Captain Alierin Javindhra


Alierin (al-ear-inn) Etriyan Javindhra the third, also known simply as ‘Ali’, was born on the Federation colony-world Arcadia in late winter, 2276. Arcadia, though originally settled by Human colonists, had become a popular haven for El-Aurian refugees fleeing the Borg invasion of their homeworld. Alierin was the first in her in her family to be born offworld, and thus she has no memories of El-Auria.

Raised in a communal setting, where families lived in close proximity to one another and shared possessions, resources, and responsibilities, Alierin grew to see her neighbors as part of her extended family. Such a tight knit community led to her having much in the way of positive influences and support, but also gave her a sheltered galactic view and made her quite naive. Her parents and grandparents, weary of life after what the Borg had done to their people, never really told Alierin about what had happened or about life off-world in general. Virtually everyone in her commune seemed more than content devoting their efforts to farming and peaceful coexistence. Alierin spent the first ninety years of her life caught up in that lifestyle.

As El-Aurians live for centuries, it’s logical to assume that they do some things slowly. They aren’t considered fully developed adults until at least around a hundred years old. And though El-Aurians are as intellectually developed as Humans, Vulcans, and most other sentient species, such a priority is given to education that learning is truly a lifelong process. Alierin was schooled rigorously for nearly seventy years, though, conspicuously enough, she was not taught very much about galactic politics, historical events, and the plight of her own people. Even though she held the informal equivalent of college degrees in subjects such as mathematics, and science, it wasn’t until Alierin reached adolescence that she began to realize just how sheltered she was. She began to ask questions about the galaxy at-large: the Federation, its neighbors, Starfleet, and perhaps most importantly, the Borg. None of the adults around her seemed inclined to discuss such topics at length, however, and Alierin’s insistence gave her the reputation as a rebellious child.

By the time she became a young adult, Alierin was more or less regarded as the ‘black sheep’ of her family. Even though she’d never done anything criminal or hurtful to those around her, her peers saw her questioning nature—especially about topics deemed as taboo—as disrespectful and insolent. Compared to the peaceful, reactionary majority in her community, she stood out as a bellicose and radical element. It wasn’t long after that she felt increasingly unwelcome among her own people, and thus her eventual decision to leave Arcadia and join the Marine Corps was not particularly shocking, so much as it was a source of relief.

Though Alierin only needed some sort of college degree to become a marine officer, she opted for the true challenge of enrolling in Starfleet Academy… after, of course, she’d properly prepared herself first. She attended a military academy on Andoria that taught her about tactics, military traditions, and the discipline she’d need in her future line of work. She did well enough academically, but in terms of adjusting to Andorian social habits and discipline she fit in poorly, and became quite reclusive during her years spent studying there. Though she scored in the honors bracket more often than not, she constantly received demerits for things she saw as trivial… not adhering to dress codes and formalities, and for not displaying a sufficient level of athleticism and team spirit. While she did manage to graduate as planned, she didn’t rate anywhere near the top of her class.

Surprisingly, Alierin’s difficulties at the military academy on Andoria did not impede her efforts to attend Starfleet Academy. Her relative wealth of knowledge—when compared to cadets from shorter-lived species—helped her to pass the entrance exams with ease. As with her studies on Andoria, Alierin saw the four-year program at the academy as unbelievably rushed; it was difficult for her to fathom how the cadets there could be prepared in so few years. Overall she had a somewhat easier time during her years studying there than she did on Andoria, but she encountered many of the same difficulties. Training and coursework were rarely a problem, but her laid-back demeanor, coupled with a lack of competitive spirit made her seem lazy, and nonchalant about her future career. On several occasions she considered giving up on her goal to be a marine officer, but she ultimately stuck with it—the thought of what had happened to her people filled her with a fire that kept her going through tough times.

Alierin knew well before her graduation where her first assignment would be. The Dominion War had been going on throughout most of her time at the academy, and by the time she was formally commissioned, forces were being organized and readied for the invasion of Cardassian space. Alierin knew that she would be a part of that. She was sent directly to the front as a replacement officer for a battle-worn platoon that was not at all thrilled to see someone as green as her giving the orders. Fortunately for Alierin, the war ended almost immediately after she arrived. She never had to fire her weapon at the enemy, or send her unit into combat. Other new officers might have been disappointed to miss out on the action, and a chance for awards and promotions; she was just glad that it was over.

After the war, Alierin’s next assignment kept her in and near Cardassian space for the next few years. Even though the Cardassians had turned against the Dominion at the end, there were several holdout factions that seemed intent on continuing the fight. Some of them continued to wreak havoc in Federation space, and Alierin and her new platoon were one of many marine units tasked with the difficult job of hunting them down. Three years of sporadic but sometimes heavy fighting ensued, as rogue warships were boarded, and underground fortresses were stormed. It was an unpleasant, and generally unsung closing chapter to the war, one that came with a high death toll that would haunt Alierin for years to come.

Though her post-war service was not particularly distinguishing, Alierin was allowed to continue her service with the corps after demobilization started to take effect. She could never explain why she was allowed to stay in, while more seasoned officers were ‘encouraged’ to take an early retirement. In any event Alierin didn’t argue with the opportunity to pursue a long-term career.

Years, then a decade, then a few more years passed as Alierin continued to do what she was trained for. She took opportunities as they came, but rarely sought them out. As a result, her rise through the ranks was slow, enough so to leave a Human in her place bitter and disillusioned. Over the years involvement in various conflicts came and went, but nothing anywhere near the scale of the war she just barely missed.

Service Record

Start End Rank Role Assignment
Second Lieutenant
Platoon LeaderForward Operating Base Huntsman
Second Lieutenant
Platoon LeaderUSS Jerhico
First Lieutenant
Platoon LeaderCamp Ithaca
First Lieutenant
Platoon Leader/Marine Executive OfficerUSS Caliburn