Bravo Fleet By-Laws



  1. All players have the right to introduce proposals for new aspects to BF canon, they are however recommended to consult the next person up in the Chain of Command.
  2. All players have the responsibility of creating original characters which are:
    1. not established Star Trek characters or relatives thereof; and
    2. not already created Bravo Fleet characters or relatives thereof, without the permission of the creator of the Bravo Fleet character.
  3. All players will refrain from the unsolicited recruitment of other Bravo Fleet members to play on their BF simm or any simm outside of BF.
  4. All players will, in designing new technologies or races, remain close to the restraints imposed by Star Trek and Bravo Fleet canon. Major deviations will need to be approved by the relevant committee.
  5. All players who wish to resign their character or position will do so by informing their simm Game Manager. They will not announce their resignation by posting to a public forum such as the simm website, the BF Forums and so on.
  6. All players will try to resolve any disputes with other players in a respectful manner and will try to resolve them first with the other player and then with their GM or AGM. In order to make things manageable for those players who volunteer their time to help run the fleet, all concerns and proposals should be directed through the chain of command.


  1. GM’s have the freedom to determine the minimum post quantity on their sims.
  2. A Simm CO shall be required to develop a website for his or her simm before they can be declared ‘active’ Commanding Officers.
  3. Simm COs shall not permanently damage, destroy, change the class of or provide a change in the specifications of the class, as defined by Bravo Fleet, of their in character ship or starbase without the approval of their TFCO.
  4. Simm COs shall not destroy or otherwise do anything to effect any base, ship or other simm that currently exists in Bravo Fleet, including mothballs.
  5. Simm COs shall have the final responsibility for recruiting members of their simm and shall do so within the restrictions set by Bravo Fleet.
  6. A CO, upon approval of the TFCO and BFCC, may hold an additional command within the Task Force. The following condition(s) must be met:
    1. Twelve months of active command experience.
    2. Active growth and steady mission progression in current regular simulation.
  7. No player shall command more than three simulations in the whole of Bravo Fleet including its affiliates.
  8. Simm COs shall file a monthly report to their TFCO, via the Bravo Fleet Management System, no later than the 5th of each month.
  9. A Simm CO that resigns from his or her position(s) shall be restricted from taking a new command in BF for 90 days in order to allow for a “cooling off” period during which the player can re-evaluate his or her ability to command. Should a Simm CO resign in a public area an additional 6 months shall be added to the cooling off period. If the CO in question has two or more commands at that time and retains his/her BF main command, the second existing command is not affected, but these restrictions still apply to any attempts to obtain a new command.
    1. Notwithstanding the above, a Simm CO may rescind his or her resignation within 24 hours and face no penalty.


  1. TFCOs will file a monthly report to the BFA, via the forums, no later than the 15th of the Month.
  2. Department Heads will file a monthly report to the BFA, via the forums, no later than the 15th of the Month.
  3. All reports must contain a comprehensive overview of their Task Forces/Department’s, plans for the next reporting period, and any necessary award nominations.


  1. The current fictional year will be listed on the Bravo Fleet website. It is currently 2389.
  2. The fictional (in character) timeline of Bravo Fleet operates at a 2:1 ratio of real time to fictional time with January 1, 2018 marking the start of January 2389. This means for every two real calendar years that pass, one fictional year passes.

    1. The 2:1 ratio does not apply to Task Forces that do not follow Bravo Fleet’s primary fictional timeline.
  3. This By-Law will enter into effect on January 1, 2018, and the fictional timeline will advance to 2389.


