Lieutenant Commander Sierra Walton

Sierra currently serves as the Executive Officer on the USS Traveller, a ship that isn't expected to be ever seen in the Federation after its departure. She has spent the majority of her career on an accelerated path, making Executive Officer of the USS Galaxy very early in her career. She is a career minded officer, that only recently become somewhat more relaxed and less stiff.


Early Life

Sierra was born 2360 to her Human Father and Half Human Half Vulcan Mother. Sierra’s mother had opted to follow the Vulcan way and she always found this strange as a child and as an adult, she realised damaging and if not for her fathers loving nature she would of developed more symptoms of neglect. As she got older, making her way through schooling she grew to resent her Mother who she had never felt close to or developed a close relationship with and despite her Fathers attempts at rectifying this problem, Sierra grew further apart from her Mother.

This came to head when she completely fell out with her Mother just before her acceptance into Starfleet Academy in 2377, despite her Father again attempting to intervene between the two. Subsequently, they didn’t speak again until her graduation from Starfleet in 2381.

Starfleet Academy

Whilst at the Academy, Sierra was an exemplary Cadet, but also this worried her Instructors. Her grades were consistently high but she had no social life, no friends to speak of, except for a few people she shared a study group with. Because of her damaged relationship with her Mother, she was earmarked for counselling sessions and it was noted that she avoided social contact and it was believed this was a way to protect herself from having another relationship that hurt and disappointed her.In 2381 she graduated Starfleet Academy with honours, a commendation from her Instructors and 4th in her class. This filled her with no end of pride in herself. Her Mother attended her graduation and Sierra forced herself to be polite and thanked her mother for her congratulations, but the encounter ended there and she took her leave from the congregation to collect her orders. Her relationship with her Mother has remained stale.

Starfleet Strategic Operations

However, Sierra soon found herself unable to think of anything else other than her work as assigned to a special projects division of Starfleet Strategic Operations, working with the Advanced Starship Design Bureau on new ship designs. She received her second commendation into her file for solving a design issue that had stumped the teams since before she was assigned. She was promoted to Lieutenant Junior Grade in 2382 for serving with distinction. Her work ethic was second to none, she constantly would having the next days work done, which put projects ahead of schedule. She was again promoted in 2385 to Lieutenant. Her Project Managers decided she needed to be out on Starship based assignments to flourish and gain the experience she needed to become the Officer they knew she could be.

USS Venture

In 2385, she was offered the chance to serve on the Galaxy Class, USS Venture as its Chief Security and Tactical Officer and her Second Officer. The Venture, although big felt like a small ship, one where she was forced to share in some social events. It was a unique experience for her, yes she had managed people under before and she could do the job of a Department Head but this was the first time during her career that she had been into space. It took a week to acclimatize to her new surroundings. She served with distinction until the middle of 2387 as a position was offered to her that she could refuse, to serve as the Executive Officer of the Galaxy.

USS Galaxy

Sierra was very proud when she was offered this assignment. She saw it as one great leap towards her goal of being a Starfleet Captain. However she wasn’t prepared for Captain Leland Michaels. He was the curve ball that she hadn’t expected or prepared for the experience that he was going to give her. He changed her entire mental attitude to being an Officer, being a person. She developed friendships with many of the Senior staff, especially the Trill Tactical Officer.It came as a complete shock to Sierra when Michaels announced his retirement from Starfleet. She considered him a mentor and a Father figure and found losing him quite difficult because through his teachings she realised how little she knew about herself. She also suprised herself by not expecting to be given Command of the Galaxy. When Task Force 38’s Executive Officer, Commodore Logan Atticus took Command of the Galaxy, she was a little perturbed, but after several long months in the Delta Quadrant, she came to respect the Commodore.She was made Acting Captain of the Galaxy, when the Commodore was ordered to take command of Task Force 38. Prior to the battle of Starbase 900, and the destruction of the gateway, the Galaxy was on the Alpha Quadrant side and was unable to come to the Task Force aid before the gateways destruction.She was ordered to return to Earth. The Galaxy was slotted for a major refit and the crew was disbanded.Starfleet Headquarters

Sierra was called to Vice Admiral Logan Atticus’s office, who presented her with information on something called the Longjump Project. The project required volunteers and Sierra’s name had been put forward for the Executive Officer’s position to keep an steady eye on the untried and untested Commanding Officer of the Project. She accepted.Several months later, just prior to the, aptly named, USS Traveller, Sierra went into cryo sleep.

Service Record

Start End Rank Role Assignment
Cadet Freshman Grade
CadetStarfleet Academy - Year One
Cadet Sophomore Grade
CadetStarfleet Academy - Year Two
Cadet Junior Grade
CadetStarfleet Academy - Year Three
Cadet Senior Grade
CadetStarfleet Academy - Year Four
Project OfficerStarfleet Strategic Operations - Advanced Starship Design
Lieutenant Junior Grade
Project OfficerStarfleet Strategic Operations - Advanced Starship Design
Second Officer & Chief Security/Tactical OfficerUSS Venture
Lieutenant Commander
Executive OfficerUSS Galaxy
Lieutenant Commander
Executive OfficerUSS Traveller