Chief Petty Officer Henry ‘Slasher” McQueen

McQueen is a hardworking professional, enjoying his work, career and being in Starfleet. On duty he is steady, reliable and a complete professional. He is a skilled medic, graded at Surgeon’s Assistant level, he is authorized to prescribe medications and perform minor surgical operations. He has specialized in trauma and emergency procedures and served several years as a Starfleet Marine Corp’s corpsman. It was during this tour that he acquired his unusual nickname Slasher. He also has interest in holistic and naturalistic medicine treatments. Off duty he is relaxed and easy going, with a taste for single malt scotch.


Born in 2348 at Barnard’s Star Colony, Henry McQueen is the eldest of three children. His father, Martin, was a Shuttlecraft Technician at the colony star port; his mother, Jennifer, a civilian Nurse. Both parents had Starfleet careers, in Engineering and Medical and met on board ship. But after two years after marrying, and with Henry on the way, they had decided to retire and raise their family in a stable environment.

McQueen had a happy and uneventful childhood in a bustling and cosmopolitan colony. But always fascinated by their parents tales of their Starfleet service, Henry and his two younger sisters, Sarah and Louise, all decided to follow their parents chosen careers. Henry and Sarah choosing medicine and Louise choosing engineering. Henry enjoyed helping his father fix things around the house but quickly realized he preferred reading his mother’s old text books on anatomy to tinkering with the heat exchanger. He did enjoying flying though and under his father’s guidance became adept at piloting small craft.

McQueen first began studying medicine seriously at the age of sixteen, taking additional classes while at still at school. His parents hoped he would continue his education and go on to become a doctor, but the young Henry was anxious to get out and explore the galaxy. The thought of another eight years hard studying was too much and he opted to join Starfleet as soon as he was old enough.

After an anxious few weeks waiting for his Starfleet entrance exam results and application to be approved McQueen was on his way to Mars and the Starfleet Technical Services Academy. Opting for a medical career after one year of standard basic training he was transferred to the Starfleet Medical Academy School of Nursing to begin his nursing studies.

McQueen was not overjoyed to be back in a classroom after the excitement of basic training but he worked hard and looked forward to the practical parts of the courses, especially the training cruises on one of the Olympic Class medical ships. His final year was aboard StarDock in Earth’s orbit, for his residency in the large medical facility aboard the station.

With training completed he was assigned to the Nebula Class USS Memphis, a Corps of Engineer’s vessel assigned to emergency response duties. Promotion to Petty Officer III followed shortly and his experience grew as the Memphis responded to disasters ranging from earthquakes to power plant explosions.

In 2373 war broke out with the Dominion and the Federation moved to a combat footing. As the conflict increased and casualties mounted Starfleet Medical requested volunteers from the nursing ranks to retain as combat medics, becoming Marine Corpsmen. McQueen was in the first group to step up. Four months of intensive trauma training was followed by three months of Marine Corps basic training at Fort Collins, learning basic infantry skills and how to survive long enough on a battlefield to treat the wounded.

McQueen was assigned to Delta Company, 3rd Battalion, 14th Regiment; SFMC

At the First Battle of Chin’toka, Delta Company’s position came under heavy bombardment for several days. Several detonations destroyed the Battalion Aid Post, killing a number of medical personnel, leaving McQueen and the others desperately shorted handed and with little in the way of supplies or equipment. It was a few hours later that McQueen earned his macabre nickname.

A JemHadar assault craft appeared over the company’s position but was quickly shot down and crashed a few hundred yards away. However, the vessel’s upper turret was still operational and began delivering a lethal rain of fire. A platoon of Marines stormed the wrecked vessel and a desperate hand to hand battle ensued. About to be overrun, the JemHadar blew the crafts’ power unit, killing themselves and many of the Marines. A cloud of toxic fumes billowed out from the burning ship and engulfed many of the Marines who had survived the blast. Instantly they were coughing and choking as their throats blistered from the hot gas and they stumbled back to the company position. Within minutes the first began to lose consciousness.