  1. Per Article IV, Section 2 of the Constitution, Bravo Fleet shall have the following Task Forces:
    1. Task Force 9 operating in the Gamma Quadrant.
    2. Task Force 38 operating in the Delta Quadrant.
    3. Task Force 72 operating in the Alpha Quadrant.
    4. Task Force 93 operating in the Beta Quadrant.
    5. Task Force 99 operating as a special Task Force.
      1. Task Force 99 is designated as the location to represent various divisions in time as separate sub-groups, acting in complete independence of each other, In Character, sharing no events in common with each other or the rest of the main fleet. Due to these special relationships, Task Force 99 shall be exempt from timeline restrictions, and class restrictions. Task Force 99 simms shall also be exempt from following a canon storyline.
      2. Task Force 99 is not subject to the rules or limitations regarding the number of sub-divisions, commonly known by the rest of the fleet as “Task Groups”.
      3. In order to assist the TFCO and/or the Fleet to help highlight the differences between each of the individual time divisions within the Star Trek franchise, the TFCO may open and close any sub-division with approval of the Bravo Fleet Command Council.


To aid in the internal organization and maintenance of the Task Force, the Task Force Commanding Officer may create Task Groups.

  1. Once a Task Force reaches ten sims, the Task Force Commanding Officer may appoint a Task Group Commanding Officer to aid in the execution of Task Force management duties.
  2. For every five sims gained after the initial ten, the Task Force Commanding Officer may appoint an additional Task Group Commanding Officer.
  3. A Task Group Commanding Officer will have those duties and powers delegated to them by the Task Force Commanding Officer and only over those sims assigned to their Task Group.


  1. Per Article V, Section 3 of the Constitution, Bravo Fleet shall have the following departments:
    1. Bravo Fleet Academy, which will enable all players to acquire all of the knowledge, skills, and expertise necessary to participate in Bravo Fleet and her member simulations to the fullest extent.
      1. The head of this department will be known as the Bravo Fleet Academy Commandant (BFAC).
    2. Bravo Fleet Community Relations Office, which will focus on supporting our players and COs, recruiting, and moderating Bravo Fleet’s communications services.
      1. The head of this department will be known as the Bravo Fleet Community Relations Officer (BFCRO).
    3. Bravo Fleet Internet Office, which will focus on the leading edge of technology, ranging from the development of the Bravo Fleet software and infrastructure.
      1. The head of this department will be known as the Bravo Fleet Internet Officer (BFIO).
    4. Bravo Fleet Logistics Office, which will focus on the management and development of Fleet Canon, and various services as needed to support the community.
      1. The head of this department will be known as the Bravo Fleet Logistics Officer (BFLO).
  2. All departments will display their objectives and current team members on the Bravo Fleet website.
  3. All department’s objectives and directives will be determined by the BFA.


  1. Bravo Fleet does not permit the playing of omnipotent species shown in Star Trek, other fiction or unique omnipotent creations. This includes species such as the Q, Organians, etc
  2. Bravo Fleet does not permit the playing of crossover species. While Bravo Fleet encourages creativity and its COs may allow species from Star Trek novels and non-canon works as well as player created species, direct crossovers are not permitted. Crossover species are species from other franchises, ie Jedi from Star Wars, or Kree from Marvel.
  3. Bravo Fleet encourages its COs to exercise caution in accepting characters of species which may not be plausible (unusual interspecies hybrids, overly powerful “superhero”-type characters, etc) and suggests talking with the other CO’s or Task Force Senior Staff before approving.
  4. Notwithstanding this by-law, any omnipotent characters or established characters are allowed to be used from time-to-time as non-player characters (NPCs) for a particular story line.


  1. Definition
    1. A fiction simulation is a TFCO-authorized writing group that is made with the express purpose of creating canon material for Bravo Fleet and their task forces, and tying in with the storyline of the task force and Bravo Fleet.
    2. Task Force fiction simulations are made up of task force senior staff and guest writers.
  2. Requirements
    1. All Task Force fiction group managers shall be defined as a Simm CO in the Bravo Fleet Constitution, with all the rights under Article III, Sections 1 and 2 applicable except for the following:
    2. All fiction simulations must have written at least two posts every calendar month.
  3. Task forces may not authorize multiple fiction simulations in their task force – a fiction is a Task Force Staff level simulation.
  4. Fiction simulations must all have publicly accessible archives.


