Commander Khalana t’Lehu

Khalana is one of the few romulan officers in Starfleet. Having been born to two asylum seekers on the Federation Colony of Deneva, Khalana and her parents have been shunned by their family still within the Empire as traitors. With traditional tensions between the Romulan Empire and the Federation, the Federation citizens didn't give the t'Lehu's all good a time either. Of course Starfleet Intelligence had to get involved too. All this, however only served to push Khalana on to excell, which she had. Her current assignment is as Executive Officer on the USS Venture.


It was a personal victory for her, passing the entrance exam and becoming a cadet. She threw herself into her studies and training with gusto, breezing through flight ops and standard operations with ease. Her social and science studies took a fall however. Most of the non-Human cadets treated her decently, with the majority of the Human cadets steering clear of her or delving into xenophobia and bullying.

She made but a few friends with fellow pariahs, a bajoran male whom she later developed a short lived romance with. There was a K’tarian girl and another young man who was Takaran. The small group stuck together and provided a level of moral support for eachother during the times the others ganged up on them. Still, Khalana was often called into counselling sessions, to assess her state of mind, both to help her deal with how the others treated her and (unknown to her) to check her loyalties.

Ultimately however, she managed to graduate. Her stellar record in flight operations saw her assigned to the Akira Class fighter carrier/warship USS Manitoba. The ship was shipped across many front lines during the war, where Khalana flew with the Federation Attack Wing. She through the ranks fairly quickly, earning herself a reputation of a driven, natural pilot. What she was mostly remembered for was however the way she presented herself before and after maneuvres. She always kept her helmet on, mostly to simply hide her face and avoid scrutiny. That, combined with her chosen callsign, Hellguard, in honour of the fallen colony her parents escaped from and came to the Federation subsequently, earned her a place in the fighter pilot hall of fame.

After the war, she was reassigned to the USS Smolensk as the ACFO, a position she found incredibly slow and boring, the rush of flying an attack fighter still coursing through her veins. To boot the Smolensk, a science vessel, got assigned to Gamma Quadrant exploration, an area that was well away from her field of expertise and interest. The Smolensk crew treated her with polite indifference mostly, which further compounded her boredom. After her four year rotation was out, she immediately requested a transfer.

One came in the form of the CFCO position aboard a Defiant class, USS Talwath. A smaller, more maneuverable ship, flight console paired up with operations engaged her mind a lot more. The crew was also a lot more receptive to her presence and input, especially as they were assigned to patrol the Romulan Neutral zone border. She showed an interest in tactical operations during those four years and was soon assigned as the ship’s Second Officer. She entered a casual relationship with the ship’s Chief Medical Officer during her stay, a joined Trill male who was very curious in learning all things romulan.

The Talwath’s CO ultimately recommended Khalana for Advanced Tactical and Command Training for which she took a two year sabbatical from ship service. During the two years she was trained hard and treated even harder as some of the trainers carried some bitter experiences with her people so they had extra expectations of her.

She however made the cut, which half the classes never do, and was reassigned to the USS Hendriary, a Korolev class cruiser. The ship was assigned to the Cardassian and Tzenkethi borders. As Executive officer to Captain Naria Xaal, another joined Trill, a female this time, she set high standards of conduct for herself. She’d remained friends with her casual lover from the Talwath but never saw him again after she left the ship.

Now on the Hendriary, with ingrained training, she put a lot of effort in everything she did, wanting to leave a good legacy, both for herself and any future romulans who might join the Federation one day. It still wasn’t easy, but she managed to get around people’s mistrust and earn a level of respect from her crew and was quite pleased with the results. Her devotion to ship and crew brought her more sympathy and better relationships with people, though she didn’t engage in any personal liaisons. She enjoyed the semblance of normalcy too much. Though on some level she also believed it was also from having gotten so used to scrutiny, pressure and bad blood it didn’t phase her nearly as much any more.

2388 brought about a rather sudden transfer. She was reassigned to the USS Venture as Executive Officer without much warning and tasked to meet it in the unstable Raeyan Transit Corridor after the disastrous run in of the Venture with a romulan war bird. As the Raeyan Transit Corridor was a hot bed of political dispute and civillian unrest of the romulan civilians left to the mercy of the Federation after the Star Empire ceded the corridor to them, the USS Venture was sure to be the prime target. It was also the hope for peace with the corridor the Federation had.

Service Record

Start End Rank Role Assignment
Cadet Freshman Grade
Cadet 1st ClassFlight Operations and Operations Training - Starfleet Academy
Cadet Sophomore Grade
Cadet 2nd ClassFlight Operations and Operations Training - Starfleet Academy
Cadet Junior Grade
Cadet 3rd ClassFlight Operations and Operations Training - Starfleet Academy
Cadet Senior Grade
Cadet 4th ClassFlight Operations and Operations Training - Starfleet Academy
Federation Attack WingUSS Manitoba
Lieutenant Junior Grade
Assistant Chief Flight Control OfficerUSS Smolensk
Lieutenant Junior Grade
Chief Flight Control Officer / Second OfficerUSS Talwath
Advanced Tactical And Command TrainingAdvanced Tactical And Command Training Facilities
Lieutenant Commander
Executive OfficerUSS Hendriary
Lieutenant Commander
Executive OfficerUSS Venture