Lieutenant Commander Elijah O’Finnigan

Elijah is quite the broad man,He stands at six feet and two inches with the mass to match.Being tall he has gangaley arms and legs but he has alot of muscle on his upper body to and legs to make up for it,His hair is a noir black and his eyes a deep icy blue he has a few scars on his chest from an operation he had during his first command. Off duty elijah likes to wear stone wash jeans and black shirts with black steel toe capped boots,He normally wears his hair up when hes off duty very rarely does he he put it up when he hes on duty,Elijah's Uniform is always pressed and neat ready for him to take the captains chair.


Elijah Maxwell O’finnigan is the eldest of his mother and fathers children,His father was a science helper on the NX project with a team of scientists hand picked by Jonathan archers father.During Elijah’s School years he excelled in science mainly physics and chemistry,He took his GCSE exams and attained full A and B grades for all of his examinations.He left School at the age of 16 and entered into higher education at the College of Dublin Studying A Levels In Physics As-well as a BTEC Extended Diploma in engineering.

After Leaving College at the age of 18 he enrolled at the city of Dublin university to study a physics and engineering degree.He Finished university and applied to starfleet as a warp core Technician.He was apart of his fathers team and was responsible for helping to build the warp naucels and its pylons aswell.In 2142 his father was given command off NV-02 Meridian a brand new intrepid class ship.Elijah applied to become apart of his crew as the chief science officer,He served there until 2148 when he was given his own command the NV-04 mercutio where he held the rank of lieutenant commander.During this command his crew came under fire by a klingon vessel and he was injured during the attack and was rushed to sick bay.

After his assighnment to the mercutio he was then made a commander in 2150 and given command of his fathers old ship the meridian after his father had retired from service.He served with the median for five years and was reassigned to the NV-12 Thor just as the earth romulan war broke out and was put in charge of the intelligence task force Alpha who were made as star fleets intelligence and combat task force going behind enemy lines to attack and cripple the romulans commuications and feed infomation about there secret projects back to the admiralty.

Service Record

Start End Rank Role Assignment
Lieutenant Junior Grade
Chief Science OfficerNV-02 Meridian
Lieutenant Commander
Captain of The NV-04 MercutioCaptain
CaptainNV-02 Meridian
CaptainNV-19 Gemini