    1. Approved commanding classes and qualifications for command
      1. A command applicant shall be regarded as qualified for command if they have at least four verifiable months of active player experience on an active Bravo Fleet simm or an equivalent elsewhere.
      2. Command applicants may apply for any class (specific to the applicant’s desired era of play) available from the Bravo Fleet Infobase.
      3. At the discretion of the Task Force Commanding Officer, a command applicant may apply for any class which is not listed on the Bravo Fleet Infobase, provided that the player has obtained images, specifications, and other details for their simm application
    2. Additional command regulations
      1. A commanding officer seeking to change ship classes must:
      2. meet the requirements set forth by the graded command groups.
      3. have at least six months active command service on their current class.


  1. Bravo Fleet recognizes the following ranks in ascending order of seniority:
    1. Flag Officer Ranks:
Starfleet Starfleet Marine Corps
A-5 Fleet Admiral
A-4 Admiral General
A-3 Vice Admiral Lieutenant General
A-2 Rear Admiral Major General
A-1 Commodore Brigadier General


    1. Officer Ranks:
Starfleet Starfleet Marine Corps
O-6 Captain Colonel
O-5 Commander Lieutenant Colonel
O-4 Lieutenant Commander Major
O-3 Lieutenant Captain
O-2 Lieutenant Junior Grade 1st Lieutenant
O-1 Ensign 2nd Lieutenant


    1. Warrant Officer Ranks:
Starfleet Starfleet Marine Corps
W-4 Chief Warrant Officer Chief Warrant Officer
W-3 Master Warrant Officer Master Warrant Officer
W-2 Staff Warrant Officer Staff Warrant Officer
W-1 Warrant Officer Warrant Officer


    1. Enlisted Ranks:
Starfleet Starfleet Marine Corps
E-9 Master Chief Petty Officer Sergeant Major
E-8 Senior Chief Petty Officer Master Sergeant
E-7 Chief Petty Officer Gunnery Sergeant
E-6 Petty Officer 1st Class Staff Sergeant
E-5 Petty Officer 2nd Class Sergeant
E-4 Petty Officer 3rd Class Corporal
E-3 Crewman Lance Corporal
E-2 Crewman Apprentice Private 1st Class
E-1 Crewman Recruit Private
  1. Any Player may create a character, at their discretion, up to and including the rank of Commander, Lieutenant Colonel or equivalent.
  2. A Task Force Commanding Officer may, at their discretion, grant a rank to a Player for a character within their Task Force up to and including the rank of Commodore, Brigadier General, or equivalent.
  3. The Bravo Fleet Command Council may, by a two-thirds majority vote, grant a rank to a Player for their character up to and including the rank of Vice Admiral, Lieutenant General or equivalent.
  4. The Bravo Fleet Command Council may, by a unanimous vote, grant a rank to a Player for their character up to and including the rank of Admiral, General or equivalent.
  5. The Bravo Fleet Admiralty may, by a two-thirds majority vote, grant a rank to a Player for their character up to and including the rank of Fleet Admiral.
  6. The Bravo Fleet Admiralty may, by a majority vote, remove from a Player and their characters the rights to any Flag Officer Rank.
    1. A Player may not be granted a rank at or above the rank removed by the Bravo Fleet Admiralty without the Bravo Fleet Admiralty voting to rescind their prior vote.
  7. Once a character has been granted a rank, the Player may assign to that character the granted rank or any lesser rank, except as restricted in the remainder of this By-law.
  8. Unless a Player currently serves in a position recognized under the Bravo Fleet Constitution and By-laws as Bravo Fleet or Task Force Staff, the following restrictions apply for use of any Flag Officer Rank:
    1. a character with Flag Officer Rank may not be represented, in character, as a part of the Fourth Fleet’s chain of command; and
    2. the player must disclaim, in any public place where their character of Flag Officer Rank is listed, that they are not a member of the Bravo Fleet staff.
  9. The following restrictions apply for participation in a simulation:
    1. A Commanding Officer may require a Player to reduce the rank of their character before being accepted for participation on the Commanding Officer’s sim.
      1. Upon conclusion of participation on a sim, a Player is entitled to restore their character up to and including the highest rank that character has formerly held.
    2. A Player may not increase the rank of their character while participating on a sim without the permission of the Commanding Officer.
  10. The following restrictions applies for command within a Task Force:
    1. A Task Force Commanding Officer may require a Commanding Officer to reduce the rank of their character before being accepted for command in the Task Force.
      1. Upon conclusion of command in a Task Force, a Player is entitled to restore their character up to and including the highest rank that character has formerly held.
    2. A Player may not increase the rank of their character while in command of a sim without the permission of the Task Force Commanding Officer.


