Commander Jexen Hurran

Ultimately, Jex believes in fighting for things greater than oneself. While he is not a religious man by any meaning of the word, he does believe in certain moral codes. Such as the greater good, retaining value in words and their meaning, etc. He does his utmost best to be true to his word, and holds others to the same standard though he’s all too aware of the fickle nature of humanoids and changing of heart. This however has not diminished his tolerance and understanding, which have often been deemed too great. His passion and standing of ground is shown in his deeds, rather than words. Such as returning to the Fleet at times of need to participate in the Federation-Cardassian border wars and later the Dominion War.


Jexen was born on Aldebaran III in its Capital, New Aberdeen in 2308. His parents had been among the survivors of the SS Lakul, which exploded in 2293 when it came into contact with the Nexus energy ribbon. The Hurrans were among the 47 that were rescued from the Lakul by the USS Enterprise B. After the initial few years on Earth, for debriefings and resettlement, the pair of El-Aurians settled on the burgeoning colony of Aldebaran III.

For the first few years, they took it easy, trying to incorporate themselves into the young, fast aging society, while at the same time trying to recover from the horrors at the hands of the Borg and having to flee from their homeworld lest they too be assimilated. After nearly 15 years, which in El-Aurian view is but a drop in the ocean, the pair was settled enough to produce a child. So in 2308, Jexen was born.

He was put in a school with normal aging children initially, to help him integrate better. The kids took his lack of aging better than the parents did, so Jexen had his first share of dislike, distrust and exclusion at a very young age. Still, with the help of his parents and several teachers and parents of fellow students, mostly those of other long living races, young Hurran learned patience and tolerance.

As he grew, Jexen sought to understand and learn, to see different view points and to understand his own. So at the age of 16, after finishing primary schooling, he applied to the University of New Aberdeen.

He would spend nearly twelve years there, taking up a new subject to study after he finished one. Jexen didn’t care, he had time and was doing what he loved best, learning, exploring. He would study psychology in all its aspects, sociology, anthropology, archaeology and most of all, history. He learned of the first recorded mentions of the Borg within the Federation and other races, his blood freezing each time, as he also remembered the stories told to him by his parents. To combat the anxiety it brought up, he would participate in various archaeological studies and digs, just to keep his mind off it.

His mother, having had enough of the domicile life, joined Starfleet around 2338. It was around this time that he had first inklings of possibly joining up himself. However, now a man with several PhDs, his knowledge and expertise would be sought after by Federation Security. Jexen readily accepted the challenge, first working as a consultation specialist, whilst teaching at New Aberdeen Uni, before fully immersing himself in the role of a profiler and analyst with Federation Security. It was during this tenure that he became interested in physical fitness and kept up with it ever since.

Several years later as the first inklings of a possible war with the Cardassians appeared on the horizon, Jexen felt a need deep within himself to do more. He may have been El-Aurian from a long lost homeworld, he may have been a child of Borg refugees, but his home was the Federation. So in 2343, he sat the entrance exam for Starfleet Academy.

Whilst it was expected of him to enter the science track with all his knowledge, Jexen felt he needed to do something different, something to keep with the spirit of his reason for joining in the first place. He wanted to protect. So, he joined the Security/Tactical track, with a focus on tactics, investigations and ship and ground combat.

Hurran graduated Starfleet Academy mere months before the inital attack began. Setlik III changed the hearts and minds of many, making those involved in the skirmishes/wars along the border wake up and become aware that all was not as safe and happy and carefree as they were brought up to believe. The USS Solzhenytzin, a Merced class vessel saw a lot of combat, having been designed to contend with the romulans initially.

While his duty was to protect the Federation and its people, as well as its interests (which Jex started to find himself disagreeing with at times), the fighting, the deaths and the physical and mental aftermath left its scars on the young El-Aurian. What bothered him most was that he didn’t really hate nor dislike Cardassians. He’d learned much about them, as well as many other species, and found them to be dangerous, yes, but out of necessity…at least initially, from the books.

The wars brought out a new side to the Federation’s enemies, especially ones lasting as long as these did. It wasn’t until 2367 and the Federation-Cardassian armistice that it truly ended, that the veterans and survivors would get their reprieve.

It was then that Jexen grew interested in command and diplomacy, seeing how Admiral Alynna Nechayev expertly negotiated the treaty. However, being diagnosed with mild PTSD, Jexen decided to take a sabbatical from the fleet. He needed to recouperate, and find himself again.

It wasn’t just the war however that left its trauma. In 2362, the USS Tombaugh had been assimilated by the Borg, the age old enemy of the El-Aurians. The true fate of the ship wouldn’t be known until USS Voyager (lost in the delta quadrant) returned. Originally the ship was considered missing in action and had a devastating effect on Jexen’s father Kamar who uprooted from the home on Aldebaran and ‘went to find his mother’. He’d left a note to Jexen and hadn’t been heard from since.

So he took up his old hobby again, as a socio-archaeological researcher and travelled the worlds affected by the war, and those thought uninhabited, seeking to help with post-war efforts, to understand, to discover. He would spend the next six years wondering the Alpha and Beta Quadrants, negotiating treaties and peace between warring tribes of lesser known worlds, uncovering lost relics whilst trying to understand and come to terms with his own darkness and scarring left by the war. He had come to post Occupation Bajor at one point in late 2370 and studied its effects on land and people.

