Captain Nisea

A woman of the Syllian race, Nisea has a large cranium made up of strong bone and cartilage with crap like extremities covering the back of her head. She is able to flex these at will and often does so in a demonstration of emotion. She has an absence of hair on her body and does not sweat, her body acclimatized to warmer temperatures such as on her homeworld. She wears a pink or red lipstick to accentuate her lips or it looks like she doesn’t have any. Her piercing black eyes have been known to add to her intimidating presence despite her limited stature. Personality: Nisea is a deeply spiritual woman and despite her Starfleet training and career, she has never been able to see her gods as anything other than the guardians of her people. Passionate, almost to a fault.




A warm, hospitable planet with glorious blue oceans and many sand dunes, the planet Syl had been home to the Syllian species for over 3000 years. The planets populace lived in scattered technologically advanced settlements and life for most was good. That all changed in the early 2320’s when a Syllian transport made contact with a race called the Cardassians. Initial first contacts went smoothly, with trade treaties quickly established, but by the end of the decade the planet had been occupied and her people subjugated. Thousands fled the planet whenever possible to seek new lives elsewhere, far away from the rule of their Cardassian oppressors. It wasn’t long before stories began to reach the planet of a planet suffering a similar fate to that of Syl. Known as Bajor, the planet had been occupied for roughly a decade before Syl itself had been conquered, but the Syllian people took heart from the resistance that the Bajorans put up against their foes. Similar uprisings occurred around Syl for years to come.

In early 2341, two Syllian adults clambered off a transport at Starbase 565 carrying their two children and a lot of hopes and dreams for a brighter future for their family. Having escaped the Cardassian occupation of their homeworld aboard a Mizarite freighter (having given up their life savings to broker safe passage), Dilar and his wife, Celes, officially requested asylum within the Federation once aboard the station. Whilst their case was heard over the coming months the couple began to set up a stable life for their infants. Asylum was eventually granted to the Syllian family in early 2342 and the they were free to make a home for themselves without any fear of persecution or violence. Dilar found a job working in a bar on the station whilst Celes began work with the stations janitorial crew. Neither job was particularly glamorous, but they were free and happy. Their children, Nisea and Leran began their education in the day care facility on the station and in the coming years would go to the Federation school. The relative peace and harmony on the Federation station was a massive difference to life on the homeworld, the Federation proving to be a very tolerant society.

By 2350, the family had earned enough to move from the Starbase to the planet Sirius III. After months of travel, during which the children would take an interest in operations on the freighter, the family arrived at their new, permanent home. At the age of 10, the two children had been learning different ships operations and whilst Leran took a keen interest in the engineering side of things, Nisea was clearly more interested in the ships weapons (albeit it severely limited). Over the next eight years, any chance they got, the children would develop their interests further until they both applied to join Starfleet Academy. Without sponsors, the family were under no illusions that the children stood little chance of seeing their applications succeed but were pleasantly surprised when they were both granted entry on the back of their status as refugees and the first of their species to apply. Once again, the Federation ideals of peace and equal opportunities for all had helped the Syllian family. Leran joined Starfleet as an Engineering major whilst Nisea took on the tactical and security majors.

During her stint at Starfleet Academy, Nisea was introduced to a number of martial arts and the sport of Anbo Jitsu, a sport she quickly excelled at. Whilst her academic studies were not achieving the grades of her sister, her field work was excellent and she showed great aptitude when it came to commanding units in simulations and training scenarios.

Upon the completion of the Academy in 2368, the siblings were the first Syllians to enter Starfleet and it was the first time the two would be split up for any great length of time. Whilst her sister was assigned to the Utopia Planitia fleetyards, Nisea was ordered to meet up with the USS Nebula. The ship had been in service for only a few years and had been the first of the Nebula class. She was a fine vessel and spent much of Nisea’s tour patrolling the Cardassian border and Demilitarized zone. Being close to home pulled on Nisea’s heart strings a little and she began to research the stories of her people and their homeworld, something her family had tried to shield her from. It was quite clear that the Cardassian’s were making her people suffer and for that, she would never forgive them. In one skirmish with a Cardassian crew in 2368, Nisea finally came face to face with her first Cardassian. The meeting did not go well and resulted in Nisea being hauled before her commanding officer on charges of assault. Fortunately, Captain Wilcox was a sensitive man and understood the past of the Syllian and her people. Nisea was given a verbal warning about conduct but would not have anything added to her official record.