Bravo Fleet may, from time to time, maintain and operate external resources (such as discussion forums, chat rooms, user-editted databases, etc) to supplement the fun environment it creates for its players. The administration of such resources shall be handled by specific administrative teams and one’s position within BF shall not guarantee a position within the external resources’ administration teams. Conversely, punishment – such as loss of moderation privileges and banning – within these external resources shall not necessarily reflect on a person’s standing in BF.


NOTICE: With the exception of the provisions for the 18+ rating category, these ratings are merely guidelines. They are intended to protect under aged players of our fleet from any obscenities which may be contained in an individual simulation and to protect the fleet from any liability that may be associated with such content. Variance from these guidelines in individual posts may be necessary from time to time for the enrichment of the game, but should not be of such magnitude as to cause extreme shock or offense to the average adult reader, except for those in the 18+ rating category. Any complaint about the content of a sim should be approached by the Admiralty in the least restrictive of senses possible under these guidelines, so as to inspire creativity in future postings, instead of creating an air of censorship.

  1. 13+ (General Audiences):
    1. Sim may only include occasional use of mildly offensive language (cursing).
    2. Sim may contain violence, but must not contain graphic description of violence or injuries.
    3. Sim may only contain references to sexual conduct, and may not contain any descriptions of sexual intercourse or erotic situations.
  2. 16+ (Mature Audiences):
    1. Sim may contain frequent use of offensive language (cursing).
    2. Sim may contain graphic description of violence, but may not contain description of extreme violence, injuries, acts of mutilation or of sadism to such level they may cause shock or offense to the average adult reader.
    3. Sim may contain reference to specific sexual acts, but may not contain descriptions of the acts being performed. No descriptions of the aroused state of any sex organs or body parts or of penetration, masturbation, rape or any other form of non-consensual sexual acts.
  3. 18+ (Adult Audiences Only: Age Restricted, Non-Public Simulation):
    1. Sim may contain extreme use of graphic language (cursing).**
    2. Sim may contain extremely graphical descriptions of violence, injury and torture.**
    3. Sim may contain extremely graphical descriptions of sexual acts, intercourse and other forms of sexual activity.**
  4. Additional Information:
    1. All simulations must display the simulation rating on the home and/or main page of their website. Furthermore, all simulations must contain the rating’s details (or a link to the details) within their simulation rules.
    2. All new simulations starting within the fleet shall be granted the rating of 13+. The Commanding Officer (CO) of the simulation may request a rating change to 16+ from the Task Force Commanding Officer (TFCO).
    3. No simulation may be approved for a rating of 18+ unless the CO has achieved a minimum of 6 months of command experience in Bravo Fleet. All CO’s wishing to have their ship ratings raised to 18+ shall submit a request via email to their TFCO, stating the reasons they feel they need their simulations raised to the restricted age group. If the TFCO approves the request, the TFCO should send it up to the Bravo Fleet Command Council (BFCC) for approval verification.
    4. No simulation rated 18+ shall be permitted to be officially listed as a flagship for any member of Bravo Fleet with a flag rank (Commodore or higher). Any simulation run by a flag officer shall be listed in the general section of the Task Force, and shall not list the flag officer as being the CO of the simulation.
    5. No simulation listed as a Fiction Sim shall be allowed the rating of 18+, as these simulations are designed for the purpose of creating canon for the Task Forces and/or fleet.