McQueen responded to the call for aid and on arrival in the trench found eleven Marines gasping for life. With all his equipment destroyed in the earlier barrage he did not have a laser scalpel or airway intubation devices. Faced with losing all eleven lives, he took a Marine bayonet and cut an intravenous tube line into short lengths. Then using the only sharp thing he had, the bayonet, he performed emergency tracheostomies on the eleven dying Marines. Neatly cutting each throat and inserting a length of the tubing into the airway. It kept the Marines alive long enough to be casi-vaced. Nine of the eleven survived, the other two perishing from mortal wounds they had received in the action.

McQueen received a commendation for his action and with renowned Marine Corps’ dark humor was honored by the rest of the Company with the nick name “Throat Slasher”. The gruesome name stuck, but over time was reduced simply to ”Slasher”.

He remained with the 3rd Battalion Marines for the remainder of the war and was twice wounded in combat, although neither times was serious. In 2375, with the war over, McQueen returned to regular Starfleet duties. He opted to continue his career education and took a post on the Olympic Class USS Nightingale, one of Starfleet Medical’s operational training ships, essentially a starship teaching hospital. Over the next two years he completed his Bachelor of Science in Nursing degree.

A promotion to Petty Officer II and a new ship followed, the Centaur Class USS Mustang. It was here that McQueen met his future wife, Victoria Benton, a Science Petty Officer. The pair dated for nearly a year, then on their first anniversary McQueen proposed and Victoria readily accepted. They were married by the Captain, took extended shore leave to visit both their families and then honeymooned on Risa.

Now a couple, they selected their next transfer together and joined the Intrepid Class USS Clark, on a two year science cruise to the Gamma Quadrant. On their return they parted, both to pursue their career goals; Victoria to Starbase 47 for Stellar Cartography training, while McQueen was back on the Nightingale for a year-long Operating Room Procedures course. The separation was hard but they managed to schedule shore leave together whenever possible.

With their training over they were back together, this time on the Luna Class USS Lowell. At the end of the cruise Victoria was offered a research assistant position at Starfleet Science Academy and McQueen went back to school again, this time to complete his Master of Science in Nursing at Starfleet medical’s School of Nursing, which included several semesters on Counseling and therapy. The couple spent an enjoyable two years on Earth, one of the longest times they had spent planet-side in their careers.

After graduation he was promoted to Chief Petty Officer and graded as a Nursing Practitioner. With Victoria’s research project completed they took up a transfer to Deep Space Six.

A few months after arrival McQueen was offered the medical position aboard the re-activated garrison vessel USS Ajax.

Service Record 2367 – 2367 Trainee: Starfleet Technical Services Academy, Mars
2368 – 2370 Crewman Nurse Training: Starfleet Medical Academy, School of Nursing, Earth
2370 – 2371 Crewman Nurse Training: SpaceDock, Earth
2371 – 2373 Crewman/Petty Officer III: Nurse: USS Memphis
2373 – 2373 Petty Officer III: Corpsman Training – Starfleet Medical Academy, School of Nursing, Earth
2373 – 2373 Petty Officer III: SFMC Basic Training – Fort Collins, Starbase 19
2373 – 2376 Petty Officer III: Corpsman – Delta Company, 3rd Battalion, 14th Regiment; SFMC
2376 – 2378 Petty Officer II: Bachelor of Science in Nursing: USS Nightingale
2378 – 2380 Petty Officer II: Lead Nurse – USS Mustang
2380 – 2382 Petty Officer II: Senior Nurse – USS Clark
2382 – 2383 Operating Room Training: Operating Room Nurse – USS Nightingale
2383 – 2385 Petty Officer I: Surgeons’ Assistant – USS Lowell
2385 – 2387 Master of Science in Nursing – Starfleet Medical Academy, School of Nursing, Earth
2387 – 2388 Chief Petty Officer: Nursing Practitioner – Deep Space 6
2388 – Chief Petty Officer: Nursing Practitioner – USS Ajax



Service Record

Start End Rank Role Assignment
Chief Petty Officer
Medic - Nursing PractitionerUSS Ajax