsh beating at the hands of the Cardassians whom were stopped when some of the Cells of the Bajoran resistance arrived.

Orzal became lost inside his own anger and through that he was instrumental in setting up a faction calling for War to be declared on Cardassia. The threats were idle, except for the assistance of the Maquis, which the majority of the people that joined his cause eventually went on to become. Nejim was going to join the Maquis, but on the day he was due to leave, he had a life changing experience.

Visiting one of the many temples, he encountered the Orb of Change and Prophecy, granted to him one of the Vedeks. The Orb showed him his Wife, pleading for him to change the direction his life was now headed in and begin to raise his son properly. His Mother and Father appeared as well, also pleading with him to change his direction in life. When everything suddenly stopped and it was just his Father before him, although, he knew it wasn’t, it was a Prophet.

The Prophet didn’t speak, except inside his head, altering the way he thought and showing him the future as it could be without violence in his heart or the future of his life in the Maquis and his son’s because of that.

The experience ended and Nejim broke down in tears. If he wasn’t a Father, he would’ve stayed within the Temple. But he went back into his home town and became a Father, dedicating his life to the Prophets and his son.

Nejim worked extremely hard in the next few years, to rebuild his planet and attempt to give everyone else the enlightenment he had received. He traveled to Deep Space 9 a lot and soon made up his mind to attend Starfleet Academy. Arrangements were made for him to live in family quarters and his son, already 13, to attend school on Earth.