Ensign Osso Voir

Ensign Osso Voir, Starfleet Science Officer and Quantum Astrophysicist, is a joined Trill just beginning her career in Starfleet. Osso is slim, lean, and somewhat petite, but she’s strong. Her hair is kept short, and has a boyish look about her. She is laid back as far as intellectuals go. She thinks research is fun, and sometimes her head gets stuck in theoretical la la land. This means she can overlook the obvious, and that she’d go stir crazy without access to a lab. She wants to make major discoveries in the realm of Polaron-related technologies, and is motivated to develop defensive solutions to strengthen Starfleet’s position in the aftermath of the Dominion War and in the face of advances in Romulan cloaking.


Prior to her Joining Ceremony, Osso was prepared from an early age to become a host, as her family has a long lineage of producing hosts for the Symbionts. She was bright and naturally curious, and known as a strong willed child. Still, she managed to earn places in the most prestigious intermediate and secondary academies on Trill A.

During her secondary school training, she studied Astrophysics and Planetary physics, and earned the honor of a junior research apprenticeship aboard a Trill Science Survey Ship. Such programs had only recently been resumed as alpha quadrant planets began to collect themselves from the devastation of the Dominion War. Good scientists were needed, especially ones that could reverse engineer Dominion technologies and keep defensive pace with innovations in cloaking and temporal destabalization devices.

She grew up during wartime, and as such, is no stranger to scarcity and loss. Her father, Kudix Parx was among the casualties of the war. His death meant that Osso had to fulfill many roles, and was often put in positions where she had to act quickly and make critical decisions with haste. She was the oldest of four children, a comforter to her widowed mother, and stand-in parent to her siblings. She gave orders, she didn’t take them.

So it was shocking news for the Parx family when they learned that Osso would be attending Starfleet Academy at the start of term, and that she was now a Joined Trill. The news arrived written missive less than a year after she’d finished her training and had been approved by the Symbiosis Commission as a prospective host. There had been an emergency ceremony while Osso was stationed at the Toxos 6 Particle Laboratory. Her Symbiont’s previous host, a Starfleet Commander during the Dominion War, died from wounds sustained during a Starfleet Intelligence mission. Osso happened to be the only trill in a nearby sector at the time of the injury, allowing just enough time for the joining to be performed.

Joining Starfleet was not compulsory despite her symbiont’s previous host and their service. Osso later explained that while Starfleet was not her plan, her commitment was necessary to access Tyrol Voir’s personnel records — something that she felt she needed to do in order to prepare for the joining. Further, though it was not in her nature to take orders, it was in her nature to help and serve, to discover and explore. Starfleet would facilitate that better than independent research through the Trill Science Ministry could.

In 2384, she enrolled in Starfleet Academy with the recommendation of Commander Maggie Stein, chief science officer of the Toxos 6 Particle Laboratory. At the academy, she studied Astrophysics and Supramolecular Chemistry. Despite the stress of acclimating to life as a joined trill, Osso Voir graduated with honors.