Ensign Aeron Hughes

Aeron has been studying at starfleet academy, Hes wanted to be a helm officer since he was brought up by his grand father who owned a freighter. His Father was the chief armoury officer, on an intrepid class ship! His grand father raised him on his freighter called the Apollo, Aeron learnt everything from his grandfather, eventually he broached the subject of him leaving the Apollo, to study at starfleet academy to become a starfleet helms man.


Aeron was born in Aberdare south wales; His father and mother were devoted Starfleet personnel. His mother Lillian was a medical officer aboard the NV-21 Mercutio and his father was the chief armoury officer aboard the NX-02 Columbia. Aeron’s grandfather James, was in the process of buying his first freighter the Apollo. His aunties, uncles and cousins were all aboard. It was a family affair, his grandmother Selina raised him and his grandfather, on the odd occasion his parents would turn up for some shore leave.

His parents would spend time with him and his father would tell him stories of the ship he was on that only spurred the young man on to join Starfleet. He had dreams of becoming a helmsman, he’s always been found at the helm station with his uncle Brandon, learning how the console worked. He was obsessed with his dream of being a helms man. When he got to the age of 16 his grandfather put him on a rotation so that he could get some experience using the helm.

For two years he was one of the Apollos helmsmen filling in for his uncle, but something was missing he wanted to travel the stars like his parents. The freighter life wasn’t for him so at the age of 18 he left and enrolled in Starfleet academy, majoring in Helms and Navigation. He was the only cadet that really had any experience prior to the course he had a bit of an upper hand.

After Aeron graduated he was placed on an intrepid class ship, that was to patrol the sol system and protect earth from any incursions from the romulans. Now he has applied for a transfer to the brand new NX-04 Refit class discovery. Where he hopes to learn more and be able aid in the war effort.

Service Record

Start End Rank Role Assignment
HelmApollo Freighter
Cadet Junior Grade
Helmsman CadetStarfleet Academy
HelmsmanNV-18 Challenger
HelmsmanNX-04 Discovery