+ Bravo Fleet does not endorse the use or discussion of graphic sexual or violent content. Due to the nature of the content, any simulation wishing to portray either shall be restricted from public access to anyone not a member of the simulation, and only people who have been verified to be aged 18 or older shall be permitted to join said simulations. Any simulation found to be in violation of these provisions, shall be subject to termination by the Fleet Admiralty.

++ The Bravo Fleet Command Council  retain the right and power to reverse any rating approvals which have not followed the proper protocols for approval, or that may be deemed to have insufficient cause for the restricted age rating.


Further to various articles of the Constitution, a player wishing to propose an addition to Bravo Fleet canon, be it in the form of technology, species or history, naming of ships or any other potential additions, shall do so in the means of a formal written proposal which shall explain the mertis to Bravo Fleet of adopting the proposal to its canon, an explanation of how the proposal has been developed and thought out and any other information that the player believes may be relevant to the proposal. Such a proposal shall be reviewed by each individual above the player in the chain of command at which time it shall be approved, passed higher on the chain of command if a decision cannot be made, or rejected with written reason.

In addition, the adoption of new starship or starbase classes into Bravo Fleet must meet the following requirements:

  1. The class must have a 3D mesh for rendering of graphics, in any format, with appropriate permission from the 3D artist to use the mesh.
  2. The class must have a baseline for specifications, as the submitter feels is appropriate for the class of ship
  3. The class must have at least one rendered graphic with a size comparison to one of the following classes of starships for scaling purposes: Intrepid, Galaxy, Sovereign


There may at times exist ship classes which may be desired for play in Bravo Fleet that cannot meet the conditions that are required for all ship classes playable inthe fleet. For example, the desired class may have images available, and permission from the person who made the images to use them, but a mesh may not be available. For these kinds of conditions, if there is enough interest from COs who may wish to still try to use the ship class, the BFXO or BFCO may upon request consider allowing the class for conditional use as Provisional Ship Classes. Should the artist of any of the images used for any provisional ship class decide to rescind their permission for us to use their images. the class will be immediately dropped from consideration for play under this provision.

Due to of the special nature and circumstances surrounding the inclusion of provisional classes, no provisional class shall be allowed in anything less thang Group B ship clearance as described in By-Law #2.3, Section 1.

If there is a class you wish to have added under this provision, you should first consult with the TFCO of the Task Force you’d like to play the class in, and request the TFCO to refer the class to the BFXO and BFCO for possible inclusion under the conditions of this By-Law.


To provide a common simming environment for Bravo Fleet’s members, per III.2.4, a CO may not deviate from the official specifications of his ship’s class as defined by BF without approval. In order to make such changes, such as installation of new equipment, addition of technologies, increasing beyond the maximum number of crew in general or for a particular crew subset, or altering the types of support craft aboard the ship, a CO must submit a request in writing (email) to his TFCO. All deviations from the standard for the simm’s class should be listed on a seperate page as part of the simms website so that new and visiting players can avoid creating splits or other misunderstandings.