Nisea would next come face to face with a Cardassian in 2369. Just days after the Cardassian Union officially ended their occupation of the Bajoran homeworld, the USS Nebula would support the Starship Enterprise in relief efforts following the discovery of the Bajoran wormhole. A lifelong believer in her own gods but with nowhere to go and worship herself, she accepted the offer of some Bajoran friends and took the opportunity to visit the shrine to the prophets on Deep Space Nine. There, she found peace for the first time in years and felt closer to her homeworld than she had ever felt before.

The Nebula would continue to serve in and around the Bajoran sector for the next few years. Nisea next had time to visit the temple in 2371 when the Nebula visited the station following the destruction of the USS Odyssey in the Gamma Quadrant.

Lieutenant Nisea transferred to the Galaxy class USS Venture in early 2372, a significant upgrade to the USS Nebula in both status and position as she assumed the Chief Tactical Officer position on the ship’s crew under the command of Admiral Hastur. Shortly after, the Venture would be part of the Task Force dispatched to Deep Space Nine to protect it against the forces of General Martok during the Archanis Campaign. The ship would go on to fight several skirmishes during the brief conflict with the Klingons.

At the outbreak of war with the Dominion in 2373, the Venture would be assigned to patrol the Cardassian/Dominion border and with her battle group until she was summoned to take part in the Battle of Torros III. The ship would play a valuable role in the destruction of the Dominion shipyards in the system. Nisea relished every opportunity to battle the enemies of her people.

Several months later the Venture was summoned to participate in the Battle of Tyra and stop the Dominion forces and their advance into Federation space. The battle is a resounding defeat for the allies and Venture takes many casualties but is one of only fourteen vessels lucky enough to survive the battle and return to safety. The ship would remain at Starbase 565 for several weeks as she underwent repairs. Venture only left the Starbase late in the year when she was ordered to meet up with Federation forces at Starbase 375 to participate in Operation Return; Starfleet were going to retake Deep Space Nine and go on the offensive.

As part of the Galaxy wings that took part in the battle, the Venture was responsible for the destruction of nearly twelve enemy vessels before the arrival of the Klingons which resulted in a breach of the Dominion lines. Just minutes after the Defiant punched her way through and entered the Wormhole, Venture and several other vessels punched through too and made for DS9. Venture engaged retreating Cardassian vessels before Operation Return was branded a victory.

Following repairs at DS9, the Venture was assigned to the fleet that took part in the Battle to take control of the Chin’toka system along with their Klingon and Romulan allies. Venture was crucial in destroying the asteroid that housed the control systems for the Orbital Weapons Platforms, defending the Defiant whilst she carried out her mission to imprint a Federation signal on the asteroid. In the aftermath of the battle, Nisea found herself having a crisis of confidence and her faith shaken. In a tragic turn of events for many of her Bajoran friends, the sudden disappearance of the Wormhole and the apparent abandonment of the Bajoran people by their Prophets caused Nisea to question her own beliefs – if a species as spiritual as the Bajorans could be abandoned, what hope did the Syllians have?

Her faith was temporarily restored when the Wormhole reopened at the start of 2375 and the Bajoran Emissary returned to DS9. For the Bajorans she knew, the event sparked great celebration. For the Syllian, it allowed her to seek forgiveness for her lack of faith in the trying times that had befallen her. Two years of conflict were taking their toll on the Syllian and she found herself talking to a counsellor more frequently about her dark thoughts and the fact she was losing faith in her gods. Why wouldn’t they do more to end such a bloody conflict? Where were they when her people needed them?

Due to engine difficulties, Venture was late to the party for the second battle of Chin’toka and that turned out to be a saving grace for the ship following the Dominion’s alliance with the Breen and their use of an energy dampening weapon decimated the Federation fleet. The ship was one of several that arrived outside the system and rescued many escape pods containing frightened souls. Did the Prophets have a part to play in the Venture’s engine difficulties? Many of the Bajorans she worked with believed so, and so did Nisea. But where were her gods?

Once a countermeasure for the Breen weapon had been devised, Starfleet began plotting the invasion of Cardassia, a final push to bring the conflict to an end. All vessels that were available assembled at DS9 and travelled to Cardassia in force. Now serving as Venture’s second officer as well as her tactical chief, Nisea prayed for a successful end to the war.

The ensuing battle was long and bloody and only turned in the Federation’s favour when, surprisingly, the Cardassians swapped sides and joined the allies. Eventually, victory was declared and at last, after nearly three long years, the war was over.

