Lieutenant Junior Grade Matthew O’Daire

Matthew is an Irishman to the core. He shows it through his accent, amiable nature, and love of alcoholic beverages. Usually reserved, he opens up around close friends or over a pint of ale. He's an excellent pilot, and and can fly anything from an old aeroplane to a Gryphon class starfighter to a dreadnought.


Matthew was born and raised in Ireland on Earth. He lived a relatively quiet and peaceful life in his hometown of Killarney, always obsessed with the arts. At the age of twelve, he flew for the first time in an old Douglas DC-3 owned by his uncle. It was a clunky old aeroplane, and he loved every moment in it. he quickly fell in love with aerospace technology, and his want to become a pilot conflicted with his plans to become an actor. after years of debate, he made his decision and enrolled at Starfleet academy, obtaining his degree in Aerospace engineering. Shortly afterwards, he was assigned to the USS Cairo-D as a support craft pilot. He loved his time on the Cairo, but was re-assigned to the USS Ascension as helmsman before getting to see much action.
Being reassigned from the Ascension was a bit much for him, and instead of seeking a new assignment, he took a hiatus, returning to his home and family, taking up acting once again.

Service Record

Start End Rank Role Assignment
Lieutenant Junior Grade
Support Craft PilotUSS Cairo-D
Lieutenant Junior Grade
Chief Flight Control OfficerUSS Ascension