Ruby (Red) Redferne

Ruby (Red) Redferne is human and nearly 60 years old. She doesn't look her age. With deep auburn hair, which earned her the nickname of Red,. She's 5'8 and about 9st. This does fluctuate. (we all know that feeling) She's a retired War Correspondent who has found it difficult to settle into village life.


Ruby (or Red as she likes to be known as.) is human and lives in a the small Norfolk coastal  resort of Overstrand. She lives in a wing of an old house called The Pleasaunce  (A Pleasaunce is a medieval word meaning a garden with open walkways where ladies and gentlemen may take the airs.) In 1888, The Pleasaunce was built with gardens designed by the famous garden designer Gertrude Jeckyll for Lord and Lady Battersea. The beach is a couple of minutes walk from the house with an astonishing cliff view and a short walk to Cromer where the pier still stands.  A small cafe called ‘The Cliff Top Cafe’  is near the house and sell’s fresh fish and the famous Cromer Crabs daily.

Life couldn’t be more idyllic than this and for a while Ruby was content to enjoy retirement, tending the gardens, going for long walks and having a few meals at the Cliff Top Cafe. She has never married but she has lots of friends and clubs to keep her occupied in her spare time. Only now and then she would gaze up at the stars on a clear night and long to travel among them once more.

For as long as she could remember Ruby had always wanted to be a Reporter.  She studied hard at school and university, finally getting  her degree in Journalism.