Following the conclusion of the war, Nisea found herself promoted to the rank of Lieutenant Commander and was transferred to the USS Fitzgerald, an Intrepid class vessel, to serve as her Tactical Chief and second officer. The Fitzgerald was one of the first vessels to render aide to a number of desolate Cardassian worlds. Only then did the Commander get the news she had been waiting for so long for – with the conclusion of the war, the Cardassians had finally withdrawn from Syl, bringing the brutal occupation of her planet to a bitter end. The Fitsgerald and several other vessels visited the planet and Nisea finally set foot on her decimated homeworld once again. The planet was in ruins, but the spirit of her people had never been crushed, even in the dark times when no one could have blamed them. Nisea worked with the crew of the Fitzgerald to lead the relief and rebuilding efforts on Syl until 2378. Early that year, the Fitzgerald was close to Earth when reports were received of a Borg Transwarp aperture opening near the planet. The ship intercepted and helped destroy a Borg Sphere that exited, only for the crew to be shocked at the emergence of the USS Voyager. Fitzgerald guided her sister ship back to Earth and whilst there, Nisea once again transferred, this time to take on a new challenge.

Aboard the Potemkin, Nisea would test her command abilities as Executive Officer, serving aboard the ship as she travelled to the Raeyan Sector to participate in the defence of the region against an aggressive enemy known as the C’hakilian Empire. Once again, Nisea found herself at war. The Akira class vessel was involved in both the First and Second Battles of the Raeyan Sector as well as the Battle of Starbase 611 after the C’hakilian Armistice was signed. The Potemkin was also part of Battle Group Omega in 2379 that was to assist the Enterprise at the Bassen Rift. It seemed that wherever she went, conflict was sure to find her.

A short stint back at Starfleet Command in 2380 saw the Commander conclude her command training and return to the Potemkin as a fully qualified Executive Officer where Nisea continued in service until 2384. Her service was rewarded in 2384 when he was offered command of the Akira class starship USS Kearsarge.

Captain Nisea commanded the Kearsarge for almost five years, during which time the Kearsarge was on hand to render aide following the destruction of the Hobus system. Following their assignment to the Romulan border, the Kearsarge travelled to the Gamma Quadrant where she became embroiled in the Consortium plot to destabilize the quadrant. She battled three consortium vessels at the Battle of Kendi before travelling to the Teplan system and it was there, during an away mission, that the Kearsarge became embroiled further. The Captain, her Ops chief and two security personnel visited Teplan II when the ship was commandeered by consortium forces led by her executive officer. The Kearsarge escaped, leaving Nisea and her away team stranded on the planet’s surface. The natives on the planet assisted the Captain, returning her to Starbase Unity where the Syllian faced the indignity of having to report her ship being lost to the Consortium and having been a victim of mutiny.

Shortly before the Wormhole was sealed, Nisea travelled back to the Alpha Quadrant where she faced the wrath of Starfleet Command. Several of her command judgements aboard the Kearsarge were questioned and while she was ultimately absolved of any blame for the ships loss, some in Command still held her partly to blame. As a result, her new command choices were somewhat limited and the Syllian found herself aboard the best of a bad bunch it seemed; transferred to the aging Galaxy-class USS Solaria, the Captain found herself aboard a ship that was in danger of succumbing to technical issues that stemmed as far back as the War itself.

When the Wormhole was eventually reopened and operations began to get back to normal, Starfleet saw fit to assign the Solaria back to the Gamma Quadrant and let the ship lose. With instructions to stay out of trouble and away from any remnants of the Consortium, the Solaria (slowly, due to engine trouble) began a new mission of exploration.

Service Record:

2364-68: Starfleet Academy – Tactical/Security Major (Cadet I to Cadet IV)

2368-72: USS Nebula – Relief and Assistant Tactical Officer (Ensign/Lieutenant JG)

2372-75: USS Venture – Chief Tactical Officer (Lieutenant)

2375-78: USS Fitzgerald – Chief Tactical Officer (Lt. Commander)

2378-84: USS Potemkin – Executive Officer (Commander)

2380: Starfleet Command – Advanced Starfleet Command Training (Commander)

2384-88: USS Kearsarge – Commanding Officer (Captain)

Present: USS Solaria – Commanding Officer (Captain)


The Archanis Campaign Medal

Battle of Torros III

Battle of Tyra

Operation Return

First Battle of Chin’toka

Invasion of Cardassia

First Battle of Raeya

Second Battle of Raeya

Battle of Starbase 611