Commander Leonora Wollf

Leah is a a woman who appears very soft and nurturing when one first meets her and has an innate ability to draw people out to share their thoughts and feelings with her. Underneath that soft veneer however is a fiercely intelligent, calculating, analytical mind. She has learned over the years how to use it to her advantage, particularly in her fieldwork with Intelligence. This being said however, doesn’t mean Leonora is cruel or evil, merely able to manipulate information out of people, whether because of an assignment or to help them. She is also a very adaptable person, logical and focused, able to compartmentalise to achieve what needs to be achieved.


With the two elder children decidedly not following in their parent’s footsteps, plans were made from the early age for Leonora. At first, it looked like their plans would come to fruition as Leah displayed quite similar interests to her mother from the early age, preferring to read and research as opposed to the typical childhood joys; playing with friends, running around and dreaming of things only kids dream of.

Leah enjoyed company of others easily however, though she knew to prioritize things from early on, at the time finishing her schooling with good grades. Luckily she had support from her equally education oriented siblings, her older sister Sirianna studying towards becoming a veterinarian, while her younger sister Karianna went to study as a biologist. As the only child that chose to focus on medicine, Leonora, after finishing primary education applied for college education to study medicine. She was soon accepted to King’s College in Cambridge where she began her studies.

The first issues began however when it came to the choice of her specialization. Her mother pressured her into surgery, particularly neuro-surgery, but being of the thirst for knowledge, Leah was more interested in the fields of virology and forensic pathology, which she eventually decided on. She underwent her clinical studies at Addenbrooke’s Hospital in Cambridge for the required ammount of time to attain her qualifications and degree.

After attaining her doctorate, Leonora applied for internship with the FHO, Federation Health Organization and was readily accepted into a field research team. It was during her three year tenure with them that she came onto certain radars, for her research-investigative work in the Fhan-Thule Outbreak in 2376 on Ultima Thule, in the aftermath of the Dominion War.

Begin Classified Section

After the completion of the Fhan-Thule case, Leah was approached by a Starfleet Intelligence agent, Lt.Cmdr. Thyra Danvedh and offered a position among their ranks. Mystery, intrigue and access to amazing resources to help people were what made the young woman say yes. There was a condition to her service however, necessary Starfleet Academy training.

So Leonora applied and was accepted on her second entry exam sitting to a three year, fast track Academy course, in the medical research field. Focused on her studies and very little on social life, given that she was on a shortened course, time flew by for the young nord and before she knew it she was graduating Starfleet Academy and being fielded into Starfleet Intelligence Cross-Training.

After a year’s course, at the age of 29, she entered the service, or world of shadows as civillians liked to call it. As things go with cerebrally strong agents, she was first posted as am analyst at the Federation Embassy on Cardassia, her cover identity that of the Embassy physician, Valeria Terleyeva, MD.

Three years later, she was assigned as a field agent handler due to her cover, in which she could, after a time move more freely without rousing suspicion. With time, she became a field operative herself and eventually a team leader.

In 2385 she was recalled to Earth for a special assignment, an internal investigation of a SFI Section dedicated to montioring the goings on of the Orion Syndicate and space. It was code named: Starburst The investigation lasted three long years the details of which are classified Security Council Access Only.

Leah was reassigned to Earth, to the Cardassian Section following the investigation, instead of back to Cardassia. She served there for the following three years as Senior Field agent and eventually as Deputy Head of the Section until 2388.

2388. drove the term reassignment home, when she was given the daunting assignment of a commanding a newly formed intelligence field unit, codename: Delphi. She was first tasked with securing a base of operations for her new unit on the newly minted Federation member, Driaan. After a great deal of research and an even greater deal of negotiation with Driaan’s Prime Minister, Anastasia Lashmore, and the Chairman of Stratholme MCRF on Driaan VI, Delphi base was appropriated on the sub-levels of the Stratholme Medical Care and Research Facility. Now all that remained was to secure and stock the base and recruit her team.

Service Record

Start End Rank Role Assignment
Cadet Senior Grade
CadetStarfleet Academy - Medical Fast Track
Lieutenant Junior Grade
TraineeStarfleet Intelligence - Crosstraining
Analyst, Handler, Field AgentFederation Embassy To Cardassia
Operation: StarburstSpecial Assignment On Earth
Lieutenant Commander
Senior Field Agent, Deputy Head Of DepartmentStarfleet Intelligence - Cardassian Section
Lieutenant Commander
Commanding OfficerStarfleet Intelligence: Delphi Unit - Beta Quadrant