Commander Neema Khalfani

Khalfani is at her very core a calm, soft spoken, friendly individual who prefers being away from the spotlight and listening instead of speaking. She's also very adaptable and a good actress, which has come in handy over the course of her career, both in Federation Security and Starfleet Intelligence. As such she can command a room with her boisterous presence as much as she can sit in a corner and not be noticed. She is privately also a very direct person and prefers the cold hard truth over sugarcoating.


Neema was born in 2343 to Chenzira and Adeben on Hockden 7. Her parents were third generation colonists on Hockden, originally hailing from Moroccoand Egypt on Earth. As such, she was born a Federation citizen, which afforded her good schooling and opportunities, much like it did for many refugees coming in from Bajor and it’s neighbouring systems. She showed her technical inquisitive mind from the early age, especially in trying to find out why things failed and bad things happened.

Her planet had seen quite a few battles in orbit and in nearby systems during the Federation-Cardassian border skirmishes (known as the Border Wars), housing refugees and offering aid to injured officers, which sparked her interest in investigation, especially accident investigation.

After basic education she travelled to Earth and attended the Zephram Cochrane Highschool. After 4 years and graduation she applied for apprenticeship at Federation Security and was quickly accepted. She started in the CSI teams, working on accident investigations as an engineer and technitian for several years before being approached by Starfleet Intelligence.

Begin classified section:
They offered to sponsor her entry to Starfleet Academy on a fast track route due to her experience if she joined their ranks.

Having an opportunity to do good on multiple levels, access to information and technology not as readily available, Neema accepted the offer and was put on a three year fast track lane through Starfleet Academy in the Engineering/Operations track.

After graduation, she entered a six month cross training course to catch up on Intelligence methods and protocols before being put in a field team in the Romulan Desk of Starfleet Intelligence.

In later years she would remember this time fondly as the most exciting days of her career, especially getting a chance to look at Romulan Systems and trying to hack their communications. She had a short romantic interlude with one of the fellow members of the team, but it never got serious.

Five years later she was rotated to the Cardassian Desk to serve as handler for foreign power based operatives.She found then that she prefered working with facts and evidence than people, however she’d never let it show, but she would often feel tired and drained. She steered clear of personal relationships during this time due to a great need to be alone when not dealing with her assets.

2380. found Neema being transferred to Counter Intelligence where she would work in both technical and psychological intelligence gathering, helping turn several key figures in foreign powers to supply information to the Federation. (See operation codename: Brightstar – Classfied level: Federation Council).

Her next rotation three years later, thankfully took her out of the field and into the realms of Starfleet Intelligence Administration. It was a desk job effectively, however it gave her the chance to delve into what she really wanted. Making sure people were not working to betray the Federation and Starfleet by extension.

She would work on many Internal Affairs cases and often times cooperate with her former colleagues in Federation Security, assisting their cases (which was standard operating procedure for Starfleet Intelligence and their civillian counterpart, federation Security).

In 2388. she was transferred to Palais de la Concorde, to serve as Intelligence Liaison to the President of the Federation, Jarul Bezar. The assignment was however brief as she was needed elswehere, namely in Task Force 93 of the Fourth Fleet, where she was assigned as Task Group CO for the Bastet Group.

Service Record

Start End Rank Role Assignment
Federation Security – Accident Investigations DivisionEngineer/Technitian
Cadet Senior Grade
Starfleet AcademyCadet
TraineeStarfleet Intelligence Cross Training
Lieutenant Junior Grade
Field Team TechnitianStarfleet Intelligence - Romulan Section
HandlerStarfleet Intelligence - Cardassian Section
Lieutenant Commander
Senior Field AgentStarfleet Intelligence - Counter Intelligence Section
Internal Affairs AgentStarfleet Intelligence, Administration Division - Office of Internal Affairs
Intelligence LiaisonPalais de la Concorde
Task Force 93, Task Group BastetCommanding Officer