Lieutenant Junior Grade Deeli Kosu

"Kosu? A Strange kid that is apologizing for everything and yet performs above her own grade sometimes. I tell ya that kid is a walking genius and should be part of Starfleet Corps Engineers. She got talent to become something, yet her social withdraw and not talking is something that needs professional guidance. Because if she doesn't socialize with the people, it might become a hinder for her development in becoming a better Engineer, don't know if she can get better already...." ~ Dean Susan Taylor


Born on Betazed, Deeli came to the world as a bright and wonderful girl. Her full name is Deeli Kosu, Daughter of the Seventh House, Holder of the Sacred Mark of  Betazed. She develops in the course of her teenage years a great interest in technology and loved to experiment. Yet in most cases, it ended in something blowing up and it was mostly frustration for her parents that had to pay for the repairs. In school, however, it was quickly noticed that she was an easy target to be bullied as she did not fight back, come up for her own opinions or thoughts. This made her withdraw more from interaction with other people and even in telepathic she did not let many of her opinions free.

At the age of 18, she was accepted into Starfleet Academy due to her excellent score on various points. Over the years she excels in the classes that were related towards Engineering and teachers saw the potential in her to make a career in Engineering. However her less to zero talking made her a loner of the class and she did not make many friends among the students. Deeli did not really mind as she was more focus on learning all she could in regards to Engineering and the difference in most species technology. While she did graduate from the Academy in 2388 and expected to be assigned towards one of the larger vessels in the fleet, she got quickly disappointed by the assignment paper.

USS Redguard, Defiant class vessel nothing more or even less if even possible would be her new home. Deeli did smirk at the new title she was given, Chief Engineering Officer. It felt the Academy was pulling a joke on her, but what she did not know was that a whole different adventure was awaiting her.

Service Record

Start End Rank Role Assignment
Chief Engineering OfficerUSS Redguard