Ensign Chris Wilkins

Chris was accepted after his second attempt to Starfleet Academy in 2389. Following his enrollment into the Starfleet Security program; Chris excelled in Tactical Analysis, Survival Strategies and received high marks in Basic Hand-to-Hand Combat. His insomnia however caused several problems with his studies, but with help from the Doctors he has managed to get control of it for the most part. Upon graduating Chris is waiting for his first assignment.


Chris was born on Earth in 2370 to Andrew and Kira Wilkins; sadly Chris lost his father shortly after his first birthday, resulting in his mother raising him by herself. At the age of five; Chris and his mother were involved in an fire at their home; resulting in Chris spending several months in a hospital and suffering severe burns on his back and a slight case of insomnia. He had always found Starfleet to be interesting and by the time he turned at eighteen this interest had peaked. With his mother’s blessing, Chris enrolled into Starfleet Academy, but failed the entrance exam.  He spent the next year basically living in a library and working with a tutor, at the time of the next exam he entered the exam hall with confident smile.  Chris passed the exam and entered the Starfleet Security program.

Service Record

Start End Rank Role Assignment
Cadet Freshman Grade
CadetEnrolled into Starfleet Academy
Cadet Senior Grade
CadetGraduated from Starfleet Academy, awaiting first assignment.