Master Warrant Officer Eric Lo

Eric Lo is an adept engineer with qualifications in a number of fields, currently, he serves as a systems control and field engineering specialist aboard USS Excalibur. Having enlisted at the age of 18, he began his Starfleet career as only a recruit and advanced through the ranks. Across multiple postings, he has earned the respect of his peers and his commanders, and developed a personal reputation for quality, disciplined work.


Born to a family with a long tradition of service to Starfleet, Eric and his siblings split their childhoods between Hong Kong and San Fransisco, and consider both cities to be home. All the Lo children were educated in the martial arts from an early age, and Eric continued, even after his siblings moved on to other interests. He was raised with a strong sense of the values of the Federation and is proud to be a Federation citizen, growing up he always thought he would join Starfleet someday. He attended San Fransisco Science Academy during his teenage years and enlisted in Starfleet upon graduating.

As a lifelong practitioner of the martial arts, and a veteran of the Dominion War, Eric Lo can appear to be something more of a military man than most Starfleet personnel, but, he will be the first to assert that peace and life are priceless and shouldn’t ever be “thrown away.” At his post he is a model of professionalism and skill, knowledgeable in the intricate workings of a modern starship and adept at maintaining them, he carries out his duties with precision and efficiency, projecting an image of discipline and control. He maintains the condition of his body with the same dedication he shows his duties, keeping to a daily training regimen and pursuing his mastery of the martial arts with admirable dedication. On his own time, a different aspect of his personality can be seen, at these times he is a thrill seeker, a consummate athlete, and the life of the party. Because life is precious to him, he wants to make sure to get the most he can out of it. Though he occasionally wonders if he should alter his course to seek more fulfillment, these doubts pertain only to the details of his life, to minor changes in course. At the end of the day he believes strongly in the value of living a meaningful life in service to higher ideals.

Service Record

Start End Rank Role Assignment
Engineering CrewmanUSS Vicksburg
Warrant Officer
Warrant Officer in trainingStarfleet Academy
Staff Warrant Officer
Engineering OfficerUSS Imperious
Master Warrant Officer
Engineerign OfficerUSS Excalibur