  1. In the case of created material for Bravo Fleet wide use (such as TF Logos and TF banners), the providing artist(s) agree to grant Bravo Fleet the royalty-free, (unless otherwise specified by Bravo Fleet) perpetual, irrevocable right and license to use, reproduce, and distribute such material to its sub-entities, in whole or in part, without any compensation or notice to the artist(s) whatsoever.
    1. In order for the above point to exercised, the artist in question must be advised of this by-law at the time any work for Bravo Fleet wide use is commissioned.
  2. Bravo Fleet and its Members, Simms, and Task Forces will not remove credits from images unless directly allowed to substitute them for an entry on a credits page by the original author of that work.
  3. Images that are made for a specific Bravo Fleet Simm and/or Task Force shall only be used by that Simm and/or Task Force alone unless the artist specifies otherwise.
  4. Members, Simms, and Task Forces of Bravo Fleet agree that the original artist may request the cessation of use of any artwork created for that Member, Simm, or Task Force. However, the aforementioned parties shall be allowed a time period of no less then two weeks to find replacement works to substitute for the images in question. If that time elapses and no replacement has been found, the Member, Simm, or Task Force will still have to cease use of said materials.


  1. This by-law establishes three statuses other than active that may be applied to players and administrators that are not currently performing their assigned game or fleet roles:
    1. LOA. A Leave of Absence (LOA) is a brief leave from the fleet for a specified period of time, with a fixed return date.
    2. ELOA. An Extended Leave of Absence (ELOA) is any leave over two weeks, or a leave that does not have a specified end date due to extraordinary circumstances in the life of the player. Extraordinary circumstances could include personal illness, illness of a family member, natural disaster or military deployment.
      1. Both LOAs and ELOAs must be agreed between the person taking the leave and their superior in the chain of command.
      2. Should a natural disaster strike an area of the planet known to be home to one or more Bravo Fleet Members, said members can automatically be granted an ELOA until their status can be ascertained.
    3. AWOL. A player can be declared Absent Without Leave (AWOL) for absences without an approved LOA or ELOA, by not returning within the specified return date of an LOA, or if an ELOA has continued, without any contact from the player, for significantly longer than anticipated.
      1. If any player is declared AWOL, after one week they may be removed from their positions and subsequent appropriate actions taken.
    4. Receipt of an LOA request should be acknowledged via the same medium it was sent.
      1. TGCOs receiving leave requests from COs should also notify their Task Force Senior Staff.
    5. Any player who wishes to claim unfair removal from their position while on leave must provide, to their immediate superior, the acknowledgement of their leave notification/request to show that the LOA request was received and that the date the player returned was on or prior to the agreed date. The complaint can then be processed through the CoC as necessary.
  2. Commanding Officers
    1. Commanding officers taking leave must also specify an Acting Commanding Officer in their stead.
      1. If an appropriate Acting Commanding Officer cannot be found or the ELOA time is longer than an Acting Commanding Officer will be able to cope with, the simm may be closed.
  3. Bravo Fleet Admiralty Members
    1. All BFA members have the right to take leaves of absences for up to 14 days.
      1. Any period greater than 14 days (ELOA) must be approved by the BFCO in advance. If approval is not given and the BFA member cannot return within the original 14 days, they may be required to forfeit their BFA position.
      2. LOAs must be posted in the LOA section of the BFA forum.
    2. Should a TFCO take a leave of absence, their power and duties will be vested in their Task Force XO. This does not include, however, the right to vote on BFA matters.
    3. Should a Department Head take a leave of absence, their power and duties will be vested in their Command Adjutant. This does not include, however, the right to vote on BFA matters.
  4. Bravo Fleet Commanding Officer
    1. The BFCO, when taking an LOA, must contact the Bravo Fleet Senior Staff and the BFA in advance.
    2. LOAs longer than 14 days (ELOA) must be approved by the BFXO. If approval is not given and the BFCO cannot return within the original 14 days, he or she may be required to forfeit their BFA position.
      1. If the BFCO is granted an ELOA, he or she shall be required to give updates of their status to the BFA on a weekly basis. Failure to maintain such communication may constitute the BFCO as being AWOL.
      2. Should the BFCO take an LOA, their power/duties, except those of Executive Order, will be vested in the Bravo Fleet Executive Officer
      3. Should the BFCO resign while there is an acting BFXO appointed via this bylaw, the standard rules of succession by position (non-acting) and rank come into effect.
    3. Should one or more BF Senior Staff member(s) take an LOA, the BFCO has the right to delegate their duties to other BFA members as necessary, without consulting the BFA.


