Lieutenant Commander Clara Watson

Clara is standard officer, nothing to special about her. She stands 5'6 and roughly weighs 120 pounds. She currently holds the rank of Lieutenant Commander and is waiting new assignment from Starfleet Command. She was the last executive officer of the USS Comanche. Clara is a very text book character, but also seeks the approval of her peers, Captain Fuller see's great potential in her, even though she needs to toughen up a bit on her command style. He recommends her for re assignment as Executive Officer of another starship.


Clara is a typical officer serving in Starfleet during the golden years of Starfleet, she had never imagined she would thwarted into a war time situation. She knew of the possibility, but most races accepted the warm embraces of the Federation. She was recently promoted to Executive Officer of the USSĀ  Comanche an aging Daedalus Class science vessel that was starting to be phased out. Captain Max Fuller like his ship was starting to phase out of Starfleet. He had given 42 years of service and was now going to enjoy retirement. Clara had enjoyed his leadership style and learned a lot from him. She had only served under him for 6 months before the Comanche was being phased out and retired. Clara was waiting her next assignment.

Clara started her career on the USS Tominga a Crossfield Class Starship. A ship that Clara hated, the ship was big and not very pleasing on the eyes. She always wanted to serve on the aging walker class starship. But most of the time Starfleet gave older commands to veteran captain’s she had no doubt when she was up for captain she would probably get a Daedalus class or a Crossfield Class ship.

Clara was surprised to learn that she had been selected to become a Starship Commander and of a walker class design. She was advised that she would have to spend the next six months in an accelerated command program, a field training and review performance. She was advised that her ship would be on limited duty til she and her crew proved themselves. (Season 1 story plot). Clara was shocked and graciously accepted Starfleet’s officer, she knew she was not ready, but she was going to make a solid effort to become ready.

Clara was a little concerned about her lack of leadership training and how she would do with an on the job training academy program. She was not the only Captain to go through the academy in this fashion. The Admiral that recruited her, she was only one of several candidates that are going to be given a command before completing command school, Starfleet needed ships out in space as soon as possible, protecting the borders incase the Klingons or other hostile races entered the battle field.

Service Record

Start End Rank Role Assignment
Lieutenant Commander
Commanding OfficerUSS Nautilus
Lieutenant Commander
Executive OfficerUSS Comanche
Lieutenant Commander
Command Academy - Executive Officer's CourseStarfleet Command
Second Officer/Chief Science OfficerUSS Tominga
Chief Science OfficerUSS Tominga
Lieutenant Junior Grade
Assistant Chief Science OfficerUSS Tominga
Lieutenant Junior Grade
Science OfficerUSS Tominga
Science OfficerUSS Tominga