Lieutenant Nimh Ahressa

The way she acts, moves and speaks, one would brand Ahressa as a typical bajoran. Passionate, stubborn, argumentative with a big heart and desire to protect those dearest to her while fighting the badguy. She will speak her mind, often without preamble and restraint though she’s been seemingly lucky so far that she hadn’t gotten into too much trouble for it. Nimh is despite that a hard worker and a loyal officer if she believes in the cause and the orders. If she does not, she will make attempts to rectify the situation and will stand her ground to the point of being thrown in the brig if needed. As a technical specialist, she has a love for programming and communications, especially decryption and electronic warfare.


Yet another child of the Cardassian Occupation of Bajor, the exact time and date of her birth are unknown, due to the fact she was left at the Tozhat Resettlement Center with only a ragged child’s blanket. She was raised in the Orphanage initially, then taken as one of their own by the Nimh family, Cheyla and Arawn, so she was given their family name and named Ahressa. Her original family and individual name was only later found out.

Whilst the Nimh’s themselves didn’t fight in the resistance, they did what they could for the resistance fighters by providing information to them as well as supplies and shelter when needed. Her parents always said, ‘each must do their bit for freedom of Bajor, regardless of how small.’ That saying shaped who Ahressa was to become. It was the same attitude that was passed down to her younger (half) brother Charon. Ahressa showed a strong technical aptitude from the early years, while Charon was more the physical type.

It was a mix of luck and ingenuity that kept the family under the Cardassian radar as they lived and worked in Ilvia province as farmers. Both siblings knew what they wanted to be once they got rid of the Cardassians. They wanted to serve bajor, to protect it in a more active role. Much to their parents chagrin of course. Still, in 2369 with the signing of the Bajoran-Cardassian Armistice and the withdrawal of Cardassian forces from Bajor, both Ahressa and Charon signed up for the newly formed Bajoran Militia.

Charon joined the security detachments while Ahressa was posted on the newly re-minted Deep Space Nine in orbit of Bajor as part of the station’s operations crew under the tutelege of Chief Petty Officer Miles O’Brien. Ahressa started as a non-comissioned officer who would eventually rise through the ranks and transfer to the officer track. While stationed on DS9, Ahressa studied as hard as she could, both the technological aspects of her job as well as learning about the wider galaxy. She had much more exposure to the Federation and its diversity than Charon who was posted on Bajor and as such much more chance to refine her tastes and goals now that they were no longer opressed by the Cardassians.

She was present on the station for the conflicts with the Klingons as well as with the Dominion and was part of the station crew during the Dominion’s occupation of it, answering to Major Kira and her division head. It took all of her willpower, during the Dominion tenure not to lash out at the Cardassian soldiers and get herself into trouble. Instead she hunkered down and did her job as best she could, mostly for fear that her brother and parents may suffer reprisal. That sense of helplessness was something she never wanted to feel again. This time she couldn’t even pass on messages to any kind of resistance as there was none, not her knowledge at the time at least.

After the Dominion War and the Federation’s victory, Ahressa began to hope that Bajor would join the Federation, as it would offer the people and the planet more than it would take. The Federation for all it’s faults was still a better alternative than Bajor braving it alone. So, in 2382, when Bajor did join the Federation and Militia Officers were offered a choice of being absorbed into Starfleet or retaining their positions, both Ahressa and Charon accepted the absorption.

Ahressa was assigned to Starfleet Operations HQ on Earth for an accelerated course to make up what education she lacked. The young Bajoran, now having sizable experience under her belt, especially under times of great pressure and stress, breezed through the courses, picking up a few new languages along the way as her communications skills branched out.

Ahressa went on to serve on the USS Hendriary in 2384 after a year in training and a year at Starfleet Operations as Assistant Chief of Operations. A life among non Bajorans was rather odd for her, as she was the only member of her species on the ship. Part of her enjoyed the diversity however, as she experimented with her preferences in partners during this time, getting herself into trouble with certain individuals as a result of her temperament.

It did not however stop her from being promoted to the position of Chief of Operations on the Hendriary in 2386, where she would continue to serve until 2388 when she received a transfer to the newly commissioned USS Hawaii, bound for the invaded Gorn territories. It was felt that someone with her experience was needed on the ship to help the younger, less experienced crewmembers deal with possible stresses of operating in former Federation territories now under occupation.

(authorization: Commander Neema Khalfani, Internal Affairs)


Ahressa will project and behave exactly the way she wants to be perceived. If she wants you to see a temperamental Bajoran Occupation survivor with a chip on her shoulder against Cardassians, that is what is what you will see (and/or sense). It was her childhood spent peddling information to the Resistance that has enabled her to achieve her goals while under the watchful gaze of others.

Despite this, it is still mostly her actual personality, rather than an assumed identity. Ahressa is a very calculated woman underneath the displayed temper and passion.

Personal History:

Her time at Starfleet Operations HQ was actually a Starfleet Intelligence vetting period. Given her file and experience, SFI was looking for an individual with such skills, which she readily accepted when offered, realizing she felt most comfortable in the role of an information peddler for a good cause. So, during the two year period, Ahressa did Intelligence Cross training as well as additional Starfleet training required for service.

In 2384 she was assigned to the Internal Affairs Section of Starfleet Intelligence, often working in concert with the then Lieutenant Commander Neema Khalfani. It was Khalfani who assigned her to assist in the operation classified as Red Dawn in 2385. It was multi-section investigation into a mole in the Romulan Section of SFI. It was Ahressa and a fellow agent from the Counterintelligence Section, Dania Storm who discovered that there was not one but two moles in operations, one in the Romulan Section, one in the Cardassian Section.

The two individuals had been friends and unaware of the other’s shifty allegiances. Storm, injured in the altercation with the C-Sec mole left Nimh alone to deal with the findings. Further details classified Federation Security Council.

Following the end of the Operation in 2388 and the fall of several officers tied to the scheme, Ahressa was reassigned to the Gorn Crisis, post the July 2nd invasion of the Gorn forces on the Cestus and Canterra sectors as well as the Xavier Fleet Yards. Ahressa was one of the interviewers of a ‘witness’ of the event, Lieutenant Leticia Sanchez.

Nimh believed Sanchez’s account of the Klingon ship sightings, but powers that be had overruled it and the report was subsequently buried, unknown to both Nimh and Sanchez.

Before Nimh could pursue it further, she was reassigned to help investigate rumours of a new mole in the Counterintelligence/Romulan sections, following the nearly disastrous Ruhoka Incident in late July, early August and the discovery of Tal’Shiar involvement in the Raeyan Transit Corridor. The first thing on Ahressa’s mind will have been that the person arrested in 2387 will not have been the real mole, however the Romulan Section ended up being cleared, the investigation shifted to Counterintelligence. The mole believed to lie within CI-Sec has yet to be uncovered.

Ahressa would help vet the Delphi Unit’s members in the subsequent months, one Leticia Sanchez among them before being assigned to an undercover operation on the newly comissioned USS Hawaii under Akio Tachibana.

Nimh would enter as the Chief of Operations with the task of vetting the crew members and monitoring the situation, due to the instability in the Gorn region (Hawaii’s area of operation), and due to known issues within Starfleet, especially after the lax reaction to the Klingon Civil War, the problem of the mission Captains and crews. Other known issues still include the unresolved mole situation within Counter Intelligence and the apparent ‘lack’ of information that Starfleet and Federation Council seem to be voicing.

Careful not to stand out too much and careful to avoid suffering the same fate of the USS Venture’s undercover agent, Linshara Thannis, Nimh Ahressa has a daunting challenge ahead of her as the Hawaii’s Chief of Operations.