Lieutenant Junior Grade Mar Megara

Everything Meg does is aggressive. Making friends, practicing medicine, picking out clothes for a night out with friends- all aggressive. She isn't overbearing or obnoxious at all, but simply puts everything she has available into everything she does. As she is fond of saying, “I do nothing half-assed.” She is very cheerful and well adjusted. She is open and friendly both professionally and personally. She enjoys the company of strangers and friends alike, yet also values her alone time. It is difficult to get on Meg's bad side, but you would be advised not to try. She can be vindictive and downright mean. As a friend, she is fiercely loyal and protective.


Born on Qo’noS to a Bajoran mother and a Klingon father, Meg was much loved by both parents. To her father, Brost- the eldest son of his house, Meg was the most beautiful, strongest child he could have asked for and he was honored to be her father. His family was very unhappy with his marriage to her mother and tried everything they could to get rid of Mar Tellis and her daughter. Their chance came when Meg was only four years old.

Brost was killed while defending a Federation colony not far from Qo’noS. Fearing for the safety of her child without a strong father to defend her, Mar Tellis took her daughter to Earth, which is where the first transport off Qo’noS was headed. She settled in Venezuela, where she bought a small pet shop and raised her daughter.

Tellis was very understanding of Megara’s natural aggression and put her into martial arts classes to help her learn to channel it. In school, Meg made more male friends than female, due to her tendency to play rough. She played many sports before settling on Rugby, which made her mother nervous, but as Meg was naturally tougher than the other players, she needn’t have. All through her years of playing, Meg never broke a bone or sustained a concussion.

When Meg was eight years old, a Bajoran man came into the pet shop looking for the right kind of food for a cat he had just adopted. He was so impressed with the knowledge the little part Klingon girl showed about animals, he stuck around until her mother returned. The two quickly hit it off and married when Meg was 10.

Meg applied to Starfleet Academy in her final year of secondary school and was accepted pending her graduation. Her mother and step-father were incredibly proud when she entered the Academy at the age of eighteen- perhaps a little behind most full-blooded Klingons, but definitely ahead of Bajorans and on par with most humans. Not knowing what she wanted to study, she went with the admissions board’s recommendation of Medicine and entered pre-med classes.

She graduated twelfth in her class at the Academy and started Medical school strong, determined to graduate first in her class. She managed to graduate second in her class, which she decided was nothing to sneeze at, and was sent for her internship with the USS Triumphant.

Service Record

Start End Rank Role Assignment
Student MedicStarfleet Command Infirmary