Fleet Captain Bahrat Noth


Adren Bahrat Noth was born on the Nausicaan homeworld, Nausicaa, located in the Alpha Quadrant. His parents were either killed, or abandoned him at a very young age. He spent much of his youth struggling for survival. When he reached the ripped age of fourteen, he took up a life of piracy. He joined a small elitist group of pirates who called themselves the Nausicaa Confederary. During this time he worked among other Nausicaans making up hunting parties of several warp-capable raider starships, which worked out of asteroid bases. He developed a keen interest in the operation of plasma cannons, deflector shields, and hand-held directed energy weapons. On his seventeenth birthday he meet a Tellarite named Dr. Gora bim Gral and his adopted daughter Xanna Zjod, a Nuvian on a the Starbase Earhart. Dr. Gora bim Gral was a renowned medical doctor holding many scientific degrees and PhDs on varying worlds. Dr. Gral took young Adren under his wing, and adopted him as his own, a process that took great patience and time. Dr. Gral always pushed Bahrat (the name he always calls his son) to excel, to fight the good fight and trumpet over his greatest weakness, himself. Adren truly began to shine during his early twenties when Dr. Gral moved his adopted family to the Klingon homeworld, Qo’noS as a part of the Interspecies Medical Exchange. During these years Adren joined the Klingon Defense Force, easily passing the entrance exam. Adren became very skilled with the arts of weaponry, shield defense, intelligence, and hand-to-hand combat (having an expert knowledge in the art of bat’leth combat). During his years of duty with the Klingons he became second and later first officer of several Klingon warships. In Adren’s late-twenties, Dr. Gral accepted a Senior job at Starfleet Medical on Earth. Adren again followed his father, and quickly gained an interest in Starfleet himself. He enrolled at Starfleet Academy at the age of twenty-nine. He took many courses surrounding his interest and background in the military, which lead him to his first starship assignment as a tactical officer on the U.S.S. Pegasus. He rapidly moved through the ranks, having a great experience with his achievements with the Klingons, gaining the rank of Lt. Commander at the age of thirty-Eight.

Service Record:

*9 years with the Klingon Defense Force (serving 3 years as second officer, and 4 years as first officer aboard a Bird of Prey, and later an attack cruiser Vor’cha-class).
*2 years as a security officer (Rank: Ensign) at Starfleet Medical.
*7 years as a Security/Tactical Officer (Rank: Ensign; later promoted to Lt.) aboard the U.S.S. Pegasus [Miranda-class].
*4 years as Chief Security/Tactical Officer (Rant: Lt.; later promoted to Lt. Commander) aboard the U.S.S. Gateway [Galaxy-class].
*1 year as Chief Security/Tactical Officer (Rant: Lt. Commander) aboard the U.S.S. Redemption [Galaxy-class].
*3 years as Intelligence Officer (Rant: Lt. Commander/Administrative) at Starfleet Headquarters, California, Earth.