  1. No TFCO shall accept a new Simm CO unless he or she meets the following requirements:
    1. the candidate must have at least four verifiable months of active player experience on an active Bravo Fleet simm or an equivalent elsewhere.
    2. the candidate must receive a favourable review from his or her ship’s Commanding Officer, or the CO’s designate.
  2. Upon reviewing the application, four or more months experience and the recommendation a TFCO will then make a judgment on the quality of the candidate. Character Biography rewrites, additional writing samples or additional reviews by other ship members may be requested. A failure to comply with requests for additional biography or writing samples will be immediately considered a rejection of the position by the candidate. A failure of ships crew to reply to requests for reviews will not be held against the candidate, but may impact their application process.
  3. All new COs will have a six month trial/probationary period. If a simm has not met the requirments to go active during this time, the CO may be removed.
  4. Upon receipt of a new command a player is asked to limit character expansion for at least the first six months they are a CO. This will mean that if a player has two characters and requests their third be a CO, then for six months they are to refrain from creating any new characters in Bravo Fleet or any of it’s affiliates until their six month trial period is over and their ship has gone active.
  5. All COs must agree to the following:
    1. By accepting the offer of a Command in Bravo Fleet, you acknowledge that you are applying for a command in Bravo Fleet, for the ship that you have listed. If for whatever reason you resign your command, your Task Force CO and/or Bravo Fleet can, at its option and with out any additional notice to you, re-use the name and registry number of the ship you commanded in Bravo Fleet, even if you decide to join another fleet with the ship or become an independent simm with the ship. By submitting this application, you acknowledge that you understand and agree to this. This rule can only be adjusted, in writing (via an email acknowledgement, not just by instant messanging), by the Task Force CO AND the Bravo Fleet CO.
    2. By accepting an offer of a Command from the TFCO, you acknowledge that if you resign from your command for what ever reason, or leave Bravo Fleet for another fleet or to go independent, the Task Force CO and/or the Bravo Fleet Commanding Officer or Executive Officer may contact your crew one time about the situation to make sure that they have been given the option of staying in Bravo Fleet, and to give them that option if it has not been given previously.
    3. By accepting an offer of command, COs recognize that Bravo Fleet is a large organization whose administration can be complex and, as such, though Bravo Fleet will consider the preferences of COs with regard to ship class, name, Task Force assignment, and other administrative issues, COs may not always get their first choice.
  6. Notwithstanding any provisions restricting the command of certain types of vessels, a TFCO may award command of a simm to the XO or another crew member when a CO resigns or is removed. Such a CO will be required to complete any requirements laid out in this section, if they are not already completed, immediately after his/her assuming the role of CO.


A simm requesting a transfer into Bravo Fleet from outside of Bravo Fleet and its affiliates may not be accepted unless it meets the following requirements:

  1. An independent or other simm wishing to come into Bravo Fleet will be treated as a general transfer as if it were already in the fleet. COs wishing to bring their ships into Bravo Fleet should contact a TFCO about coming in,who will then handle it accordingly to the way a transfer is. Questionnaires, interviews and e-mail exchanges are subject to the applicant so that a TFCO may better get to know the simm CO who they may be accepting.
  2. Simm crew and general activity required to obtain a place in Bravo Fleet will be at the discretion of the TFCO who is applied to.
  3. The simm must follow all Bravo Fleet rules and guidelines laid out by the Bravo Fleet Constitution and its By-laws. Circumnavigation of these rules will result in a disqualification in becoming a Bravo Fleet member simm.
    1. The simm must be willing to change any ship specifications which do not meet with already pre-approved specifications of the BFA. Bravo Fleet ‘canon’ specs can be found on the Bravo Fleet Wiki.
  4. The simm must be willing to meet with any other requests which the TFCO may present to at the time of application, including reduction in rank(s)