He had heard of the emergence of the Dominion in late 2372, and realized he was starting to feel the same pull as he had before the ‘Border Wars’. Something was coming for his beloved Federation, something far more sinister than the Cardassians. Though he had a feeling the Cardassians would play a significant role again, though he never could quite decide`

So, on January 2nd, 2373, Jexen contacted Starfleet Operations, the Personnel division and asked to be reinstated. His assignment came in the form of the Galaxy class USS Trident, under Captain Katherine Deluca. A Chief of Security and Tactical spot was open and considering the atmosphere, the Captain readily accepted a battle hardened officer, even if said officer had had six years of downtime.

Needless to say Jexen wasn’t happy to learn that the choice criteria had been his combat record thus far. His goal had however been fulfilled so he threw himself into duty. The war started several months later and Jex found himself surprised at how easy it came to him to be back on the saddle, how easy it had been for him to think tactically, defensively, to wage war again.

He didn’t expect the Battle of Tyra to go that poorly however. Analyses did not predict in any way such a catastrophic loss of ship and life. He had been caught on the Engineering level when the ship suffered nearly catastrophic damage. At that moment a friendship spanning decades would be born. Amid the chaos, there was a young Petty Officer 2nd Class, a damage control specialist named Makayla Perin taking charge of the surviving personnel and leading containment and control effords.

Given that he was cut off from the Bridge and his post, Jexen made the decision to assist the young trill PO2 in her efforts. Whilst his Engineering knowledge was on a rather basic level that he took back at the Academy and what little hands-on experience he had from the years, he managed to find his place amid the chaotic array of frightened youngsters and together they had managed to keep the ship holding together by the seams. Long enough for the Trident and surviving ships to limp away from battle.

In the next year, Jexen and Makayla would get to know each other better. The El-Aurian saw great potential in the young Trill but she, along with him and many others would take a long time to recover from the horrific battle. Kayla would fold in on herself the more people forced her to talk. So Jexen, after making the initial overture, let Perin come to him. Though they mostly talked during the times the job would put them together, often by Jexen’s own designs. Whenever Jexen needed an engineer for a task, he would request Makayla, whether it be a simple repair or a war related task.

To his great dismay, he had also made the recommendation to Captain Deluca to have Makayla be on the team to go down to the barren planet designated AR558 once the Trident managed to break through the Dominion lines in the Chin’toka and try to repair and reprogram the Dominon Communications relay on the planet, incidentally also the largest communications array in the sector. Jexen was on the original team to set down the Engineers on the planet. He was recalled to the ship several hours later, when the Trident was alerted to oncoming Dominion forces. Herein comes the source of his dismay.

The team on the planet would not be seen until roughly five months later, and only with the help of the USS Defiant crew and several others. The Trident wasn’t without its scars however, they weren’t nearly as life changing as the planetary team ones had been. Jexen felt almost unbearably guilty for the part he played in stranding Kayla on the planet. Though with the near constant push and pull with the Dominion forces, he had little time to think about anything else but keeping the ship and crew in one piece. The one person that was in a worse state than him was Johanna Lin, Makayla’s girlfriend who grew ever more resentful of the friendship the El-Aurian and the Trill had shared.

After the team was retrieved from AR558, and the crew mostly reunited at Starbase 374 for recovery and repairs before they went out to battle again. Hurran would come out of those five months a man changed, but then again, such was the case for everyone else as well.

Jexen was promoted to second officer at this time. He would not however be continuing on the Trident afterwards. The USS Hendriary had been hit pretty badly in the Bolian front and needed officers. He would be assigned as Chief of Security and Second Officer on the Korolev class.

He would undergo advanced tactical training and command training on the Hendriary in the final months of the war, eventually rising to the rank of Lieutenant Commander. The Hendriary, under a Trill Captain, one Severin Lhinn would go on and be involved in post war relief efforts for the next few years. The Trill would groom the El-Aurian to rise through the ranks further, but with not much success. In 2380, Jexen was diagnosed with another case of PTSD, this time a not so minor one.

So after a mandatory Medical LOA to facilitate recovery. Jexen resigns from the Fleet at the rank of Commander and returns home to Aldebaran III. Nightmares of the war continue to plague him. Though despite that he tries to live a normal, civilian life, having resumed his teaching career at the University if New Aberdeen and tries to keep in touch with his Starfleet friends, though peace of mind and soul keeps eluding him.

He receives a letter from his missing father in 2383 saying he was somewhere within the Gamma Quadrant, on a ‘spiritual journey of discovery’, but that he was still looking for the missing Tombaugh. Having learned the truth if the Tombaugh years ago, Jex doesn’t have the heart to tell his father the truth of what happened to his wife. She, along with the rest of the surviving crew, had been assimilated by the Borg.

In the next few months he begins to take consultation cases again, privately this time, working as an unofficial private investigator, many of the older population remembering the bright young man of their youth who loved to research and study before he went off to Starfleet. Within a year or so, he loses touch with most of his old Starfleet friends

It doesn’t mean however that he’s out of touch with the news and happenings in the Federation, however he continues to keep his distance. Until 2388, until he hears about the Ruhoka Incident and hears Makayla Perin and Captain in the same sentence as USS Venture. Whilst incredibly glad for his young friend, the situation seems quite dire. Dire enough for Hurran to break his silence and contact Starfleet again, asking if they needed his services again. Whilst he didn’t have the same dreadful feeling as before, it was part guilt of what he had done in the War and part guilt for leaving everything and everyone to find himself again and recover. So in a way it is Makayla’s success that motivates him to return to the Fleet again, combined with the disturbing patterns of the Romulans in the Raeyan Transit Corridor.

So after another meeting with Personnel, and a series of Medical and Psychological examinations Jexen is reinstated to the Fleet with the rank of Commander. Initially placed at Starfleet Security HQ, he is soon reassigned to the USS Venture as Executive Officer, replacing the current romulan officer, Khalana t’Lehu. Perhaps third time would be the charm.