Subcommander Dutir

Dutir is a veteran Romulan officer with 5 years of diplomatic service who has just received his first command, the IRW Aehv. The Aehv's mission is to further diplomatic relations with the Alpha Quadrant.


Name: Dutir

Gender: Male
Species: Romulan
Age: 32

Physical Appearance

Height: 5’9″
Weight: 190 lbs
Hair Color: Brown
Eye Color: Green

Physical Description: Dutir is Romulan male of average height and muscular build.  As with most Romulan males, he kept his dark brown in the short style that his people are known for.  The most striking thing about him are his ears, which come to points that are considered extreme even to Romulans.

General Overview: Dutir is considered to be a highly empathetic individual who has displayed the ability to read a person’s body language and demeanor to get a sense of their intent.  He has become known for being a keen listener, who will take in all information and taking his time to craft his words carefully.  Through careful study he has learned to become fluent in the languages of the major powers of the Alpha and Beta Quadrants.


Strengths & Weaknesses: Dutir possesses a keen intellect and displays a talent for problem solving.  

Ambitions: Dutir dreams of becoming an ambassador or maybe even gain a seat on the Senate.

Hobbies & Interests: Dutir enjoys reading literature from across the known worlds.



Father: Luuhs
Mother: Lir’et

Sisters: N/A

Brothers: Kabur

Wife: En’tu

Son: Kivn

Daughter: A’bylal

Personal History: Dutir was born in 2356 to Unificationist parents Luuhs and Lir’et on the Unificationist started Romulan colony of Locut.  He and his younger brother Kabur would be raised on the family farm where they would learn the Vulcan language and the teachings of Ambassador Spock.  Due to the planets status as Unificationists relations with the Romulan government were strained which meant the colonists needed to find most of their supplies from sources outside of the Star Empire.  Dutir’s family did business with the disguised female Ferengi merchant Yorepp.  Dutir and Yorepp became very close in the ensuing years and it would be from her that he would learn Ferengi.


Years later Dutir would decide to join the Romulan military, despite the Star Empire’s opinion of the Unificationists.  To ensure his admission, he would task Yorepp with discovering any information that he could use his advantage to gain entrance.  Yorepp would present him with the identity of an Admiral’s mistress, with which he would then use to blackmail his way into the Academy.  He would do so well academically at the Academy that he would attract the interest of the Tal’Shiar and be offered a chance to join its nefarious ranks.  Upon his refusal the agency would instead open an investigation with charges of treachery due to his Unificationist upbringing.  Even though he would prove his innocence, this would forever mar his career at the Academy and lead to him barely graduating.

His academic status would result in his first assignment to be as an Inventory Control Officer for the unimportant supply station on the North-East border of the Star Empire.  Fortunately this would prove to be a changing point in his life as he would meet his future wife, En’tu while serving in the station.  En’tu was just passing through the station on her way to aid in research on a newly discovered planet, when the two would share a conversation that would lead to them talking over comms for the next three months.  Upon her return to the station, Dutir would propose to and marry the young researcher.  A year later the young couple would welcome their first child, Kivn to the world. Dutir would serve in his position as Inventory Control Officer for another year before securing himself a transfer to the communications department of the D’deridex Class Warbird Supehk.


His first duty onboard the Supehk is to serve as a Communications Control Aide where he would learn how to operate the large vessels communications systems.  A year would pass with Dutir earned a promotion to General Communications Controller and added a daughter A’bylal to his family.  Twelve months later a failure in the Universal translator during a tense standoff with a Klingon fleet would give him a chance to prove himself when he was the only one fluent in the Klingon language.  He was able to convince the Klingon Captain that not only were the crew of the Supehk not a threat but that destroying them would damage his honor.  This action would earn him the rank of Centurion and the position of Specialist Communications Controller.


In this new position he would advise the ship’s Commander on communication protocols with alien cultures and was required to be present during First Contact situations.  He would excel at this positions and would indeed play a role in contact with three new civilizations.  His performance would impress the Star Empire so much that Ambassador Subel would choose the Supehk as vessel for his talks with the Klingon Empire.  Dutir would work closely with Subel and play a pivotal role in the establishing of a new embassy on Khitomer.  In recognition of his valuable contributions, the Ambassador would appoint him his new Chief of Staff at the new embassy.


For the next three years Dutir oversaw the Ambassador’s schedule as well as work alongside him as he sought to further Romulan-Klingon relations.  During this time Dutir would draw up a proposal for the Romulan Star Empire to form a designated Diplomatic Corps to further expand their presence across the galaxy.  Before he could submit his proposal though, his wife would contract Tuvan Syndrome and Dutir would take leave to take care of his ailing wife.  He would take his family back to his home world of Locut and do everything in his power to make her comfortable over the next year.  In 2388 Admiral Cobos would inform him that Ambassador Subel had presented him with the Diplomatic Corps proposal and that Dutir would be given a chance to prove his concept by captaining the IRW Aehv on a goodwill expedition to the Alpha Quadrant.  To further entice him, the admiral would arrange for En’tu to undergo a experimental treatment for her disorder.  


Following the apparent success of the treatment, Dutir would agree to prove that a more diplomatic approach could be of value to the Star Empire and would begin the Aehv Expedition.  


Service Record:

2374-2378: Romulan Naval Academy

2378-2380: Uhlan and Inventory Control Officer; Hak’un Station

2380-2381: Sub-Lieutenant and Communications Control Aide; IRW Supehk

2381-2382: Lieutenant and General Communications Controller; IRW Supehk

2382-2384: Centurion and Specialist Communications Controller; IRW Supehk

2384-2387: Sub-Commander and Chief of Staff to Ambassador Subel; Khitomer Embassy

2387-2388: Leave

2388-Present: Commander; IRW Aehv