Lieutenant Cara

Human Scotsman by birth, prodigy specializing in Tactical Theory and Application and Analysis of Stratagems and their Implementation. Ace pilot. Terrible shot, and the exact opposite of a light weight.


Cara Lorelei Stewart

Height: 5’ 8” Weight: 150 Eyes: blue Hair: auburn kept short, just above the shoulder Tattoos: 3 Traditional Scottish Temper Can drink men twice her size under the table


Born August 9 2360 in Forgue Scotland on Earth to Lieutenant James Stewart and Master Chief Petty Officer Teressa Stewart. She both her parents to the Dominion War, her father lost on the USS Odyssey and her mother going down with USS Cortez. She was taken in by her grandparents from her mother’s side, Starfleet retirees themselves. Under their loving care she grew into a fine young woman, and in March of 2378 she entered the Academy herself. Determined to live up to the lives of her late parents and to the opportunity that her grandparents provided her with, she immersed herself in her studies. It was not before long that Cara was noticed for her intelligence and work ethic. Many professors noted that she excelled at nigh upon everything she applied herself to, but she truly distinguished herself in the fields of piloting and both strategic and tactical theory. She was not without flaw though, in nearly all gunnery and weapons test she struggled, with most instructors noting her skill was so poor that “She hardly being able to hit the broadside of Galaxy-Class.” However, with much practice, tips, private instruction, elbow grease, and determination she was able to achieve passing marks. Her drive, perseverance, intellect, and creativity allowed her to achieve 2nd overall in her class, only being kept out of the top stop by her, comparatively mediocre marksmanship and weapons scores. She graduated on July 19 2381.


Due to her position at the top of the class, she was effectively given free choice on what her first assignment was and awarded with the rank of Lieutenant Jr. Grade. She selected to serve as a junior strategic officer on board the USS Lakota. Here she showed a brilliant mind for engineering creative solutions for complex problems. She was not involved in any major combat activities during this time, only really having the chance to deal with small squabbles and minor disputes. However, her time aboard the Lakota was not devoid of issue, as on several occasions she showed what ranged from contempt to downright hatred toward certain lackluster crewmembers. Eventually, with the aid of a counselor these problems were, for the most part, resolved.  It was during this time period however that she received her three tattoos. The first was a full back tat with the Odyssey and the Cortez with an unfurled scroll underneath inscribed with the phrase “Always Remembered.” The second and third were the constellations of Draco, running down her right side, and Hydra, down her left. After a little short of three years of service aboard the Lakota, in June 2384 she was given new orders and transferred to a new ship.


Her new assignment was to the USS Defiant (2375), formerly the USS Sao Paulo, as a deputy tactical officer. Her weapon handling and marksmanship had come a fair way since her time at the Academy, and she could now effectively hold her own. Cara’s relationship with this crew was already proving to be much better than before. It is quite likely that, because of the Defiant’s smaller, more compact crew, almost everyone had to perform two and even three jobs. This left no room for laziness, subpar work, half assed jobs, or underperformance hiding in sea of workers. No, here you were busy on a good day, swamped was par for the course, and overloaded was only slightly out of the ordinary. Cara was immediately immersed within the work and daily life on the ship. During this time she participated in many engagements with pirates, smugglers, slavers, and other scum the bottom of galactic society dredged up. The incessant work and blistering mission pace set by the captain and fleet command meant at most there was one maybe two days of downtime between missions lasting up to a month long. This  schedule would have ran most people ragged, but Cara wasn’t like most other people, she was doing perfectly fine, some would say she even enjoyed it.


Things were going great for Cara, for the crew, the ship: all of them felt confident, unstoppable, unbeatable ……  until they weren’t. It happened at 3:25.95 pm on April 29 2386 in orbit around the large gas giant in the Epsilon Ceti system. An away team was sent out to investigate a distress signal coming from a freighter that, appeared to have been attacked by pirates. But nothing was as it seemed, and Cara, the chief tactical officer, and the rest of the team walked right into the teeth of a well planned ambush. By the time they were able to escape, only one was left uninjured, the tactical officer was dead, another would die later, one was unresponsive, and Cara plus another were injured. The Defiant retreated to lick it’s wounds, tend to its crew, and plan its next move.There would be no rest for the weary here, the bandit were on top of the ship less than two hours later. Still wounded, Cara organized the crew and formulated a plan that might just get them out alive but it was risky. They would mount a running  flexible defense, giving ground when the had to, holding when they could, trying to minimizing the fire they took. Stalling for time, they hoped someone heard their distress call, they hoped someone would come for them, they hoped someone would save them. Luckily, a federation cruiser heard their call and was able to make it just in time to save the beaten, but still intact ship. For her efforts in this battle she was named acting then the official chief tactical officer and promoted to the rank of Lieutenant Sr. Grade. They were all humbled by this, they were mortal, they were fallible, they were one wrong move away from going down with their ship. They were scary before, now they were terrifying. It’s never the loud ones the get you, it’s the quiet ones that will. Ironic that they became invincible only after they figured out they weren’t.

Cara served aboard the Defiant for another two years. That’s when she heard about incursions into federation space, and a special mission looking for the best of the best to take this threat down. Many of the these groups were similar to the one that attacked them two years ago, a chance to get back was a welcome thought. She pulled every string she could, called in every favor she could, and did whatever it took to make it onto that crew.

Service Record

Start End Rank Role Assignment
Lieutenant Junior Grade
Junior Strategic Operations OfficerUSS Lakota
Lieutenant Junior Grade
Deputy Tactical OfficerUSS Defiant (2375)
Chief Tactical OfficerUSS Defiant (2375)